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  1. TwiceBorn

    How to stop the Night King

    Sam will backstab him.
  2. TwiceBorn

    The Great Debate: Should Jon Have Lied?

    He did the right thing.
  3. https://i0.wp.com/lekememes.co/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/IMG-20170830-WA0027.jpg
  4. I think there will be a zombie infestation purged with wildfire, a thing that Aerys had greenseered about which drove him mad. Hodor!
  5. That's probably because Machiavellianism has two meaning that are often confused. Machiavelic (Machiavellian) person is someone who is very efficient in adjusting his/her behavior to your expectations in hopes of obtaining certain award from you. Unlike manipulative people who might often fail, machiavelics mostly succeed. It takes specific set of skills to be machiavelic. Littlefinger is certainly machiavelic, Tywin not so much. Machiavellianism might be also understood as a political doctrine based on pragmatic use of deceit, duplicity and violence to forward political goals. Here Tywin is a master beyond compare, as you can point out that "The Prince" was a direct inspiration for GRRM. You could say that Tywin literally does things "by the book". What I've meant to say when I quoted Machiavelli is that making insults and injuries that can be avenged makes no sense at all. Once Aerys murdered the Starks, he also had to kill Ned. This because Ned would be forced by his bannermen to exact vengeance even if he didn't intend to. Besides Aerys could never trust him afterwards. Even Rhaegar didn't question this logic.
  6. Well he did his best and I can't blame him for trying. Even more interesting that Ned had objections, right?
  7. TwiceBorn

    Is Egg alive? Summerhall murder mystery.

    Just how old Mel is? How old Bloodraven is? He can be using magic to prolong his life and hide his true age.
  8. No wonder Stannis held him in some regard. They had similar dilemma.
  9. Frankly speaking I think the time for that reasoning was already over and offing more people was the only reasonable thing left to do. Wiping enemy out was the most sane decision. You know what Machiavelli said about those things: "If an injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared".
  10. TwiceBorn

    Tyrion - Sansa reunion

    Everyone forgotten the Sweetrobin? Lord of the Vale?
  11. TwiceBorn

    Fickle Characters

    1.Arya. Seing that not all Lannisters are bloodlust freaks and psychopaths she shares the meal with soldiers her age. A nice reference to "even the hounds deserve mercy" arc and "offered food and drink equals safety" arc. Arya is regaining her humanity. The Sansa interactions is a little game they play on Littlefinger. 2. Theon. People who deal with trauma can get triggered. This is very realistic. They can recover too. Theon is not a coward. 3. Varys. I suspect that Varys just like everyone is suspicious of Dany's fits of rage and burning people. 4. Sandor. It appears that he is overcoming his phobia. Not that the dragon was burning at the moment.
  12. TwiceBorn

    What will Dany & Aejon name their heir?

    Robert is nearly as funny as Eddard. Seriously: Aemon or Rhaegar.
  13. I think of all people Ned could have known about R+L from the very start which actually sets him as the most tragic hero in the books. First of all Ned and Robb were wards at Eyrie. In Ned's case from the age of 8 to 18. The show messes this up a bit, by showing him at Winterfell with his brothers and sister but the truth is he spent most of the time with Rob in the Vale. So you are 100% right that Ned loved Rob as a brother would, because bonds between wards belong to the strongest in westerosi culture. He named his firstborn after him. But seeing how Rob was consumed by lust, bloodlust and alcoholism and would gladly accept killing Targaryens by any means, even raping women and murdering children - it was too much to bare. Especially when you had a Targ child to hide. Also after the death of his brother, Ned had to make a strategic and honorable marriage with Kat. A marriage that ended up to be pretty happy one but with significant flaw: a bastard child. Ned would lie to his wife even though the lie hurt her more than truth. He did it to protect Jon. Isn't it conceivable that he lied to Robert as well: first to protect Lyanna, then to protect her son? Also it appears that the house of Dayne was fond of him and he could have married into that house (Ashara). However R+L forced him to fight against Daynes, kill Ashara's brother and marry Kat instead. It is not in the show as far as I remember but both romances developed at the same time. Did Ashara tell Ned where to find Lyanna, I wonder? R+L took everything from Ned, ruined his life but he made that fateful promise nevertheless. I believe that was the choice that he made early on and built his life upon it. Family before duty, duty before honor. Not that any of this matters. Rob would kill Rhaegar all the same if he knew. And Ned would fight beside him all the same. The only difference is Rob cherishing Lyanna's memory instead calling her a whore.
  14. TwiceBorn

    Qyburn and his curiosities

    Isn't Qyburn a westerosi version of Mengele? Perhaps more pragmatical yet cruel all the same.