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  1. Daendrew

    Sam Tarly Appreciation Thread

    Sam's deeds are the most songworthy of any person in the books. He killed an Other.
  2. Daendrew

    References and Homages

    You are right. Lenore is the Many-Faced-Minion.
  3. Daendrew

    References and Homages

    Laenore Velaryon is an homage to GRRM's minion Lenore. https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Laenor_Velaryon
  4. Daendrew

    Frozen Hell

  5. Daendrew

    Frozen Hell

    Could you please link me to that post @Seams ?
  6. Daendrew

    Varys appreciation thread

    Re: "If one Hand can die, why not a second?" Jon Connington "died" and was whisked away by Varys and Illyrio. They explored getting Ned on their side. Not an actual murder. GRRM is such a genius. He wanted us to think they killed Jon Arryn.
  7. Daendrew

    Varys appreciation thread

    All hail the cockless wonder, Lord Varys "The Spider". What do you like best about Varys? He is so cunning and mysterious. What are your favorite Varys quotes? I think Varys' voice as performed by Roy Dotrice is pitch perfect.
  8. Daendrew

    References and Homages

    I found a nod to Shakespeare in ASOIAF: Which was a nod to:
  9. Daendrew

    [SPOILERS] F&B poll

    Dragons can’t go past the Wall. ”Firewyrms” infect people in Valyria. (I’m looking at you, Euron) Daenerys is not the exception but the culmination of Targaryen queens taking significant role in ruling the realm. Visenya, Rhaenys, Alysanne, Halaena, Alicent etc etc we’re not simply consorts but power players in the game.
  10. Does resurrected Jon have any lifefire left to cast a shadowbaby? Maybe that's how they kill an ice dragon.
  11. That is the only language they would have in Westeros for a assasin made of shadow. We saw Renly die of this same exact thing. The sword pierced through him armor.
  12. Could Gildayn be describing a very large shadow baby killing Syrax here?
  13. What are seven knights of the #Theorygaurd compared to the two thousand gold cloaks of the #TheoryWatch? Storm the battlements!
  14. The sound of the crowds and the smell of blood will bring them.
  15. Daendrew

    Favourite Voice from the ASOIAF Audiobooks

    His Varys is pitch perfect. Maester Aemon had such kindness to him too. Dolorous Edd was great but he is supposed to be dour but the voice isn’t really. I have a signed photo of Roy Dotrice as Hallayne and I treasure it. He was unparalleled.