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  1. "Oh I am the last of the giants, my people are gone from the earth..."

  2. Carolinus

    Favorite POV Character

    Eddard was easily my favorite, in this book at least. I may be a bit bias since 'A Game Of Thrones' is the only book to feature chapters in his perspective, but I just love Ned. He is one of only about a handful of perfectly good, decent people in these books with no ulterior motives. It was interesting to see how his mind worked, and how at the end of the day all he wanted was to go back to Winterfell with his family. I mean, how sweet is that? It's a crying shame that he got swept up in all the political intrigue and mischief of King's Landing--Tyrion was right, it wasn't his kind of game. Oh Ned... :crying:
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