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  1. Westeros is medieval realpolitik, while Essos is sword and sorcery. I am much more interested in realpolitik.
  2. Did an AI come up with this theory? How did you come to this conclusion?
  3. I was genuinely upset by the Muppet names TWOIAF. it took me out of the story and made me feel rediculous for spending thousands of hours on these books. then I got over it and read the books 13x. Not joking lol
  4. This is the first post in an ongoing biweekly 36-part series of Selyse Florent appreciation posts. What do you like best about Selyse? Is it her 'stash or her style? She may be a lady of few words; but when she speaks, people often do not listen. This quote shows judgment on her part, especially the part that judges. Westeros' First Family shares the skill of judgment; in judging each other together. Some in the fandom, namely me, call that passage The Clutch That Was Promised. She was also the talk of the town when she had her good name besmirched by terrible propagandists. Jon Snow also had thoughts about the Baratheon's marriage bed. Our dear Selyse is not only the talk of the town about her marriage bed, but she has people measuring up their own anatomy in comparison to hers. What do you dear readers love most about our dear Selyse? Inquiring minds want to know. P.S. The Patchface incident is still too painful for me to read about. If you do write about our dear fool, please do it in euphemisms.
  5. What are the sins of the Faith of the Seven? Incest Murder Lying Gluttony Pederasty Cuckholding of the King Female cheating on spouse Are there any differences than the Catholic Church's deadly and other sins? Maybe necromancy and magic. Cersei is on trial for: adultery regicide deicide incest high treason It would be good to add these sins to the wiki Do you have this info @Ran?
  6. What are your favorites? The small subtle ones are my favorites. Not R + L = J. The subtle ones are where GRRM really shines. Mine is that when people mention Arbor Gold, that means someone is lying. And Dorian The Historian's, ASOIAF and Norse mythology blog on how GRRM used Norse mythology as writing prompts for the story. Tyrek Lannister is the dead body in the House of Black and White that the Blind Girl encounters. I believe Arya will take his face and infiltrate the Red Keep as Tyrek. There is some juicy Daendrew(TM) style theorycrafting for you. Timett son of Timett is the lost heir to the Vale The Winterfell Huis Clos: Bran Vras's insanely detailed look at the Northern storylines from ADWD
  7. I like LML but do not have the time to listen. What is the TLDR?
  8. I would also guess RH paid a lot more. HC only printed ~3,000 hardcovers of AGOT. You would think more copies would be printed in the UK for a massive sale like this? I am selling my last copy of the UK first printing of AGOT if anyone is interested I no longer collect ASOIAF.
  9. "George R.R. Martin's fantasy trilogy 'A Song of Fire and Ice' sold here for £450,000 after an epic Battle of Dinosaurs between Legend's John 'It's my round!' Jarrold and ultimately victorious Malcolm 'It's your round!' Edwards of HarperCollins." Source: https://news.ansible.uk/a79.html#07 For context, the average first time fantasy author gets a measly $500 advance and make $0 in royalties afterwards, That is not a typo. The average BEST SELLING fantasy or sci fi book nets the author only $30-50k. The executive assistant at a publisher makes more than the average sci fi/fantasy author. They offered George this money with only 90 pages submitted. They knew this was golden. See this thread from SFF publisher John Jarrold, who lost the bidding war here: https://news.ansible.uk/a79.html#07
  10. Violet eyed velociraptors have been seen in Sorhyros riding pterodactyls.
  11. Below the Whiskers Greenpaw of the Reach and above Scratchy the Clever of the Rock
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