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    Hello from Benioff and Weiss

    [quote name='ipod' post='1597125' date='Nov 22 2008, 14.18']All the beautiful trappings of the fantasy genre balanced right next to the nitty-gritty is what I think makes Martin's stuff truly amazing in a distinctive way. I'm worried that in its attempts to make it as "serious" as it can, the TV adaptation might lose that overwhelming thrilling/epic/awesome scope and end up limiting the scope to mainly... the insides of buildings or something equally depressing, like house squabbling. I'm not saying it needs to be fairytale and lollipops (budget constraints and all, I know). Far from it. I'm just really hoping that HBO takes the fantasy aspect healthily into account, though I'm fairly certain I'm worrying for nothing. Plenty of people are gushing for the grounded realism half (as they should.. it's great). Here's me throwing my two-cent plea for the fantasy half, cuz life is indeed nasty, brutish and short in Martin's universe, but it has its moments of wonder, magic and beauty. It'd be pretty awesome to see that balance.[/quote] Spot on! Welcome to the board. In order for this to be successful - there has to be a balance between the gritty, violent, sexy, trecherous aspects of the books with the fantasy, epic, beauty, etc aspects of Westeros. I'd love to see sweeping views of the continent and cities themselves. Imagine Winterfell from above - or a panning shot of the Wall in all its awe inspiring wonder. So i know what you mean.
  2. Stark Raving Mad Wolf

    Hello from Benioff and Weiss

    I presume they'll add a few years to the characters. I like that for the teens (or else we'll have another Narnia with teens brandishing swords) and its better to not have too many kids but I cant imagine Bran for example being aged more than a few years.