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  1. What!? That scene about Orson and the beetles is my favorite dialogue of the show. Is this regarded as 'bad writing' on this forum? I really didn't expect that.
  2. George RR Martin is a celebrity now, and not just amongst the fantasy fandom. When people, non-bookreaders, have to name the biggest fantasy epics, they'll name Lord of the Rings and asoiaf / got. GRRM really loves all the attention and recognition he gets since Game of Thrones. I don't think other authors would mind happening the same for them. And D&D did a very good job when the books were easier to adapt. I expect and hope that twow and ados will be more focused again, so I still believe they'll give this show a satisfying ending.
  3. But don't they use the same team for the same element? It would be a strange decision to let 2 different teams work on the same Dragon. But Drogon in the finale was so much more beautiful and realistic than in the previous episodes, so it wouldn't surprise me. I've watched that scene like 10 times already because of how beautifully realistic Drogon is.
  4. Bad writing doesn't cover up good acting and cgi. The 1's are just as ridiculous as the 10's.
  5. How can you rate it 1/10 when some actors are more impressive than ever before (Lena, Carice, Stephen) and when the episode has the most realistic cgi of the show so far (Drogon was beautiful this episode!)?
  6. JSPR_G

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    Using Benjen as an excuse to lure Jon outside to FTW him is actually a great way to remind the viewers that season 1 Benjen is still missing. It's a scene people re-watch and talk about. So, less 'who's Benjen?'s when (if) he returns next season.
  7. I read Benioff's City of Thieves. Amazing book. I really recommend it! So I don't doubt he has enough talent for GoT. But yeah, Weiss, I don't know.. He hasn't done anything before Game of Thrones to prove his worth... For a project like this you'd expect somebody with more experience. But, I love S01-S04 and really like most of S05 (just like I loved agot, acok & asos more than affc and adwd). Still, it shows that leaving the books behind leads to inferior dialogues.. But I still believe this show will have the most epic ending television has ever seen.
  8. Why is everyone saying that the burning of Shireen was pointless? This is how Mel comes to realise how wrong she's been all this time about Stannis being AA. I think that's huge and it'll prove to be more than important for the rest of the show.
  9. I think he'll die in S06E01. So yeah, great win.
  10. JSPR_G

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    I HATED Stannis after episode 9 and wanted him to die. But this episode I felt so sorry for him. My favorite story arc of the season. Great acting and writing. Well done D&D&D. Dorne, though..
  11. Haha. Imagine this forum and Linda's twitter if they said in the inside the episode that next season Mell will resurrect him and he'll find out he is a Targaryen. I was a little bit disappointed at first, but I liked the episode. Drogon was more beautiful than ever. Incredible! I loved the look on Stannis face after learning about the (logical) mutiny, Sylese's suicide and most of all: Mel's leaving. He knew he lost everything and knew he would lose the battle. Great actor. The disillusioned look on Mel's face when arriving at Castle Black, realising she's been wrong all this time, was great too. A lot of book readers complain about the Stannis scenes this season, but I actually think they were the best part of this season. If they would've spent a little bit more time to show that burning Shireen really was Stannis his last hope, this storyline would've been perfect. Cersei's WoS was perfect. She looked so set to don't let it bring her down, but was completely broken at the end of the walk. I loved it a lot more when I rewatched it. The first time I was too nervous because there wasn't a lot of time left for FTW. FTW felt a little rushed and I hoped Thorne wouldn't take part in it. I'm curious to know how the Unsullied feel about it. I was a bit disappointed they didn't show more than ADWD, because I don't like cliffhangers like that, but it looks like they want to give George R.R. Martin a chance to finish TWOW before season 6 and reveal how this continues himself. Benjen in the recap, I've never been more trolled before. :lol: First reaction was 6, now.. 8.
  12. It wouldn't change that much. The men of the NW would still think White Walkers on the other side of the wall are less a threat than being outnumbered by wildlings in Castle Black. But stabbing Jon still is a stupid thing to do when the wildlings are already in Castle Black.
  13. I just assumed Jon told the NW what happened off-screen. Sam's reaction to Jon saying 'I went to save them. I failed.' looked like he already knows what happened. But then again, the episode was only 52 minutes. It's not like there was no time left for a decent dialogue.
  14. I gave it an 8. It could go up once (and if) we learn more about the Sons of the Harpy, though. Who they are and why they're killing the masters. It bothered me that Daenerys never was in real danger. I hope there's a reason why they threw spears to Drogon but not to Daenerys. I guess not. Well, that's television.. Dorne scenes are actually quite okay as long as the Sand Snakes aren't involved. Although if this won't be of real importance for the rest of the story it's quite a waste of screen time. Because some other storylines feel too rushed. Stannis burning Shireen, for example. I expected this to happen for a long time and it was a really powerful scene, but they should've spent some more time to show that this could be the only way to get out of their dire situation. Great scene, though. Kerry Ingram was amazing. I really needed some time to recover before watching people cheer in a stadium. They should've put another scene in between.
  15. Sorry if this is already discussed, but I don't have time to read all the post: I noticed the SotH killed a lot of masters and I didn't see any former slaves getting killed. Isn't this quite the contrary of what we should expect? Or do they kill them because they don't oppose Daenerys? I was surprised to see Hizdahr killed off, especially after his 'just making sure everything is in order'. Let's hope we get to know more about the SotH next episode or next season. I always thought that greyscale is only contagious when directly in contact with the greyscaled area, but they really focussed on Dany taking Jorah's hand and taking Missandei's hand...