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  1. About a year ago I sat down and wrote out a detailed essay about how we can thank Peter Jackson for sabotaging the completion of ASOIAF. When you start comparing release dates of the books vs. the movies, and really looking at the underlying plotlines and characters, it seems pretty obvious that GRRM set out to write the next LOTR but Peter Jackson beat him to the punch by bringing the actual LOTR/Hobbit to the big screen. Because of the movies, the character arcs and storylines are now freshly in the minds of the public and GRRM's recycled version of it is no longer "new". This, plus his gardening approach - which is apparently the need to plant every single vegetable and fruit known to mankind in a single acre of space, despite its usefulness or amount of care required to grow it to harvest - has led us to this point. Another poster a long time ago remarked that ASOIAF is an homage to everything that GRRM finds interesting...which is why in this "garden" we have jackfruit growing next to purple corn and kohlrabi - i.e. the mishmash of references to other fantasy works, football, the Muppets, old TV shows and comics, British history, etc. As GRRM's Renaissance Man fascinations grow, his ability to control his "kitchen sink" story shrinks. All that being said though, we will probably discover years from now that the entire ending to ASOIAF is subtly buried in the last 6 Wild Cards books. LOL
  2. PrettyPig

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Is there anyone else besides Richard Lonmouth, Myles Mooton, and Gregor Clegane Rhaegar is said to have personally knighted ?
  3. Agree. I feel the same way about the other speculated title of the last (?) novel, A Time for Wolves. Sounds optimistic and hopeful until you get to...
  4. Good stuff here RR! I am going to collect my thoughts and come back, because I have much to say on hoary whores! I have discussed this topic quite a bit elsewhere so will need to gather snippets of text and organize. This in particular, I love: YESSS. This is great.
  5. PrettyPig

    References and Homages

    Nice catch. GRRM gives other nods to Trumbo as well - I mean, watch "Roman Holiday" and get back to me - throughout the novels, and I've long believed that he specifically references Trumbo's lone fictional published work, Johnny Got His Gun. I mentioned a couple in this post , as well as a few others on here from time to time. He's quoted Trumbo on NaB several times as well. I would love to ask him about this influence at a con.
  6. PrettyPig

    Who is Haldon Halfmaester?

    With that thought in mind, one could throw out the possibility that he is the former maester (or apprentice maester) of Dragonstone during the Rebellion - he's MIA too. We're told that maesters are loyal to castles, not houses...so what happened to the one at Dragonstone that led Stannis to bring Cressen from Storm's End? Are we to just assume that he was killed during the assault? That doesn't seem like a very Stannis-y thing to do.
  7. PrettyPig

    Lyanna Stark: A Gift from Old Gods

    You could take that further to another important point: the dying mother in a bed of wolf blood, enveloped in the sweet smell of corruption, her death a result of a mortal wound - someone/something else literally sticking her with the pointy end.
  8. PrettyPig

    Lyanna Stark: A Gift from Old Gods

    Even if she was the alpha female & pack leader, she would choose an alpha male with which to mate. And yes, when they kick into denning high gear a few weeks prior to whelp, they focus primarily on finding and preparing the den, while the male and other pack subordinates bring back food. Now, we're talking direwolves here so I guess they can do what they want, but given GRRM's neck of the woods I'm assuming that he's modeling behavior after regular wolves, which means it is *unusual* for a mama wolf to be striking out alone close to the time of birth. Because that behavior is *unusual*, I think we can look to likewise unusual circumstances that might lead that to happen. On a side note, did you know that wolves make dens not only in caves, but in other dark, safe places...like deep inside tree roots?
  9. PrettyPig

    Lyanna Stark: A Gift from Old Gods

    Passing stranger that a mama wolf would even leave her den at all while pregnant, much less right about the time of whelp. That's not something female wolves do unless there is an extreme and dire threat to staying put. Which begs another question: where was papa wolf? That is, the leader of the pack that was responsible for the pups in the first place? Males don't abandon their mates, especially during denning. They do the hunting and the providing so mama doesn't have to. Yet, we have a pregnant female near whelp roaming around mateless south of the Wall. Why?
  10. PrettyPig

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    I'm interested and all ears.....eyes...whatever.... P.S. I and a handful of others have gotten really into parallels and inversions and inverse parallels in a big way lately - not everyone realizes that you are kindof the Godfather of all that, so I wanted to give you a shoutout for unknowingly sending me/us down that path...thanks!
  11. PrettyPig

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    Gentle Observer checking in to make a comment. I posted this on Heresy as well, but figured I'd drop it in here for discussion. I've been operating on a broad general assumption that GRRM is basically rolling back "the wheel" of Westeros' history by replaying/reimagining the great wars and conquests throughout the kingdom - each conflict we see in present day is a reworked version of a previous one. For example, AGOT opens with a Stark/Lannister enmity that leads to the Wot5K, which could be seen as an Andal/First Men conflict. Dany is positioning herself to be Aegon the Conqueror 2.0, and there's a good chance that Jon will become the new King in the North (that I speculate will eventually face off against a dragonlord conqueror, but this time no Stark will bend the knee - that's another discussion, however). WE might not get ALL of the redux battles and they might not happen in exact reverse order, but I think we're close. With regard to Euron, recall that Aegon I came to Westeros and roasted Harren the Black - Harren Hoare, cruel, evil, bloodthirsty despot and ruler of the Iron Islands. Black Harren built his castle with blood and sorcery thinking that he will be the king to end all kings, and Aegon hails up with his big black dragon and puts an end to that tout suite. Aegon gives the Riverlands to House Tully as thanks for their support, and bequeaths the Iron Islands to House Greyjoy. Now we see Euron Greyjoy show up as this cruel, evil, bloodthirsty despot that now rules the Iron Islands, and across the Narrow Sea a new Targaryen conqueror with a huge black dragon has turned an eye toward Westeros. Euron is wearing this crazy black armor and is building his fleet - and his "castle", the Silence - with blood and sorcery. If the spool of time is being unwound, I will not be surprised to see Aegon Revisited meet up with Euron the Black, self-styled king of the Iron Islands. What will Drogon do to the Silence? Will the Targaryen conqueror take back the "gift" given to House Greyjoy 300 years prior, ending a short reign of terror, or this time will Targaryen side with the Black King in blood and fire? Bonus points if something big and epic goes down at Harrenhal.