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    Tolkien 3.0

    As far as I know, the Amazon series will take place in the second Age. That includes Sauruman Right? Who is not yet Evil?
  2. Interesting, where you see generic, I see iconic. Conventionally the girl would only be half naked and the fire would not engulf her. I guess it is a matter of taste. What do you think of the interior illustrations?
  3. Me too. And the drawings by Ted Nasmith look amazing, I think it has taken 3 (or 4?) years for him to get them done. Acquiring GoT from SP has emptied out my book-spending-account for some months to come. But thats all right I will be busy drooling :drool: (not on the book though).
  4. Last monday 17. of November.
  5. The Cover looks amazing :drool: I read somewhere that Mr. Nasmith has newer seen the TV-show or looked at other illustrations, in order to have his own fresh take on GoT.
  6. Makes the other current offer on ebay 999usd for subpress ASoS nr 420 seem like a Real bargain :) How much of a role does the "low/high-ness" of the number influence the value?