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  1. On 11/8/2018 at 4:52 PM, Lord Varys said:


    The word  ”conversion” does not always refer to the changing of the formal membership of a religion, but the change from a “worldly” to a religious life. This may be used more often among evangelical protestants, but catholics sometimes does it to; I have seen biographies of StFrancis and Ignatius of Loyola refer to their religious awakenings as “conversion”.

    “Democracy” may mean a lot of things. If it means that humanity is the source of ultimate authority, it is irreconcilable with the abrahamite religions (and also hinduism, cofusianism etc). If it just means that free elections is the best way to appoint public officials of various kinds there is no problem at all. If there is something in between, it may vary with religion and individual. 

  2. I get what you (or rather Spengler) mean by labeling the western civilization “faustian”. Could you, if it is not to bothersome, describe what characterized some of the others like the “appolonian”, “magian” and some more. I now this is not real historical science, but this kind of thing really stimulates the epic fantasy reader (maps and appendix) in me. 

  3. The Patriarchy was not restored after the October revolution, but simultaneously to it. After the February revolution, when the church got the tsar of its back, it began the process of restoring the Patriarchy. The Patriarch (a bishop from Alaska, by the way) was elected during October, possibly on the same days as Lenin’s putsch. When that Patriarch died in the twenties, the Bolsheviks denied an election of a new Patriarch. Stalin then brought Patriarchy back after being attacked by Germany, as a means of bolstering patriotism.