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  1. Are you referring to show euron? Because book euron is as sick as it gets.
  2. Oh god it did...they do love those dragons don't they?
  3. Sooo uhhm Jamie and cersei are just going to be together forever from the looks of it. As much as I try to separate books from show...I just can't get with this version of Jamie.
  4. Question! Didn't the actor who plays Ramsay say that he had an ambiguous ending this season? Unless I missed or forgot something in the finale was his ending this season really that ambiguous?
  5. you know I just realized that whole candle thing was for nothing, theons whole moment of redemption felt forced and rushed.
  6. "I've been worrying about Jon for years...don't worry he always comes back"
  7. I must admit I apologize to you guys. When you guys kept theorizing that brienne would kill stannis I was all like "pssh! Are you guys crazy!?! They probably won't even meet on screen!" And yet here we are.
  8. Hahahaha!!! Man this is getting better and better so many dreams,theories and speculations being shattered with each scene...I'm actually crying a bit.
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