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  1. It's because the back story of the chain was not include It was for pacing and the somewhat weird plot. That of course, it something I am also critical of
  2. huh? I'm saying actors will demand a higher pay. Look at Friends, 80% of their reported budget was used for just the actors.
  3. Armor of the walkers is not made of ice. I'm not including the books here as the books described the armor differently. I'm just surprised that you find the use of chain so bad; I totally can agree on the pacing, passage of time, but the access of chain is not of any significance. Why is hard hard to believe that in the spam of 12,000 years, the white walkers did not find one ship with chains? Perhaps this is chain that they had from their first long night. I guess it would put you mind to rest if they showed next episode the walkers having a fortress of solitude in the land of always winter
  4. Lmao dude! is it not possible that one chain arrived there many years ago? Why is the thought of the NK having chains impossible for you to believe but not that fact that he has an entire armor set for all his walkers?
  5. At that rate, Jon Snow would probably be 35+ by the time they finish. Each actor will ask for a huge pay raise and before you know it, the entire shows budget is going to actors
  6. Yeah, passage of time/pacing can be annoying and it's definitely not consistent. With that said, the amount of characters and the plot call for the pacing to either slow down or speed up. This season, if we went by the pacing of season 1 would not finish for 20+ episodes. In regards to the filler, what I meant to say is, GRRM added a lot of things like Quentyn in essos but it was really not required. It was obvious filler and did not add anything to the story outside of thr reader learning about the contract/pact. The introduction of Aegon may have worked to some extend in the book, but introducing Aegon in the 4-5 season as PTWP would not work. These things would be considered as filler in the tv show no matter how you spin it. Regarding the logic, I'm not going to argue that characters all act according to logic. However, I do think a lot of characters do act within the realm of possibility. The characters certainly use more logic than a high majority of other tv show character. Going back to the pacing though, it an issue and it will only get worse as the last book is probably the longest.
  7. It's quite possible that the Nights King was expecting Dany you arrive. Considering he can see Bran when he wargs even through time, it's not too far fetched to believe that he may have powers similar to Bran im starting to think bran and the nights king are more related than ever before.
  8. They were closer to the wall than Crasters keep is. they spend about 3 days on that island/rock it is possible but a stretch
  9. Chill out The show clearly tries to tell you that the pacing as the seasons progress increase. We have not reach the point in the show where the main characters have visit many places at once. The book doesn't have this problem because GRRM has included A LOT OF filler. Without a doubt, a lot of the events withe dragon, traveling through the north like in this episode will be in the book as well. However, in the book GRRM will show Aegon fighting along with Dorne/Reach against the Lannisters. If the show were to introduce that type of filler, people would go ape(*** crazy. With that said, I do agree, I think they should have let Dany go to the north with them and stay by the Wall, just to make it a bit easier to digest. I understand a lot of people on this forum get aroused whenever they see an opportunity to criticize the show.
  10. WTF! That's like saying, I went to the restaurant, I ate the best food but the cooks and waiters were chasing me with knives.
  11. xjlxking

    [Spoilers] EP706 Discussion

    All three dragons where there Dragon was landed to pick up the group, Viserion got hit, and we saw one other dragon right behind it
  12. xjlxking

    [Spoilers] EP706 Discussion

    I asked the same question until I came to the realization that the Night King was not trying to kill the party. I think he was expecting the Dragons and just wanted to kill them. I also think there is a big connection between Bran and the Night King. They may be the same person or share the same power.
  13. xjlxking

    [Spoilers] EP706 Discussion

    Yeah, I would have preferred if Dany had gone to the north to make it seem like less of a journey With that said, I'm not sure how many days actually passed. I'd imagine 2-6 days