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  1. PrettyPig

    Heresy 212 The Wolves

    The STARK line is 8000 years old....I wonder what they were/who inhabited the area of Winterfell before they became Starks?
  2. PrettyPig

    Heresy 212 The Wolves

    I don't think it's Bran's blood....my thought is that the Black Gate itself, being part of the Wall, which according to Ygritte is made of blood, is the source of the salt. Ygritte of course is more or less referencing the number of lives taken by/given to the Wall in generic terms, but we still have the horror history of the Nightfort, the spells woven into the Wall, the legend of it being raised via magic by Bran the Builder, etc...and that makes me think that it's very possible that literal blood has gone into the Wall over the millennia. It has been absorbing blood since the Age of Heroes to the point that it has become nearly a living thing, something that I believe Jon has alluded to in his description of it from time to time - breathing, weeping, what have you. Anthropomorphized, sure, but there may be more truth to it than realized. I had more thoughts on this but they just totally flew out of my mind....will come back if I remember!
  3. PrettyPig

    Heresy 212 The Wolves

    I doubt the salt at the Black Gate is from the sea....my guess is that it’s from the blood. A living thing, like humans, that runs on blood, and therefore has salty excretions.
  4. PrettyPig

    Heresy 212 The Wolves

    Yes, both of these things can be true...”brother” can also be in the fraternal order sense rather than the blood relation sense (“brothers “ of the NW) . But, I think we get some pretty strong indications in each story that the main characters were bona fide Starks. Brother against Brother, Father against Son. Rhat makes it sound better, anyway, so I’m sticking to it!
  5. PrettyPig

    Heresy 212 The Wolves

    Hmmm... and where do we hear of two Stark hellhounds fighting each other in the North/at the Wall?? 1). The Night King, a brother to the (Stark) man who brought him down. 2). Bael the Bard, slain by his own son, the Stark in Winterfell. (This works if you believe the hints that the Bael take is a story of Stark incest.)
  6. PrettyPig

    Heresy 212 The Wolves

    This is good stuff...and totally in line with the ever- growing pile of subtle hints that our very old First Men came from a society of underground dwellers/moon-night-shadow-darkness worshippers. I want to come back to Cerberus and the idea of hellhounds guarding the entrance to the Underworld—also returning to the discussion of the TOJ and the idea of sacrificial transformation. Cerberus stands guard at the far end of the River Styx , but of course those entering the land of the dead must deal with the near end first...and that has a nifty nod in the story too. Will post from work later.
  7. PrettyPig

    Heresy 212 The Wolves

    I'm really intrigued by Ghost's relationship with/reaction to the moon in that passage. In mythology, wolves are companions to the moon goddess and typically have a special connection to the moon. Nymeria even pays homage to it by singing in that excerpt, but Ghost seems to be experiencing something different, something more sinister - the moon is chasing him, cackling, and he is trying to escape from it. Wolves are also associated with winter, thought to be winter's children (like the Starks), yet again, Ghost doesn't seem to have any big love for the cold either. Interesting.
  8. PrettyPig

    Lynesse Hightower Confusion

    My headcanon is that Lynesse is not actually Leyton's daughter...she's his granddaughter. She's the bastard daughter of Malora the Mad Maid and some dude she had no business messing with - my gut tells me Lewyn Martell, but I could be wrong. A maester at the Citadel is a good second option. Leyton married her off to Jorah because she's something of a blight on his family and wanted to be rid of her.
  9. About a year ago I sat down and wrote out a detailed essay about how we can thank Peter Jackson for sabotaging the completion of ASOIAF. When you start comparing release dates of the books vs. the movies, and really looking at the underlying plotlines and characters, it seems pretty obvious that GRRM set out to write the next LOTR but Peter Jackson beat him to the punch by bringing the actual LOTR/Hobbit to the big screen. Because of the movies, the character arcs and storylines are now freshly in the minds of the public and GRRM's recycled version of it is no longer "new". This, plus his gardening approach - which is apparently the need to plant every single vegetable and fruit known to mankind in a single acre of space, despite its usefulness or amount of care required to grow it to harvest - has led us to this point. Another poster a long time ago remarked that ASOIAF is an homage to everything that GRRM finds interesting...which is why in this "garden" we have jackfruit growing next to purple corn and kohlrabi - i.e. the mishmash of references to other fantasy works, football, the Muppets, old TV shows and comics, British history, etc. As GRRM's Renaissance Man fascinations grow, his ability to control his "kitchen sink" story shrinks. All that being said though, we will probably discover years from now that the entire ending to ASOIAF is subtly buried in the last 6 Wild Cards books. LOL
  10. PrettyPig

    Duncan saved Rhaegar despite Aegon V?

    There was most certainly a plan for a sacrifice- remember there’s also the parallel of Dany being near birth, and the drama in Drogo’s tent ( fighting with his blood riders) throwing her into labor...very similar to what we see with Rhaella. That conflict in Dany’s story leads me to believe that yes, there was a faction at Summerhall that was opposed to what Egg was doing, and just like Drogo’s blood riders, tried to stop it. In the aftermath, baby Rhaego died (so we’re told), but baby Rhaegar lived. There are already very clear and rock solid parallels between Dany’s tent ritual w/ MMD and what we know about Ned’s encounter at the TOJ- I haven’t plugged Summerhall into the pattern yet, but I am quite confident that this event would fit nicely and be the FIRST of three blood sacrifice rituals. The first two failed because the Targs heading it up didn’t have the right recipe and/or combined with someone trying to shut it down.
  11. PrettyPig

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Is there anyone else besides Richard Lonmouth, Myles Mooton, and Gregor Clegane Rhaegar is said to have personally knighted ?
  12. Agree. I feel the same way about the other speculated title of the last (?) novel, A Time for Wolves. Sounds optimistic and hopeful until you get to...
  13. Good stuff here RR! I am going to collect my thoughts and come back, because I have much to say on hoary whores! I have discussed this topic quite a bit elsewhere so will need to gather snippets of text and organize. This in particular, I love: YESSS. This is great.
  14. PrettyPig

    References and Homages

    Nice catch. GRRM gives other nods to Trumbo as well - I mean, watch "Roman Holiday" and get back to me - throughout the novels, and I've long believed that he specifically references Trumbo's lone fictional published work, Johnny Got His Gun. I mentioned a couple in this post , as well as a few others on here from time to time. He's quoted Trumbo on NaB several times as well. I would love to ask him about this influence at a con.
  15. PrettyPig

    Who is Haldon Halfmaester?

    With that thought in mind, one could throw out the possibility that he is the former maester (or apprentice maester) of Dragonstone during the Rebellion - he's MIA too. We're told that maesters are loyal to castles, not houses...so what happened to the one at Dragonstone that led Stannis to bring Cressen from Storm's End? Are we to just assume that he was killed during the assault? That doesn't seem like a very Stannis-y thing to do.