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  1. TwiceBorn

    Robert Baratheon - Not so bad after all

    If only Renly and Rob didn't rebell against Stannis the one true King!
  2. TwiceBorn

    Edmure Should Have Got It

    Think about Edmure what you will but at very least he tried to act responsible in his own way and for that they should've thanked him... if only to help him save face. What to think of a family that humiliates its elders before strangers?
  3. TwiceBorn

    Your favorite individual acting performance

    Leading: 1. Emilia Clarke - beyond compare. 2. John Bradley-West 3. Peter Dinklage Supporting: 1. Liam Cunningham 2. Iain Glen 3. Rory McCann
  4. Given how Lords foolishly laughed at Sam’s idea, democracy is what they have coming next.
  5. TwiceBorn


    What bothers me is not Jon’s ending which I liked it was the rest that makes no sense. Independent North - for how long? Sansa needs an heir. So she needs king consort. Power struggle is inevitable. And what if she dies without heir? Claim returns to Bran - so much for independence. Iron Islands, Dorne - don’t they want to be independent too? Weird. Who will be the king after Bran the Creepy? Sansa’s future child? Sweet Robin? Gendry?! Not many options left. Is Tyrion Lord of Casterly Rock? If so: shouldn’t he produce a heir? Who will he marry? And that creep Bran... was he supposed to be positive character? Because now I feel he planned for this all along and he gives me shivers worse than the Night King.
  6. TwiceBorn

    The purpose of R+L=J?

    What was the point of Dany being barren?
  7. Or today's standards of democracy are so close to Athens that it makes you wanna cry.
  8. I take a look at the map and see no fleet capable of invading the Iron Islands and no army to match Dorne in the field. Game Over Bran.
  9. Bran is creepy. Jon's ending was positive for me, Bran's - not so much. This is confusing, disturbing sweet ending.
  10. I didn't treat all those Bran theories seriously until the moment I saw him taking the throne and wearing NK-style clothes in the finale. I have a feeling that he abused his powers to live many lives across centuries and write a story where "everyone has exact place where they are supposed to be". "Oh, it's your choice Jon, because it ends all the same no matter what." If this was supposed to be a good ending I'm utterly creeped out.
  11. TwiceBorn

    The Six Kingdoms

    Was elective monarchy a better system in HRE and Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth? Strengthening of gentry especially electors and further oppression of common folk.
  12. TwiceBorn

    Jon is Azor Ahai

    I guess Arya is Lightbringa and Jon is ze AA.
  13. TwiceBorn

    Who was Daenerys turned into?

  14. I insist that Dany is not mad. She uses her powers rationally to assume control. Enough historical comparisons have been made.