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  1. Um no, You don't lose your claim to the throne. it is still there. The only question is are you powerful enough to claim it. And no, Dany was never subdued. lol. or FAegon for that matter
  2. Eh, it is just a thing thing the Starks say because they feel entitles to rule the North.
  3. Because George wanted the Ironborn to have a big fleet
  4. You are the gift that just keeps on giving. Anyway back to thread I kind of what loved to have seen Robert and Stannis interacting.
  5. I only put that reference in there because the poster who I quoted mentioned it. And he responded exactly as i knew he would.
  6. Just stating a fact. Justified or not Robert usurped the crown from the Targaryens.
  7. Nope. Truth. Robert Baratheon usurped the crown with help of his dogs.
  8. Dany and the usurper Robert Baratheon would have been fun
  9. I mean no one is forcing you to actually open and read the thread. Just sayin'
  10. I hate the little bastard as much as the next guy but Jon killing Slynt was completely justified.
  11. Um no kidding. Did you really think I thought you were serious about buildling a temple for a fictional character?
  12. Indeed you are. And lets be real here and post saying anything positive about Dany is according to you "a god mother queen" post (whatever the hell that is) . in other words you are a troll.
  13. No he is a troll. Any thread that mentions Dany is a "Dany worship" thread whatever the hell that is.
  14. Then why are you posting on this thread which is done nothing of tehseort? or are you just a troll?
  15. Dany knows nothing about AA. In fact of all the contenders she is the only one who has never heard of the prophecy.
  16. All I know is that if someone gave Dany a book to read and the passage she highlights describes how AAR killed a monster in an almost word to word way on how Jon killed a monster there would be no more debate and the Jon fans would tout it absolute proof. Just sayin' And one has to ask oneself why would GRRM even include that at all as what Jon actually reads is of no use to him whatsoever.
  17. Not for nothing but Dany herself refers to that event as her dragons being "awakened" not born or hatched and whatever word you want to use to dseecribed that event it happened at the end of summer as we find out in the very next chapter (in ACOK) that summer had officially ended.
  18. Look based on the clues we are given I am quite comfortable at this point to say that she is Azor Ahai. If it turns out that I am wrong so be it. But I don't think I am.
  19. Um pretty much everything is a theory at this point whether it is Dany being Azor Ahai, or R+L+J. However thee are clues that point to these theories being true. I have seen enough of the clues to say that both theories I listed above are true.
  20. So what? She will know about them soon enough. What a coincidence that the two major conflicts hinted at since book one. Dany's invasion of Westeros and the Others invasion of Westeros have yet to happen.
  21. You are right. Through 5 books There has been 1 skirmish with the Others at the Fist and a one on one fight between Sam and an Other. Like I said the war hasn't really started yet
  22. Because the war with the Others hasn't started yet?
  23. Well you can use this thread as a start but there are many other like it.
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