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  1. Northern_Star

    Unpopular Opinions?

    1.) Daenerys is not Daenerys Targaryen 2.) R+L ≠ J 3.) Littlefinger is a Faceless Men 4.) Jamie is the prince that was promised
  2. Northern_Star

    The Dayne Heir(ess)- Daenerys

    oh I see, Daynearis! So obvious! or maybe its"daynearys" So Arys must be the father...
  3. Northern_Star

    Beyond the wall implications?...?..!

    Well we had two wights in season 1... nothing happened.
  4. Northern_Star

    Beyond the wall implications?...?..!

    yes, I did mean who. Oh I cant remember that, was that season 6? The show is just too shallow on thus things. I could understand if the wights couldn't pass the wall, because they are more or less remote-controlled by the others. And the wall is like a giant signal blocker that they can't pass. Benjen on the other hand has his own free will, but he cant pass either. Simply saying its a different sort of magic doesnt really cut it for me
  5. Northern_Star

    Beyond the wall implications?...?..!

    Baeric and Benjen are identical in my opinion, we don't know how resurrected Benjen. He portraits still human traits as does Baeric but im pretty sure both of them eat nor sleep. (based on the book/ coldhands) The Zombie Rangers at Castle Black happens in the book ,too - they had been brought in tho.
  6. Northern_Star

    [Spoilers] EP705 Discussion

    That moment when Mormont went from Lord FriendZone to Lord Cockblock
  7. Northern_Star

    Beyond the wall implications?...?..!

    Well, ShowBenjen told Bran last season he wasn't able to pass the wall. Benjen has not been resurrected by "the others". Ithink they will have to address this - otherwise it'll look like a continuity issue.
  8. Northern_Star

    Beyond the wall implications?...?..!

    We know that undead cant pass the wall. The whights can't, Benjen can't - so how will Jon be able to come back south of the wall? He's undead himself. Will he be stuck or will the show ignore this " little" inconvenience? /discuss
  9. Northern_Star

    How would you rate episode 504?

    5/10 The Faith bit felt utterly rushed- All KL Scenes felt a bit out of place and unexplained as if we missed out on a lot of Information in between. (bumpy) I read the books and I think I would be confused if I had'nt. I think next was the scene with Danny looking down on Mereen - the backdrop looked to much like a painting and wasnt matching the lighting on Danny! (production just dropped it) CGI Scene with the Sandsnakes was't great either. What happened to the "Either do it right or dont do it" approach they used in the last 4 seasons? I hope they rework those for the Blue-ray! Stephen Dillane and Aidan Gillen saved this episode for me - Directing, cut, production and narrative have never been such a "let down" in 4 seasons.