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  1. I gave it an 8 I liked every bit of it, maybe the House Tarly scene should've been a little bit shorter. Also Arya turning her back on the Faceless Men was a big 'YAY!!!' moment for me, I couldn't feel that they wasted a season and a half on her story arc. I do hope it goes different in the books though.
  2. Dire_Wolf

    How would you rate episode 602?

    I gave it an 8, compared to the first episode this one is ahead by quite a margin. I deducted a point because of how clueless Roose Bolton was when hugging his crazy bastard. I was looking at the small dagger on his back all the time and was thinking to myself "Don't let him get too close man, just don't". Then the Maester walks in informing Roose he had another son you just knew that dagger was going to end up somewhere in Roose. I feared Tyrion would've ended up as the small supper for the dragons, it was a tense scene. You never know with D&D but I believe they know the internet would rage if they ended up killing off the popular little guy. As someone above mentioned, it's quite frustrating how these Lords keep getting killed so quickly by there own kin or how badly protected they seem to be in the show. I would've liked for Jon's resurrection to be a little more dramatic but I love how you can see Melisandre's faith dwindling. It will be interesting to see her faith rekindled and I hope they march south to Winterfell. Her, Davos and Jon with the Wildlings and the remainder of the Night's Watch against Ramsay and his following culminating in the War of the Bastards.