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  1. Beathag

    What the fuck did I just watch?

    I agree. The series will not be finished. I have only watched the first two seasons of AGoT, but stopped because I did not like them. When I heard the show was overtaking the books I thought Martin will not finish the series since the show ending was to mirror Martin’s ending.
  2. Beathag

    What the fuck did I just watch?

    GeorgeIAF. Thank you. I shall do another read.
  3. Beathag

    What the fuck did I just watch?

    I just finished a re-read of the books. As far as I can recall, Dany has done very little burning. I do not mean to to rude, but could you give some some examples that Dany will go mad?
  4. Beathag

    What will happen when the dragon horn is sound?

    I have always suspected that Euron is the Dusky Woman - a glamour from one of his wizards or blood mages. Victarion has told the DW so many of his plans. Euron’s gifts are poisonous, the DW was a gift. I agree that nothing good will come of anyone blowing the horn. Maybe Victarion dies by dragon fire, Morrqoro, or Euron. It is ridiculous that Euron sent Victarion to claim his bride - why would Dany accept someone she has never seen?
  5. I am sure Quaithe will pop in and explain all....
  6. Beathag

    Guy Gavriel Kay

    Just read through all these posts. I am a great fan of GGK after stumbling upon Tigana during one of the lulls between ASoI&F books. Lions is wonderful, wonderful. And reading Under Heaven often leads to tears. River of Stars is beautiful. I like his Viking inspired book (Light is in it, but the title escapes me), but it seemed to lack the lustre of his other books; a bit disjointed in places. Going to order those books missing from my collection. Thank you all for reminding me I was neglecting this writer
  7. Beathag

    Small questions for ADwD, v.V

    Reread the Epilogue in ADWD. Pycelle is figuratively wringing his hands over Lord Tyrell murdering him.. "This matter of the moon tea... I would never have spoken of such, but the Queen Dowager commanded me!..." And then requests more guards, fearing violence at the hands of Mace. It is vague enough that we do not know if he brewed it and Cersei forced him to reveal it or whether she simply commanded Pycelle to say he did. Unless someone has something else, I would say, not enough to go on. But Varys knew the truth, what other reason would he have to kill Pycelle? Varys knows how to get into the Hand's chambers, so it is curious he lured him to Pycelle's chambers. Has the Little Queen denied It? I cannot remember. And isn't this the first time Cersei is called the Queen Dowager? Help -- I don't know how to combine these
  8. Beathag

    Small questions for ADwD, v.V

    I vote yes. He turns to Bran and says "your monster" about himself. I think he is controlled by the COTF and/or Brenden the Greenseer.
  9. Beathag


    I love Gaelic, too. I don't know more than a few words, and I am sure I would mispronounce anything but Pradraig. Maybe I will lean a little when the Outlander series comes out. My son is enrolled in Japanese, so I hope to learn that, as well.
  10. Beathag


    In this incarnation, I am Bethag, which is Gaelic for Beth. I was Elizabeth for years, but left the boards due a person whose rants brought out the worst in me. So, I am back, waiting for the next book, and avoiding the HBO series.
  11. Beathag

    [ADwD Spoilers] Updating the Citadel

    The snowmelt from the Wall tastes like tears -- to either Jon or Sam. Could mod put these two posts together?
  12. Beathag

    [ADwD Spoilers] Updating the Citadel

    Thank you. I am vindicated. Although this has nothing to do with this thread. Sorryl
  13. Beathag

    Small questions for ADwD, v.V

    Kevan is getting ready to go up to dinner with Cersie, and Pycelle starts mewing about how he should not have said he gave the moon tea to Marg, but Cersei was insistent. Pycelle owes her a lot. But it seems he was going to withdraw that accusation. I have no idea how these trials work -- if there are all as ridiculously massaged as Tyrion's at the Vale and Tryrion's at KL, Marg could still have a problem.
  14. Beathag

    Small questions for ADwD, v.V

    Okay. I haven't had a crackpot theory in, well, ever. I am going to go out on a limb and say that wine-soaked and seriously tried at every turn Tyrion has a strong immune system, and he is a Targ. In Dance, Tywin was not happy about the fact the Mad King kept up the practice of King's rights with the bride. If the Mad King might have been the father of Jaime and Cersei, perhaps that is why Tywin did not name his first born son Ty...something. (I have wondered about that. Has someone covered that before?) But what if the Mad King took his pleasure with her later unbeknownst to Tywinn, and Tyrion is the product of that union? On a non-crackpot note, I think that Jon had it before he rescued Tyrion. He just takes it too calmly that he has it when Martin tells us.
  15. Beathag

    Fantasy and SF Recommendations: Series

    His Dark Materials is brilliant. The characters are solid, and the reader watches as one irredeemable character becomes redeemed and central to the death of a pretender. The two main characters, Lyra and Will, stay with the reader long after, as do the witches, the panserbjorn and the daemons. I would love to visit Jordan College in Lyra's Oxford, alas, I cannot. Someone earlier mentioned that they had heard good things about the YA series, The Dark is Rising. Excellent. The first and second book are YA but not overwhelming so. The series ripens book by book.