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  1. I have a sort of hollow feeling inside now. This season just ended way too upbeat for my liking. We know Jon is the kid of L+J, now, Dany is finally on her way, Arya's home and may meet Melisandre as Mel predicted in season three, Cersei has fulfilled her destiny and all it took was the death of all of her kids, Jaime finally sees his sister for what she is, Tyrion is actually right where he needs to be. All the pieces are in tact. Too perfectly for my liking. Where is the curveball D+D? It was, however, a great episode for fans of the show. I haven't visited the criticism thread and I won't. They're undoubtedly tearing GRRM to shreds for allowing the show to spoil the book's greatest mystery...
  2. So, not me of you cold hearted bastards are sobbing for Pycelle?
  3. Mayhaps they should have spelled it for you in crayon.
  4. I was trying to find the words and then you came along. "Almost orgasmic experience" is so accurate it hurts.
  5. Got to go to bed. Just have to say that Kit's performance was phenomenal.
  6. Honestly, when the show does something I like, I need to just avoid these forums, completely. Suddenly everyone's a Medieval battle commander... :/
  7. Nothing to add, but I just explained this exact same thing to my buddy.
  8. Battle of the Bastards has a new meaning: Sansa may be pregnant? (I don't see how after her jump from Winterfell)
  9. I'm sorry, book purist, but I find almost nothing to complain about. This was amazing television. Even Sansa didn't annoy me. It makes up solidly for the past two episodes. Jon's emotions just pierced my insides.
  10. This! It was great television. The emotions at watching Rickon, Dany wasn't cheesy, Jon was amazing as always, and Tormund lives! Everything was in sync and it was very impressive to FINALLY see the Knights of the Vale.
  11. Yep. And I wonder if Robert Strong will end up killing Jaime so that they can get their poetic arrive together/die together scene. If not, I don't have the slightest clue what they are going to do with Jaime. Another alternative is that he turns his army north. He'd be more useful there, I would think.
  12. The simply best description of the season, so far. I must say, I place my "casual watcher" ears on for the show, and the books are basically nonexistent (until I get a line/scene from them that give me a little jolt) while watching. It's not exactly bad television, though. The story is interesting enough to make up for off timing and mediocre writing.
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