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  1. Nabarg

    Tolkien 3.0

    Varys, please define what you mean by democracy.
  2. Nabarg

    Tolkien 3.0

    The word ”conversion” does not always refer to the changing of the formal membership of a religion, but the change from a “worldly” to a religious life. This may be used more often among evangelical protestants, but catholics sometimes does it to; I have seen biographies of StFrancis and Ignatius of Loyola refer to their religious awakenings as “conversion”. “Democracy” may mean a lot of things. If it means that humanity is the source of ultimate authority, it is irreconcilable with the abrahamite religions (and also hinduism, cofusianism etc). If it just means that free elections is the best way to appoint public officials of various kinds there is no problem at all. If there is something in between, it may vary with religion and individual.
  3. Nabarg

    Rothfuss XV: Move along, nothing to see here

    In Westeros, there may exist plants that doesn’t exist in our world from which it is easy to extract black dyes in plenty. One of the advantages of fantasy relative to historical fiction.
  4. Nabarg

    The Decline of the West, by Oswald Spengler

    Gene Wolfe on the other hand feels like he belongs in the magian civilization.
  5. Nabarg

    The Decline of the West, by Oswald Spengler

    More, better, bigger, faster, and the self made businessman growing ever richer certainly sounds Faustian. And golden age science fiction seems like a very Faustian kind of literature.
  6. Nabarg

    The Decline of the West, by Oswald Spengler

    Thanks for the explanation, Marquis. The name magian makes it sound as if the origins where in Zoroastrian Persia, but Spengler thinks it was a offshoot of the appolonian? Was Persian civilization a totally different one?
  7. Nabarg

    The Decline of the West, by Oswald Spengler

    I get what you (or rather Spengler) mean by labeling the western civilization “faustian”. Could you, if it is not to bothersome, describe what characterized some of the others like the “appolonian”, “magian” and some more. I now this is not real historical science, but this kind of thing really stimulates the epic fantasy reader (maps and appendix) in me.
  8. Nabarg

    Bakker LVI: the Rectum of Creation

    But it was no ordinary novel, it was......