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  1. Daendrew

    What to ask GRRM?

    I think I will ask him "how many children Duncan Prince of Dragonflies had with Jenny of Oldstones to see if he will pass on the question or not. The official tree shows that they didn't have any kids. But those kids would be legitimate Targs. I once theorized that Davos was a decdendant of Duncan but I don't think the years match up.
  2. Thanks for clearing that up. I was surprised that GRRM would make such a reveal in a promo video.
  3. In a recent video for Random House, GRRM states in the end that Aegon the Conqueror decided to unify Westeros because he knew of the danger that lurks in the North. Update: as per Elio's comment below, GRRM was referring to reader speculation.
  4. Daendrew

    Lollys Stokeworth appreciation post

    Brilliant observations as always Seams.
  5. Lets hear it for Lollys Stokeworth, Lady of Stokeworth. What do you like best about her?
  6. Why did Jorah push Dany to go to Asshai? Did GRRM ever talk about that in a SSM? Did he think about bringing Dany there in the beginning?
  7. Daendrew

    What to ask GRRM?

    I have a ticket to see GRRM in Jersey City for the only ticketed event to promote Fire and Blood on 11/19. https://www.wordbookstores.com/georgerrmartin There will be an opportunity to ask questions after his conversation with John Hodgeman. What should we ask him?
  8. Simon Vance to narrate Fire and Blood He is pretty good. http://simonvance.com/voices/ I think they will need a cast recording with at least one woman for Winds of Winter. Roy Dotrice leaves very big shoes to fill.
  9. Daendrew

    Skinchanging into a baby?

    Infant Monster Snowgaryen will defeat the white walkers.
  10. What ASOIAF theory blew your mind? Please provide links if possible. The theory that when “Arbor Gold” is mentioned, there is a lie or deception going on blew me away.
  11. Daendrew

    The SONG of Ice and Fire

    In his original trilogy idea, there was a love triangle with Jon between Arya and Daenerys. Aria is the solo. Serenade is to a lover. Daenerys was the one who would in some sense win Jon. Unless the trope was busted.
  12. Daendrew

    The SONG of Ice and Fire

    In the SONG of Ice and Fire, Daenerys spelled backwards is Syrenead. Serenade. The counterpart to Arya... aria. These two were the original love triangle interests of Jon. A serenade has a lover singing to his beloved. Meanwhile, an aria is often a solo.
  13. Daendrew

    GRRM's cryptic location blog post

    He just listed his location as "Hidden fortress" in a new post. He is definitely not in Kansas anymore. Probably in NYC meeting with editors and promotion execs for Fire and Blood. https://grrm.livejournal.com/565007.html
  14. Daendrew

    GRRM's cryptic location blog post

    This made me laugh much more than it should.
  15. Only in Crusader Kings 2 can you manage two kingdoms half a world away using medieval methods of communication and management.