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  1. I gave it a 10. Best action scene on tv for me. Very tense, and the dark scene was for us to get their perspective of battling at night, when you have limited visibility and all. Very frustrating, bet its also very immersive. Didnt want the Night king to die so early but one of the major antagonists had to go soon. Also we all thought that almost everyone was going to die, and Arya hit the buzzer beater. thats just me tho.. Also, years ago i separated myself from the books, and realized that this is tv, and its going to be watered down from the source material. HBO has money to make.
  2. 8/10 good episode.Theon = High dive gold medalist. A lil disappointed with Arya and Nymeria, but im more than sure she will pop up again, or that was a serious waste of screentime and resources.
  3. My first 10/10. First Three Starkes in the same place since..... Season 2? Ramsey got what he deserved, Sansa watched in enjoyment. The battle and from a soldiers perspective was, different. Them damn dragons!!! Slave masters got the business, and them damn dragons!!! Its about time. The best episode and finally with a happy damn ending.... for now.
  4. I gave it a 6, wished i could go back and give it a 9. With no action in this episode, i felt the episode was too short. Meaning that it was very good. Seeing the Tarly's, uncle Stark, and Bran finally wake up from reading the song of ice and fire cliff notes was very refreshing. Seeing Old man Frey was cool, it reminded me of why i hate him. The only cheezy part was Dany at the end. Drogon might get suspended for taking PEDs.
  5. Im giving it a 10. Very emotional, surprising, and excellent story telling. Who would have thought thats where Hodor gets Hodor from. ANd the title was right in our face.
  6. <a href="https://imgflip.com/i/14b7zb"><img src="https://i.imgflip.com/14b7zb.jpg" title="made at imgflip.com"/></a> damnit image wont post here!!
  7. Good episode, seeing Tyrion work his magic is what i like about tyrion. Is all the dothraki floor made of kerosene? Wouldnt pass inspections in westeros. I told my wife that im surprised that sansa has a spine now for challenging Snow to take back Winterfel. Her reply was "After all she went through? She better have a spine, and a pair of ball as well."
  8. I gave it an 8. Every 1st episode of every season is a recap of whats going on from the previous season. At least we had some major killings in this episode.
  9. You hit it right on the head, The most important battle for mankind while everyone is trying to rule the world.
  10. I stannis dont reach the wall, then the battle for the wall isnt going to happen. If im correct, he and his army is what saves them, right?
  11. Maybe they will show more of their point of view, but I wouldn't be surprised of we don't see them anymore this season, well besides when Bran reaches his destination.
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