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    Small questions for ADwD, v.V

    I have two questions that I can't find an answer for - Jon Connington seems like a savvy chap. Given that we don't know at what point he first met young Aegon, has Jon considered the possibility the young lad might not be a Targaryen? Or does his desire for attrition over the death of Rheagar blind him? - Osney Kettleblack was sent to "confess" to sleeping with Margery. However, under torture he broke and confessed to "all" his sins. However, Littlefinger claims that the Kettleblacks are really working for him. So what is the situation: 1) Osney confessed to the "sins" implicating Cersei but didnt mention Littlefinger (seems very unlikely, if he cracked under torture he would say anything to save himself) 2) Littlefinger was lying and the Kettleblacks do not work for him (again, unlikely as Littlefinger seems to know whats going on at Kings Landing and is shown to have a connection with the Kettleblack family) 3) Osney didnt know he was working for Littlefinger and just followed his older brothers orders (again, seems unlikely that he would know nothing at all of their true purpose when actively involved) 4) The high speton knows about Littlefinger's scheming but just has not yet mentioned it as Littlefinger is out of reach Thoughts?