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  1. I beg of thy my Lord, reconsider. Dance is a conflict between two warmongers who in their time where kings in anything but name: Daemon and Aemond. Dance is a conflict between pure blood Targaryens and the Hightowers (and maesters and Faith) who long have strived to take over or destroy the blood magic that allows to breed and control dragons. Dance is a conflict between failing old Targaryen dynasty and new Velaryon dynasty that is taking over the throne. Dance is a conflict between matrilinear feminists and conservative incels. Dance is a conflict between men who desired and hated the Queen and craved for her throne. Dance is a conflict between old incestous decadent powermongers and healthy, honest and honorable youth. Dance is children growing up hating, maiming and killing each other because this was what adults taught them. Do you know how the Dance started? With Queen Alysanne calling Rhaenys a Queen to be - much to Jaehaerys dismay. This is exactly how it started: the Alysanne eugenics project and her claim that she and her female line has no lesser claim to the Iron Throne than Jaehaerys does. The Second Quarell. The Great Rift. But you cannot tell this story in chronological order revealing all of its mysteries like who murdered Velaryon twins and who Rhaenyra was after and who was after her and whose daughter was that sheppard girl. So if the story starts with death of the old king or with Daemon and Aemond talking or with Aegon setting foot in the mud of Blackwater Bay - and then jumps back and forth - I'm OK with that.
  2. As for whether Dunk is a true knight, I believe that he becomes one throughout the novels. During the Ashford Meadow arc there are subtle hints that Dunk unknowingly partakes in the necessary ceremonies and that he has the blessing of Seven: - before the ceremony the knight is to humble himself by wearing shift of undyed wool. It is probable that a string of hemp is used to tie the cloth. Dunk uses one to tie the scabbard as mentioned by OP - the ceremony involves vigil, accurately described by the OP. The tree and the falling star become Dunk's coat of arms. Falling star is also present in the coat of Arms of Dayne family. This might imply that Dunk is descended from Daynes. But more importantly it reminds us of Sword of the Morning tradition: it is not enough to be anointed, you need to prove yourself. Dunk soon proves himself by defending the common people against Targaryen prince. - Dunk kneels before prince Baelor as he vouches for him thus confirming his knighthood. Balor does so to honor ser Arlan, his former tournament rival. Balor can be seen as Warrior and Arlan as Father. We see both of them die, Arlan in the beginning of the novel, before he knighted Dunk and Balor, at the end, after he completed the task (sort of). Stranger is the personification of death. - the tourney is in honor of lord Ashfords maiden daughter. Dunk defends Tanselle, a young maiden, she paints a shield for him. Dunk receives a kiss from a young maiden before the Trial. These are the blessings of a Maiden. - among puppeteers that Dunk stands for is the big Dornish woman, who might be Tanselle's mother (Mother). - when Steely Pate (the Smith) brings Dunks war-gear he is carrying a lamp (the Crone artifact) and he brings the words of wisdom. - Dunk is cheered by the old man (Father or Stranger) and a brother of faith blesses his sword (anointment). - OP mentions how Dunk is being patted at the shoulder which BTW is not an easy task with someone that tall, which adds to the feel of the supernatural - as mentioned by OP Egg - a mysterious boy (Stranger) - dubbs Duncan "the Tall", which prevents him from giving a false name "of Pennytree".
  3. Lately I was watching youtube videos about so called Southron Ambitions - one of the best asoiaf theories there are. Suddenly I've realized that there are inconsistencies between versions when it comes to Lannister participation in the alleged plot. Namely: theorists that believe that this was Lord's shot at power usually believe that Tywin was not part of the plot, while people who believe this was pro-Rhaegar conspiracy, believe that he was in. Researching this subject led me to revisit my ancient topic about Lannister battle experience as it appears that new facts were revealed about Tywin and his participation in War of the Ninepenny Kings. The war happened in 260 AC, Tywin was born 242 AC making him 18 at the time - 2 years older than I though. He was a page and cupbearer to Aegon V (Egg) and friends with Steffon Baratheon (14) and Aerys Targaryen (16). Kevan Lannister (16) was a squire to Roger "Red Lion" Reyne - THAT Reyne - at the time. Tywin was NEVER in command. The commander of Western contingent was Jason Lannister, his uncle (and father of Tywins future cousin-wife). After he fell, Reyne took over. That's right - from the start, Tywin was Reyne's bitch. It is quite possible that both he and Kevan were knighted by him, because they were knighted exactly during that war. Alternatively it could be Gerold Hightower... who was estimated 17 at the time and allegedly in command of the whole army. WHAT?! Yeah, this is weird because even if Gerold was actually in his twenties at the time, Jon Arryn would still make a better commander. Well whatever. The thing is that both Lannisters returned West with Reyne and immediately started to challenge the guy, to the point of provoking rebellion. The rebellion consisted of following engagements: - a skirmish against Tarbecks - a brief siege of Tarbeck Hall - battle against Reynes - a brief siege of Castamere So these are the military exploits of Mighty Tywin in his youth. Not great not terrible, so to speak. In less than 2 year spam he advanced from squire to knight and from knight to commander ultimately undermining and defeating the older and more renowned Roger Reyne. On the other hand he is clearly outmatched by Jon Arryn and his "military school": Robert, Ned and Rob. But there is another thing: the knights. Most famous Lannister knights are Amory Lorch, Addam Marbrand and Gregor Clegane. Of these only Lorch is rumored to fight against Tarbecks and Reynes (and this is disputed). Marbrand and Clegane are said to be Jaime's peers. So even if Tywin did fight a hundred battles - his knights certainly did not. ps. About Jaime - it is doubtful that he did fight against Greyjoys and even so - not on a horse.
  4. Tyrion and Sansa will marry (agin) and this will end the feud between their families. Their children will rule the the North, the West AND whole of Westeros.
  5. I insist that Dany is not mad. She uses her powers rationally to assume control. Enough historical comparisons have been made.
  6. I can’t argue with the fact that show Dany can hardly be seen questioning herself, however this is a quality of leadership. Given the stakes she might be repressing this does not make one psychopath. Cersei is more interesting especially when compared to Joffrey as both were sadistic but I’ve always felt that Cersei is traumatized and delusional and not a psychopath unlike her son who rapidly developed some serious personality disorder.
  7. It is a great observation that narcissist rage is not coherent with the results of standardized personality tests that involve emotional stability scale. However we must ask ourselves the methodological question: how the test is performed. It usually measures how often the patient expresses feelings of anxiety: worry, fear, anger, pain, envy, guilt, loneliness. Danny expresses them a lot lately. But psychopath does not seem to experience worry, guilt or loneliness. They sometimes report experiencing slight fear, pain or envy but they seek more stimuli here and they actually indulge in anger, unlike most people. Also they are unlike affective murderers who "snap", because affective murderer feels guilt over his anger and will repress it and regret it afterwards. But I don't believe that Dany was affective during her killing spree. To prove that Dany is narcissist psychopath you'd have to show me that she enjoyed killing or torturing people and has no regrets. Viserys OK, but Dany? Is lack of empathy exhibited by mourning loss of friends? Isn't desire to be loved/admired part of every human being? Don't we all get delusional or envious sometimes, especially when something extraordinary happens? And was it Dany who enjoyed and celebrated violence or the audience? Also there is a kind of drive to accuse mass murderers of psychopathy although this is never proved and in cases where the murderer was under prior observation there was no such diagnosis.
  8. Dark triad personalities rate high on extraversy, emotional stability and conflict scales. Ramsay Bolton is one supreme example. Dany is nowhere near his scores. Given her life's story Dany could've developed sociopathy (understood as "learnt psychopathy") but I believe she didn't because she is too introverted and neurotic. But I'd agree that she suffers from some mental disorders like depression, anxiety, PTSD or others. As for her genocidal raid I'd testify before the court that she was perfectly sane and conscious of her actions and that she planned and publicly justified them in advance. This is my understanding of the episode. Let's give her justice though: her hand was forced in this. Jon, Tyrion and Varys betrayed her, Jorah was dead, Grey Worm wanted only revenge. Left alone, her days were numbered - it is strongly implied that Varys attempted to poison her and orchestrated a coup with or without Jon's aid. Tyrion - although loyal on the surface, was not on her side anymore, scheming, undermining her till very last moment. KL did not surrender to Danny when she knocked at the gates with her army and a dragon. It has surrendered to Jon Snow and his army in hopes that he will save them from her. Just like they have hoped that cruel Cersei'd save them when she seemed to have the upper hand. This means that the people flock towards the strong and cannot be reasoned with. They are governed by fear. This is why Dany burned, slaughtered and raped the town - so that everyone in Seven Kingdoms know that they cannot be saved by anyone, they are at her mercy. The worst thing is that Dany seems right and Varys WAS wrong. Jon is not a good king material. He is cool, inspiring, selfless - adorable fool, someone to pat on the shoulder. Something between handsome Renly and constipated Ned but without the military skills of Rob. People throw burden of leadership on him, against his will (or so he claims) and then they are dissatisfied with his decision making. In the end he cannot keep them in reins and when he attempts to, they turn against him and he has to fight and kill them anyways. His own men. This got him killed once and he's learnt nothing. In KL he fled like a whelp... before the wrath of the righteous Queen. Cersei knew. Cersei understood. Do you?
  9. Right. The Dany file: Background: Patient is from pathological family. Her parents were forced into incestuous marriage. Father strongly neurotic, developed obsessive-compulsive, paranoid and sadistic behaviors. Mother was a constant victim of mental, physical and sexual abuse. She died at childbirth which induced trauma upon brother (Viserys) and possibly results in survivor's guilt in patient. Genetics: The family has a strong and lasting genetic stain of mental instability, which culminated in her father. Both brothers displayed signs of mental problems: Rhaegar was estranged and obsessive, Viserys narcisstic and sadistic. Childhood: On the run and homeless ever since she was born. Mentally, physically and sexually assaulted by her own brother. Adulthood: Arranged marriage at very young age, forcefully consummated, induces a trauma. Creates coping mechanisms to deal with physical and mental traumas. Emotionally numb while witnessing her brother's violent demise. Husband dies in tragic circumstances which leads to miscarriage - inducing guilt. Abandoned, betrayed even by the people she trusted and befriended, humiliated, suffers from sexual objectification. Suffers staggering personal loses while fighting battles she can barely win - strengthening the feeling of isolation and survivor's guilt. Is drawn to people who share some of her experiences but cannot fully trust others, thus struggles in social life and personal relationships. Diagnosis: - Depression, anxiety, loneliness - Impulsive, prone to mood swings - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - Increased probability of developing more acute symptoms: including paranoia, borderline personality disorder, narcissism perhaps even sociopathy.
  10. "The Battle of the Bells was a battle fought during Robert's Rebellion between royalist and rebel forces at Stoney Sept in the southwestern riverlands. It is so-named because at the beginning of the battle the town's sept tolled its bells to warn the citizens of the battle and to persuade them to stay inside their houses."
  11. There is a recognized heir and claim of J, T and M is damaged. Good job Robert. End of offtop.
  12. Has more heirs than his enemies can find and kill off.
  13. No, Robert did in spite of all Cersei’s efforts.
  14. The incel thinking is that you become a Kingsguard because you don’t believe you have a chance with the queen and then become dismayed that she appears to have sex with anyone but you. LOL Also Targaryens do not follow social norms by definition. A ruling person is supposed to produce an heir and she produced like five, great job.
  15. Would you please refrain from calling my queen “slut”. If her husband was gay and bedding men, she had all the right to have sex with someone else. Perhaps it was an open relationship - for all I know she named one of her sons after her husband’s lover. I believe that Cole had this incel way of thinking that a woman should be faithful to her vows unless she is willing to break them with him alone... although this would disgust him even more.
  16. For all I know Rhaenys was fed to the dragon not burnt to death... but clearly the Aegon II case (burns) proves that you don't need to be heat resistant to actually own or mount a dragon. Thanks.
  17. How is the dragonlord gene passed in T family
  18. I cannot because it looks totally fake. I'm not a snuff movie enthusiast so showing pointless exaggerated violence has no value to me.
  19. I've seen some bad writing, filming and acting in my life but this is the worst thing I've ever seen.
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