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  1. what boggles my mind is that these sons of harpy have daggers in their hands and are able to kill so many unsullied who have armor, lances, short swords etc and are trained in killing.
  2. yeah def not a suggestion that hes a Targ... I Do think that the GhostCam was a little foreshadowing of Jons abilities to warg Ghost. I believe its the first weve seen through Ghosts eyes
  3. the most positive part of this episode was us getting our very first view through GHOSTS eyes! i believe this is the first GhostCam weve gotten right?
  4. i see what you are saying completely and im usually really very accepting with te TV show and overlook a lot...but i feel that by syaing "we got what we got" is not very fair since they knew what they were going to do with her for this season since they made the whole plan of "im saving my baby brother" of the season 3 finale...it felt really rushed...we didnt get any more info about the ironborn... they are lucky enough to get actors who dont complain about only beign in a few episodes and disappearing for a while (staying true to the books in that sense) but they do nothign with it... and like i said im usually very okay with what they do, but this is just yet another lazy mistep on their part...with the amount of screentime she got and is likely to get the rest of the season, we could of gotten more on balon and the iron islands and maybe found out about his death earlier on and introduce us a littlemore to the ironborn before next season (that is, if they will be adding balons brothres into the mix) I like the casting for yara, and i thinl alfie is doing great iwht theon, but i guess we will see if tye expand on what jus thappened...if they leave it at her just returnign to the iron islands and thats it, than i feel that was a big waste of time and not very realistic considering how far the iron isladns are from the dreadfort.
  5. i mean well see where it goes but she wasted a lot of time sailing, just to turn around and go home?my friends who havent even read were kinda like what the hell was that?
  6. i was really looking forward to the "yara" shit because i just accepted its gonna be different, let me just appreciate ashas fighting and the ironborn and the first couple seconds i was READY AS FUCK...but man was i disappointed...yara sows and doesnt fight really...and its really that easy to sneak into the dreadforts dungeons? and then run out of when you are backed into a CORNER?! cmaaaan
  7. MR92

    [Book Spoilers] EP404 Discussion

    nice! i mean im all about it!
  8. MR92

    [Book Spoilers] EP404 Discussion

    They might have their suspicions since i know Emilia (not sure if kit has) read the books...
  9. MR92

    [Book Spoilers] EP404 Discussion

    ^^^ you really think Kit and Emilia know anything? besides how many seasons they are signed on for and their ADWD material? idk about this one.