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  1. How can you declare for a man that hasn't declared his intentions. Renly's usurping Joffrey and Tommen before Stannis, Stannis is an afterthought until he stakes his claim which he does when Renly's already crowned and marching at the head of nearly 100,000 men.
  2. I don't disagree I just thought by many years you meant pre rebellion.
  3. Stannis married Selyse several years after Robert's Rebellion.
  4. It'd probably still depend on what Renly wants them to do, it's chaos in the wake of Renly's death and most of them go over to the Lannisters after the Blackwater anyway. I don't think we can say if they'd support Stannis or not in a situation where they have time to think about it.
  5. I doubt Renly was thinking of Stannis very much at all before he besieged Storm's End it doesn't make much sense for him to change his plans when Stannis only commands 5,000 or so men. Renly's strategy is perfectly reasonable, he didn't know Stannis has a shadow assassin.
  6. Trigger Warning

    Which of Baratheon brothers you respect the most

    Provide literally one piece of textual evidence that Renly does not think Robert's children are legitimate. “So be it. Stannis was never the most cherished of brothers, I confess. Do you suppose this tale of his is true? If Joffrey is the Kingslayer’s get—” “—your brother is the lawful heir.” “While he lives,” Renly admitted. " Why would GRRM put this little musing of Renly's into the narrative if he knew Joffrey was a bastard, it makes no sense. He has nothing to gain by putting on a show for Catelyn and even more importantly he'd be an idiot not to declare it when he claimed the throne. Usurping 3 bastards and one uncle nobody likes is a lot easier than usurping 3 legitimate children.
  7. Renly was crowned and on the march before Stannis even made his claim, why would he wait for Stannis to fight Joffrey?
  8. Trigger Warning

    Robb's campaign

    Well if they didn't wait for Tywin they could just head straight there so they might even arrive earlier and they have 60,000 men without Tywin anyway, I doubt whether or not Tywin joins them is going to stop them saving the king they've made a marriage alliance with and beyond that the victory is still pretty much a guarantee, Stannis is incredibly vulnerable not just besieging but full on assaulting a city and they pretty much break under the Lannister-Tyrell vanguard, the bulk of the army doesn't even engage. They waited for Tywin because that's what they arranged and it's an additional 20,000 men quickly available that doesn't mean they wouldn't engage without him and even beyond that the Red Keep is a huge castle, Stannis might not crack that egg for weeks unless of course GRRM uses his castles are useless magic wand.
  9. Trigger Warning

    Robb's campaign

    Yeah the discussion usually ends up about whether or not Robb could pull off his victory but honestly I don't think that evens matters, if you put yourself in Edmure's shoes and what you see is Tywin returning to a place where he controls all the castles, knows the land, had the support of the local populace and outnumbers Robb nearly 4 to 1 then I think it'd be ridiculous to just assume that it'll all work out in Robb's favour, the reasonable thing to do to protect your own King would be to try and stop that unless told otherwise but really the Tyrells could have relieved King's Landing on their own anyway so I'm not too sure that matters either. EDIT: If anything it'd work out better for the Tyrells since they'd have sole claim to saving the king and the city.
  10. Trigger Warning

    Robb's campaign

    This is a discussion that I've had a lot of times but could you imagine the outrage at Edmure in the fanbase if Edmure had just allowed Tywin to return West and Robb had been annihilated.
  11. Trigger Warning

    Robb's campaign

    I don't believe he went West looking to conclude the war but simply to combat desertion and his own supply problems, burning and looting boosts morale whilst feeding his army and damaging the infrastructure of the enemy, he went West out of necessity since the Riverlands could not sustain them. I'm of the opinion that the whole strategy he and Brynden laid out for Edmure was a simple convenience to guilt Edmure into marrying a Frey.
  12. Trigger Warning

    Is Stannis guilty of killing Renly?

    Robert was Stannis' lord, at the time of his rebellion Renly has no master save Joffrey Baratheon. Stannis being the elder brother doesn't make the Lord of Storm's End his subordinate.
  13. Trigger Warning

    Roose Bolton's Contingency Plan

    Well the Second World War continued well past Kursk but it's still a pretty solid guess who you'd bet on if you had to. Robb has a few thousand men and has to assault the Moat to return North, the Tyrell-Lannister alliance are pushing 100,000. I don't think it'd be very uncertain from Roose's perspective.
  14. Trigger Warning

    Roose Bolton's Contingency Plan

    Robb had lost access to the North, the Freys and the Karstarks and now faced a coalition that brought a huge fleet and anywhere between 50,000 to 70,000+ fresh troops into the Lannister's power already mustered and ready to fight. In what world was Robb in a favourable position at this point, he's surrounded and outnumbered with a burnt out Riverlands as his only source of supply.
  15. Trigger Warning

    Who is more legitimate, Stannis or Aegon?

    Claims and legitimacy are not as cut and dry as that, being in exile doesn't mean you don't have a claim it's not a tangible thing that you can just lose.
  16. Trigger Warning

    Roose Bolton's Contingency Plan

    One of the first things that happens when Jaime enters Harrnehal is Aenys Frey kicking off about Starks, oaths and betrayal. But outside of that when Winterfall is sacked, Moat Cailin is taken, Stannis is smashed and routed and all the power of Highgarden has aligned itself with the Lannisters I think you're putting too much emphasis on the importance of the Freys. Even if Roose didn't know about it and didn't have Freys within Harrenhal to conspire with I think it's pretty safe to assume that he would have still believed the war to be lost.
  17. Trigger Warning

    Why did Sansa dislike being Northern?

    It probably has less to do with being Northern and more to do with a lack of noble pageantry in Ned's court.
  18. Trigger Warning

    Why is Brienne treated so badly ?

    Dacey and Asha probably get a pass because they're not incredibly awkward and fit in with their male peers.
  19. Trigger Warning

    Who is more legitimate, Stannis or Aegon?

    Depends on who you ask.
  20. Because it doesn't gain him anything, it's not going to placate the Dornish. Either they'll rebel the first chance they get or they won't, delivering the guy that did the deed isn't going to change anything and only negatively impacts Tywin. He's not going to honour his son's promise when it offers him no benefit.
  21. Trigger Warning

    Was Brandon Stark really that good a swordsman?

    This is one of those situations where we're meant to assume that the narrative didn't need to list everyone he's ever fought or beaten in tournaments because it wasn't relevant to the story.
  22. Trigger Warning

    The Myth of the Self-made Person

    Yeah it always strikes me as bit of a strange take when Davos is brought up as an example of a meritocratic appointment, just because he's not a blue blooded noble doesn't mean it's not nepotism, the guy's the closest thing he has to a friend.
  23. Trigger Warning

    Why is Randyl Tarly considered such a great general?

    Splitting your army and gambling on whether or not a single scout sees you do it and that if they do you can kill them before they escape does have a pretty huge luck factor no matter how you slice it.
  24. Trigger Warning

    Which of Baratheon brothers you respect the most

    The guy that cries about Ned stealing the position of hand to his grieving widow in the same breath as offering his condolences?
  25. Trigger Warning

    Which of Baratheon brothers you respect the most

    It's the Stannis factor, time and time again people argue that Renly should have done the "honourable" and "lawful" thing and backed Stannis when in reality if he were to do that he shouldn't have rebelled at all and simply supported Joffrey, the arguments always revolve around him usurping Stannis when in reality they should be about usurping Robert's children, Stannis' claim was an afterthought to Renly yet threads about Renly are always Stannis, Stannis, Stannis. I don't particularly care about Renly but I think a large amount of my posts on here are just defending him because he's some sort of boogeyman to the Stannis fanbase though to be honest it does generate some funny discussion when every mole hill for Renly becomes a mountain and Stannis' mountains just disappear. Inb4 anyone says Renly knew Joff was a bastard I'm gonna say it's dumb that he'd try and usurp him without mentioning that, link this thread and leave it at that. I think I needed to vent a bit there.