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  1. Well, Stannis doesn't think he has to justify himself to anyone, because he is the rightful king. With that mindset, converting to R'hollor makes perfect sense: Mel promises power and actually delivers. Not always what she promises, but she does, to him, seem to know important things before they happen, giving him an important advantage over everything else. Also, I've always felt that Stannis is an atheist, probably because of how he had to see his parents ship sink, so renouncing the Seven doesn't actually hurt him personally in any way. Because what other people, both the nobility and the smallfolk, think actually is important if you want to be king, forcing people to convert and burning religious statues kind of dooms his dream of kingship. There's no way the Faith would accept Stannis, and DWD kind of proves how important they are. And Stannis' enemies are already all to happy to use it against him. So, essentially, from Stannis' perspective it makes perfect sense, from our perspective we can see that it's hurting his cause significantly, probably even fatally.