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  1. A recent interview with Joe about TV adaptation in that same clever way. It is about 19:15 in.
  2. Waiting is hard. Let us play the guessing game: what could Joe's next book with the working title "A Little Hatred" possibly refer to? A little bit of B9? The children of heroes. A little war?
  3. saymyname

    Smaug vs. Balrog - Who would win?

    "My amor is like tenfold shields, my teeth are swords, my claws spears, the shock of my tail a thunderbolt, my wings a hurricane, and my breath death!". Ok maybe that is just boasting, but if we are talking book version my gold would be on Smaug. But I could be wrong, it has been a long time since I read "The Hobbit". As it has already () been pointed out there is a chasm (like the one in Moria) between the paper and the screen version. Movie versions: But how would Smaug win? Through fire, teeth and claws or mind control? Movies or book: I think we also need to factor in: The battle ground. Is there any gold nearby when the two clash? Ruthlessness. Smaug himself says: "I kill were I will, and none dare resist!" In the movie on the other hand, the Balrog seems more like the beast. Intelligence? It could also be that we can learn something from Gandalf´s actions. He only wants to burglarize Smaug, but goes into mortal combat with the Balrog.
  4. saymyname

    Smaug vs. Balrog - Who would win?

    I loved the article, thank you. But I do have one question: If Smaug´s mind control is so strong as to be the decisive factor against the balrog, how come the dragon did not exert mind control over the dwarves in the long fight where they bathed him in gold and drove him out of the lonely mountain? As far as I remember from the movie, there where plenty of scenes with eye contact between Smaug and the dwarves.
  5. Plus he (Carlyle) is 20-30 years too old to be BD. Great, great actor though. We need new and upcoming names for at least half the cast. It has to run for years...
  6. Domhnall Gleeson as Logen Scott Eastwood as Col West Emun Elliot as Glokta
  7. Interesting, where you see generic, I see iconic. Conventionally the girl would only be half naked and the fire would not engulf her. I guess it is a matter of taste. What do you think of the interior illustrations?
  8. Me too. And the drawings by Ted Nasmith look amazing, I think it has taken 3 (or 4?) years for him to get them done. Acquiring GoT from SP has emptied out my book-spending-account for some months to come. But thats all right I will be busy drooling :drool: (not on the book though).
  9. Nope, also in Germany, maybe all of Europe?
  10. Last monday 17. of November.
  11. The Cover looks amazing :drool: I read somewhere that Mr. Nasmith has newer seen the TV-show or looked at other illustrations, in order to have his own fresh take on GoT.
  12. "The Grim Company" might be a novel debut, but you can tell that the author Luke Scull has had a lot of experience with especially world building, dialogue and story telling from the world of the role playing computer games "Neverwinter Nights" and "The Shadow Sun". The fans of these games are going to love this book. The story is told through 10 or so alternating POV´s and has inner monologue but is primarily driven through lots and lots of dialogue where Scull unfolds a story that is both easily liked and gripping almost from the first couple of pages. As stated in the first post of this thread there are many components in the adventure of "The Grim Company" that will make the reader feel herself right at home. An example is the company´s struggling with keeping together despite an unfolding discard based on the characters different goals and their "class-like" differences. Another is a grumpy axe-wielding fighter. The origin and evolution in the magic´s "mana-like" system is both believable and clever in its design and the magic is very much present in the book and heavily interwoven in the quest plot. Another forte of Scull are his characters. Even though the company has stock characters, each person is fully individualized with background secrets, hard to make choices and (lack of) social honor. In conclusion: "The Grim Company" is highly recommendable, a real page turner and told be an experienced fantasy storyteller. The story will continue in Scull´s second book "The Grim Company - Sword of the North" set for publication in 2014.
  13. Makes the other current offer on ebay 999usd for subpress ASoS nr 420 seem like a Real bargain :) How much of a role does the "low/high-ness" of the number influence the value?