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  1. WTF! That's like saying, I went to the restaurant, I ate the best food but the cooks and waiters were chasing me with knives.
  2. All three dragons where there Dragon was landed to pick up the group, Viserion got hit, and we saw one other dragon right behind it
  3. I asked the same question until I came to the realization that the Night King was not trying to kill the party. I think he was expecting the Dragons and just wanted to kill them. I also think there is a big connection between Bran and the Night King. They may be the same person or share the same power.
  4. Yeah, I would have preferred if Dany had gone to the north to make it seem like less of a journey With that said, I'm not sure how many days actually passed. I'd imagine 2-6 days
  5. Holy hell Quite a decent episode. Pros Dragons, acting, set peices..etc....AMAZING! Anyone trying to pick this apart is really trying hard to hate the show. Not even movies have this good of a cast, cgi or setting. Well the Avenger initiative did not last long but it was a failure and a success. If they get the Lannisters to help them, I guess you can call it a success. Tormund was amazing. They gave him the spotlight he needed. Undead Dragon. Arya letting Sansa know she is ape**it crazy and will beat him to death if she needs to. Tyrion getting back in the mode of doing what he does best The fights Benjen finally died. He served his purpose.5 Cons The teleportation of Dany. Just feels like the raven flew too quick to Dragonstone and she flew to the North all in a matter of few days. Outside of that, i thought this was a quality episode. The scenario that the directors created or took from the book feels very hard to pull off considering the time lapse
  6. Solid 9/10 for me I disliked the teleportation of Dany and the ravens.
  7. But we know that he was trying to give birth to the Prince that was promised... at least in the books we did
  8. They are all bastards in their father's eyes one way or another...
  9. But she also did not want to kill him but he volunteered. I think she concluded that if his father was going to die, he will too.
  10. 9 out of 10 for me The pros Acting throughout the cast it amazing. CGI, setting, dialogue, and set pieces are amazing. I'm still shocked how life-like those dragons look like considering that this is only a TV show. Watching other TV series or even movies, dragons don't look as good. Plot moved very nicely. Obviously, the passage of time has always been an issue considering the fact that they have limited time but they did it wonderfully here. The fact that Sam says that Bran survived in the north for years tells you that it's been a long time. It's hard to notice it sometimes without time stamps. I feel like I had to mention it considering some whiners in this forum keep bringing it up More hints for characters regarding Jon's bloodline is given to us. The marriage being annulled, Drogon which has taken a liking to Jon. THANK GOD! Someone is actually trying to show proof of the undead. This is one of those moments where you don't actually try to gouge out your eyes because of the stupidity of characters. Cersei finally coming to the realization that Tyrion was not guilty. I know Jon and Dany are related but they do match very well. The Drogon and Jon meeting was SUPERB. The gang is back together. Jon, Jorah, Davos, Tormund, Hound.... This is gonna be great! Is this the A-Team? Littlefinger, dude is smart and cunning enough to even fool assassins. clearly, we haven't seen enough the end of him. I can't see how the show can sustain for another season if all the fighting is with the dead. There needs to be more villains. Cersei is the villain of this season but I have a feeling Littlefinger will be the last. With Dickon dead, clearly it's up to Sam to take it upon himself to rule and lead his house. He will probably help unite the reach to follow Jon. Characters all contributing in ways that feel authentic. Davos can sneak Tyrion in. Tyrion can relate to his brother Jamie. Jon can lead the wilding. Jorah represents Dany. The cons Varys seems to be less and less important. Arya and Sansa. I GET IT! Stupid sibling rivalry fueled by Littlefinger. It's getting old! I hope it moves or resolves soon. Genry? Why is he back again? It was nice to see him but I don't understand why? Is he suppose to go off with Arya or Sansa? The whole conversation regarding their two houses felt like a callback regarding marriage between their houses. The reveal regarding Jon's bloodline with Sam and Ginny. We book readers and hardcore viewers can obviously get it but the casual people will clearly miss it. They should have made it a bit more clear. Pronounce the names correctly or get Sam to acknowledge it fully. The north-men crying about Jon not being there. It's like they forgot that he went to meet the Queen to get supplies to fight the dead. Littlefinger better be behind this because it's getting annoying. 9/10
  11. LMAO that reveal about the marriage between Dorne and Targs.. What a way to reveal it
  12. Really? You haven't seen Arya becoming such a swordsman without even so much as a prior hint at her improved skills. She spent an entire season learning the way of the Faceless Men who are the best assassins. She trained under them to the point that she almost became one of them. How is that now a HINT? I think you don't like that she just went from F to D, to C...etc And if I recall correctly, yes we did see Rocky get beat and train for 20 min of the movie to suddenly improve to the point that he can beat a champion. We see it in pretty much every fighting movie with a underdog. I get it though, you just wanted them to show you more of the milestones
  13. It's usually the haters that can't seem to understand that this show can't follow the books with the limited screen time available. They are outlines in every sense of the word. Ignore them. I've had a discussion with a member here (i wont name him) who wouldn't even give this show a score of 1. He acknowledged that the show had decent actors, cgi, costume, set piece but still wouldn't say the show would get a score of 1/10. LMAO. Attention w***s
  14. Yeah, that the only thing I disliked. It takes more strength to re-direct the oncoming swing of a sword. It's one thing to see Oberyn do it against a one handed wielding mountain, and another thing to see Arya with niddle doing to Briene at full swing.
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