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  1. Trigger Warning

    Ned shouldn't have allowed Robb and Theon to become so close

    I'm pretty sure fostering good relations between the heirs to Winterfell and Pyke was entirely intentional.
  2. Trigger Warning

    Tallhart and Glover Bowmen to man Moat Cailin

    Doubt this'll go any deeper than GRRM having not fleshed out his world building that much at this stage.
  3. Trigger Warning

    When did the Starks loose their military strength?

    Their strength is the strength of their bannermen, that's how feudalism works. When Rob calls his banners and summons 20,000 men that is his army, in the same way that the armies of the individual lords making up that army have lesser lords sworn to them making up their armies. The Starks may have lesser lords in their own lands sworn directly to them but why does it matter when they rule the entire North and everyone is sworn to them regardless.
  4. Trigger Warning

    Is death good? Why fight the Others?

    I mean who's perspective is this coming from? If I'm a sentient being and someone wants to turn me into a walking corpse then I don't particularly give a shit how benevolent his motive is.
  5. Bingo. She'd be pregnant ASAP and they'd announce it before that even. Just like old Pappy Robert he was that boy.
  6. Trigger Warning

    Renly winning would have been a disaster.

    Gay men have children in sham marriages all the time.
  7. Trigger Warning

    Renly winning would have been a disaster.

    Whenever this argument comes up it's like the lords of Westeros didn't realise they could usurp their overlords with sufficient power and support, of course they know and anyone that rose in rebellion against Renly would use that against him just as any lord would use any advantage they could but they'd still only do it if they have sufficient strength and backing in the first place, the same as any rebellion. Renly's the king's brother, with enough of a blood claim and the backing of Highgarden and the Stormlands he has more than enough strength to make his legitimacy an accepted reality, evil counsellors, bastards, whatever excuse he wants. It's like the assumption here is that a rebellious lord with massive backing against his overlord would simply not rebel because of lack of precedent. If he has the support he'll just do it anyway, the support is what ultimately matters.
  8. He's the former Hand of the King, lurking about King's Landing whilst John Arryn's holds that office would be embarrassing. Not to mention he has his affairs in the West to manage.
  9. Trigger Warning

    Why do you all love Sansa Stark?

    This is offensive to Oingo Boingo.
  10. Trigger Warning

    Would Runestone be in danger if Yohn marched with Robb?

    I don't think she'd want to further aggravate the situation with open civil war in the Vale with her strongest vassals, she's much too fearful for that.
  11. Trigger Warning

    Who do you think is Mance’s father?

    Some man, no doubt. Most of them are.
  12. Trigger Warning

    Why didn't Littlefinger try the Bronn approach in dueling?

    If anyone ever pulls a knife on you in the street just dodge all their attacks and you'll be okay.
  13. Trigger Warning

    How to Improve the North Economically?

    I'm not sure mounting a naval invasion of the Iron Islands with the intention of acquiring some specific swords is a wise investment plan.
  14. I think it's safe to assume Aerys has had children killed, he had the Darklyns and Hollards put do death (minus Dontos). Even beyond that I doubt he has a clean record for killing children.
  15. I assume he just thought Robb would keep his word, it's not that crazy of an idea.