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  1. Ellaena

    Valyrian families surviving after the Doom

    It makes political sense. We know there were about 40 families in the freehold who were the main players of the game (can't remember if they were all supposed to be dragonlords). On dragonback women and men are equal, and why would you send a perfectly good rider with a dragon that you've bred to marry into another family, have children and switch allegiance when you can keep them in? I don't doubt the different families made marriage alliances from time to time to gain an advantage, but by that point the incest would already be a tradition and it would also be further incentivised by whatever valyrian game of thrones they were playing.
  2. Ellaena

    Nymor's letter to Aegon

    Baela Targaryen fell from her dragon as well and was injured and burned but very much alive. It depends under what conditions you fall, I suppose.
  3. Rhaenyra wasn't going to take "the coward's way out". She thought the Iron Throne was hers by right, she felt entitled to it and wanted everyone to admit it and bow before the Realm's Delight. She also did not want to kill her relatives, not at first at least. Look at this almost like the conflict between Renly and Stannis at first.
  4. Now, just to make my position clear, I actually think GRR Martin has given me enough textual evidence to doubt the paternity of the Velaryon boys. Not that I care, but damn Rhaenyra, couldn't you just have had one of Laenor's just to cast some doubt? But then if she did, she wouldn't be Rhaenyra, just like Cersei wouldn't be Cersei if she had at least one of her kids be Robert's. I think the fact the children she has had with Daemon have the Valyrian look, while the Velaryon ones all take "after their Arryn side" (maybe) is dubious. I wonder if Laenor ever tried to sleep with her, he seems to have been strictly interested in men. I also wonder what he thought of the boys. I mean, he names one of them after his dead lover. How come Corlys doesn't care? One of them is supposed to inherit Driftmark, did he just turn a blind eye and chose to ignore what was right before him like Tywin? So many questions. I find Daeron the Daring to be an ok lad, I don't know how fun it was to grow up with Aegon and Aemond. Bringing this on the back of my last comment, but the source of the Dance might be stemming from Viserys and his predecessors, but the actions of the people who participated in it are their own, including Alicent's. It's not though. If you are to compare and mirror Robert as a father to Viserys then do it based on textual facts. Robert was an absentee father. Viserys' last scene, right before his death, is of him telling stories to his grandchildren by Alicent. Quite the difference. That fact that he was complacent in the first place means he was trying to please everyone, while Robert lived to please himself mostly during the later years of his reign.
  5. They weren't being treated as inferior though? They just didn't take precedence on the throne over the child of his first marriage and declared heir on account of their gender. The fact they were allowed to become dragonriders (all of them, including the grandkids) should speak volumes. They also got to reside in KG while Rhaenyra was on Dragonstone, although the fault in that lies on all sides, most of all Viserys who even in a moment of clarity when he thinks "maybe I should have my heir here to help me rule" dismisses that on the basis they would all be under one roof. So did he marry her because he loved her or because she was hot? Which is it? Robb is a corpse, what does it matter if his wolf's head is propped on his body? Catelyn is also a corpse, what does it matter that she gets thrown in the river? Like you said, she had bigger fish to fry. Her priorities are very clear, the rotting corpse of her loving husband, missing a finger or two, did not seem to weigh on her. I didn't say their marriage was a good or fulfilling one or that they were good partners for each other (by good I mean to say compatible). Only that he loved her and was a good husband to her on the account of exalting her to the position of Queen, being a pleasant and complacent man and giving their children all of the perks Targ children get. As far as kings get he seems to have cared about his Queen. To give you another example, Androw Farman loved Rhaena and seems to have tried to be a good husband to her and make her happy. That doesn't change the fact they were not suited for each other and in the end that soured their relationship and brought the worst in both of them. A man/woman can be/try to be a good husband/wife, it doesn't mean their marriage will be a happy one by default.
  6. Ellaena

    Nymor's letter to Aegon

    The Water Gardens did not exist yet, they were built for the 2nd Daenerys. I think we were never meant to know what the letter said. One of those "will remain buried in history" kind of things. I wonder if even George knows.
  7. Viserys, while lacking in many regards, was considered to be a pleasant man by all accounts. Really, the only account we have of him being somewhat nasty is when he threatened to cut the tongues of the people who dared to call Rhaenyra's kids bastards. Which was true, hence the nasty bit. I don't know why we are suddenly trying to bend the text or the narrative to say something else. He exalted Alicent to the position of Queen when he didn't have to do that if he wanted to have her. He wasn't gaining much politically by that move, on the contrary, he had more to lose as he wasted an opportunity to unite Rhaenys' line with his by marrying Laena. The only reason he had to make that move is because he cared about her in one way or the other and didn't want to use her as a paramour. His many attempts to make concessions between his daughter and his wife shows he cared about both and just wanted both of them to be pleased (which was impossible to achieve, ffs Viserys). Even to the end he seemed to be a jolly man, telling stories to the grandchildren he had by Alicent. Rhaenyra herself admits her father loved her and in the memory of that she would not hurt her. Alicent doesn't seem to want to do anything in the memory of her late husband, which leads us to... Exactly. Because she didn't care for him. You don't leave the corpse of someone you care about to rot in a room while you plot away. That disregard should show you the kind of woman she was. She shared a big part of her life with this man, had children by him, yet in the end couldn't give two shits about him or his wishes. She married a king who had an heir. She wrongly thought that if she bore sons they would automatically replace Rhaenyra as heirs. That didn't sit well with Viserys and he doubled down on it. She married into the royal family, not every other noble family in Westeros. Kings can name their heirs and can disinherit/block children from the throne. They can go against laws and traditions established for millennia. Their decree stands on how well they can enforce it during their life and after their death. The point is that almost none of the adults in the Dance were 100% in the right. Their actions were not justifiable in the end and the realm and their family suffered for it.
  8. Loving or lustful he was a good husband to her. Yes, he didn't give in to her demands and ambitions and wasn't a good king because of his aversion to conflict, but there is nothing to indicate he didn't treasure her or treat her as a loving husband. He was king. He could have taken her as a paramour and Otto would still have groveled for the honour. But he didn't, he married her, was faithfull to her by all accounts, gave her legitimate Targ children with all the perks the Targ children get. The only thing they didn't get was the throne ahead of Rhaenyra and it seems to be that was all she wanted. The way the Greens acted leading to and after Viserys' death were not the actions of a faction who thought themselves to be in the right.
  9. We also have to remember this is the woman who left her loving husband's corpse rot in a room until the servants started to smell it. The father of her children. All because she had to keep everything on the down-low while she was going against that very husband's wishes and fucking the realm in the process.
  10. Ellaena

    [SPOILERS] Jaehaerys and Alysanne

    Jocelyn Baratheon could have played a role in that but we will never know because George deemed her not to be worth mentioning much. Nor is Aemon, but at least he gets some childhood moments and a death. It's such a shame to create a character and to never...use it. But I imagine they had to have had a part in it- house Velaryon was the richest one in all of Westeros for a while during that time due to the travels Corlys did. He was of Valyrian and Targaryen blood and Rhaenys did not have a brother. And it's also worth mentioning it seems Jocelyn's and Aemon's marriage was one for a love, not just political, which is why they might allow their daughter the same thing.
  11. Ellaena

    [SPOILERS] Jaehaerys and Alysanne

    Aemma was an obvious match...if there were no other Targaryen princesses (which there were). Some people have speculated the Vale had to be brought into the fold for whatever reason. Plus, she was 11 at the wedding and was bedded at 13 in a society which repeatedly says that young mothers tend to die, in a family which was not short of heirs or in a hard spot, dynastically speaking. Hell, Jaehaerys didn't bed Alysanne at 13- he waited 3 more years in a period when they were the only Targaryen couple and had a wilful niece as heir and a sister scarred by trauma.
  12. Ellaena

    Berserk Spoiler Thread

    By saying that Skull Knight and Guts are outside of causality I mean to say that they are not bound by it like the God Hand preach everyone should be. They can go in and out of it like a "jumping fish" in the river of causality, as Skull Knight put it. And they clearly find a connection to each other due to that. That doesn't mean they can't be used by the God Hand though. Skull Knight was used to destroy Ganishka, for example. The God Hand make it out to be as if there was no way Griffith would have made any other decision but to become Femto, but I doubt that's the case. He was born destined to become God Hand and his group was born to be sacrificed and that was that, but that to me rings almost as a ploy to remove agency from "the chosen one", hence why I am saying they are sly. I agree with all you said. The Idea of Evil can't be infinite because according to itself it's origins are human in the end and I am doubting that the ultimate nature of causality is what the God Hand makes it to be.
  13. Ellaena

    Berserk Spoiler Thread

    I haven't had the chance to discuss this with anyone until now but to me it seems pretty clear that Griffith used the child's body to forge one for himself, like a vessel, but the child itself, his astral form, seems to be at large and can manifest itself when the astral plane and the real world overlap. Are you of a different opinion?
  14. Ellaena

    Berserk Spoiler Thread

    Guts was always a "blind spot" for Griffith, figuratively and now maybe literally, even though he never wanted to admit it. The whole reason his plan failed is because he completely crumbled and fucked himself over when Guts left instead of analysing and coming to terms with his feelings.
  15. Ellaena

    Berserk Spoiler Thread

    Griffith is not bonded with Gut's child. He just hijacked his body, effectually ejecting the kid from it (although he didn't have much of it to begin with). His astral form seems to be fine, although the Moon Boy doesn't seem to have the power to manifest himself whenever he wants, only when the veil separating the astral world from the physical form sees to be thinner (like on a full moon for example). Griffith still retains something of that body hence why Casca gravitated towards him when she saw him. I tend to think she did because of that not because she was salivating after Griffith again like Guts thought. Griffith's new human followers just creep me out, man. That oracle chick can see so much but she can't and won't perceive the evil that he is.