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  1. Trigger Warning

    Differences in Ned's treatment of his daughters

    "They were all staring at him, but it was Sansa’s look that cut." Obviously he was thinking about Arya and how he would tell her about it the very moment he believed Nymeria had been killed, we don't have a stream of consciousnesses of his every thought between Cersei demanding Lady's death and him doing it, there's absolutely no reason to believe he wasn't thinking about Sansa before and during Lady's death.
  2. He had a decent gig as Knight of the Gate and even if he didn't he's still a noble from a powerful family, the guy's not going to join a frozen penal colony just to get his brother to stop nagging him about marriage.
  3. Trigger Warning

    Why don't the Kingsguard go full Praetorian Guard?

    Using the Praetorian Guard to make this point feels like cheating.
  4. Trigger Warning

    How did the Dothraki manage to almost wipe out 2 different races?

    It basically comes down to them being a caricature of the mongols and with that the subsequent exaggeration of the mongols' penchant for killing a shit tonne of people and the population displacement that comes with it, an in world explanation is as simple as Sword Donor put it, they popped off so hard that they depopulated those areas and dispersed the survivors. The Mongols actually conquered places, the Dothraki aint that deep.
  5. Trigger Warning

    Why did Davos save Stannis in the first place?

    One job and he became a landed knight, there's why.
  6. Trigger Warning

    What if Theon came to Pyke naked?

    Balon was gathering his fleet to attack the North while he still considered Theon a hostage, he doesn't give a shit about him. He'd have found another excuse to suggest he wasn't really Ironborn even if Theon came home in nothing but mail.
  7. Trigger Warning

    Did Ned Stark take lysa warning seriously

    He took it seriously enough but trusted the wrong person.
  8. Trigger Warning

    Does Visenya Deserve More Criticism?

    I don't get this precedent business it's not like people don't know they can usurp a ruler with enough power and popular support. It's just a rebellion unless they win, then they'll justify it legally and the status quo will return until another ruler comes along that has to deal with a usurper with enough popular support, it's the natural ebb and flow of politics. There are almost always alternatives with a claim that people will support if the legitimate heir is objectionable enough, the Anarchy in England lasted 20 years but it didn't break the idea of legitimate succession in the eyes of the people of England, legitimacy just keeps the wheels spinning.
  9. Trigger Warning

    Robb stark education

    Just because you choose a course of action doesn't necessarily mean you're ignorant of the potential consequences.
  10. Trigger Warning

    The Witcher on Netflix 2: Man of steel and silver

    I wish more shows would use chainmail, plate and leather almost always end up looking goofy but slap some mail in there and I'm convinced.
  11. Trigger Warning

    The Witcher on Netflix 2: Man of steel and silver

    This disjointed bouncing between stories years apart isn't doing anything to help me care about any of these characters and that was hard enough with the script and seriously I know this has been done to death but how on Earth did those Nilfgaard costumes get the green light.
  12. Trigger Warning

    The Witcher on Netflix 2: Man of steel and silver

    I'm not usually fussed about realism but I think I'm done with battles in TV shows, they always end up looking so ridiculous and cheap on their generically plain CGI landscapes that I'd rather it happen off screen, absolutely takes me out of the moment.
  13. Trigger Warning

    Syrio Forel

    Honestly if he gets brought back or revealed to be someone else this far on from the first book I think it'd be a bit of an eye roller. My take is that ultimately he wasn't that important to anyone except Arya and he died without mention because of it, which I'm fine with.
  14. Trigger Warning

    UK Politics: Who Pays the Andyman?

    Corbyn is absolutely radioactive to this election, he should have taken a clear stance on Brexit and I think that would have evened out the Tory majority a bit but he was never going to win if I'm being honest with myself, people HATE him.
  15. Trigger Warning

    UK Politics: Who Pays the Andyman?

    Do you genuinely believe that this would have cost them more votes than it gained? Labour's lost a seat that they've held for 70 years. If that's not being out of touch with their old base then I don't know what to tell you.