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  1. Councillor

    How would you rate episode 501?

    7/10. Not an excellent episode, but still a good season opening.
  2. Councillor

    [Book Spoilers] EP501 Discussion

    I've finally managed to watch the season opener - here are some thoughts: + The opening scene with Young Cersei was pretty well done; the flashback was a nice way to introduce as to Cersei's childhood. The casting of Nell Williams was excellent; the entire scene had me excited. + Nice scenes with Tyrion and Varys. Those two are definitely a pairing with an interesting dynamic. I had to love out loud at Tyrion's "I killed my father with a crossbow" and then Varys' answer: "I never said you were perfect". By the way, I love that Pentos setting. + I liked the bed scene of Daario and Daenerys (although I still don't understand what it is she likes about Daario apart from his body :D) and the background information about Daario. He's right about his comment that Dany can't be a dragon queen with no dragons. Emilia Clarke's acting worked fine for me; the frightening confrontation with her dragons was intriguing. Magnificient inclusion of Viserion and Rhaegal; it's always a delight to see the dragons. ~ Everything about the Wall was okay. Not good, not bad - not really involving, I felt. Mance's fear was consistent; it added a lot of credibility to his character. So, I suppose we won't see Mance/Rattleshirt? ~ The following scenes surrounding the plots in King's Landing were not as captivating as the introduction, but still good stuff. The Jaime/Cersei scene was nice, and I liked to see Kevan and Lancel again. Good decision to include a conversation between Loras and Margaery; they definitely deserve some attention as brother and sister. - How often will we still have to see Lorasex-scenes? I can't stand that Olyvar. The rest of the scene (Loras' and Margaery's dialogue) was cool, though. - Grey Worm and Missandei seem to be pointless, although I like Nathalie Emmanuel's acting. Her scene with Grey Worm seemed boring nevertheless. - I didn't get the point of those Pod/Brienne and Sansa/Littlefinger scenes at all. Filler scenes, in my opinion, and definitely nothing that will stay in my mind. Good season opener, but I hope the next episode will be more interesting with the introduction of Dorne and the House of Black and White.
  3. Councillor

    How have you started reading the aSoIaF books?

    I remember receiving the first book for christmas 2012, I think, when I didn't even know that a tv show called "Game of Thrones" existed *shame upon me*. I've started to read it then, but the first chapter annoyed me so much that I actually put the book away for some months, fearing that I'd have to fight through those pages. Then, in April 2013, I started a new attempt to read it, and was soon fascinated by the story's complexity. And so I soon read the whole series. :)
  4. Councillor

    Favorite POV Character

    Just for AGOT, my list of POV favorites would look like this: 1. Tyrion (do I need to explain this?) 2. Catelyn (her motivations and actions were pretty cool, and I always loved her chapters - especially as she reunites with Robb and witnesses his actions leading up to becoming the King of the North) 3. Eddard (we had some cool insight into the political aspects of Westeros, and we saw a lot of interesting characters in King's Landing through his eyes. Though, I grew tired of Eddard having so many chapters - but I later realized that I actually missed him after his death, LOL) 4. Arya (she's just awesome, but only started to become my favorite character after Tyrion in ACOK) 5. Daenerys (the Dothraki storyline had very interesting scenes and a huge climax, but I had some problems to like her character and understand her motivations. I'm going to start my ASOIAF reread soon, so I might be able to change my opinion of her, but in general, I had less difficulties to like her in later books) 6. Bran (It's not that he doesn't deserve a better ranking, since I really liked his last chapter with this awesome conversation with Maester Luwin as well as Osha's introduction, but the storyline didn't interest me quite as much as the aforementioned did) 7. Sansa (in the beginning, she was just the beautiful little princess dreaming of knights and princes and lemoncakes, but after Eddard's death, I started to feel for her soo much, especially the scene in which Joffrey presented Eddard's head to her was great and included powerful writing) 8. Jon (my least favorite POV character in the very beginning, which has changed in ACOK, although I still can't like him, IMO the stereotypical hero. The story about his training in the Night's Watch did not raise my interest as good as the other stories, but I started to like it after Ghost found the ranger's hand - "it", not "him")
  5. Councillor

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Hi everybody, I just want to say "Thank you" to all those who edit the Awoiaf-Wiki and who keep it alive. It's so wonderful to read all those interesting articles with some aspects I never knew before. Great job! :thumbsup:
  6. Councillor

    Favorite POV Character

    My favorite chapters had always been those of Dany's POV, because they were so fascinating and because she was written in such a great way that I felt unable to dislike any sentence of her chapters. Well, my favourite chapter of Dany's was the last one - I don't have to explain, have I? :) - but they were all great, an own little story in a big saga. I also liked Eddard's chapters, but more because of the people around him (Varys, Littlefinger, Cersei, ...) and not because of himself. He had so many chapters that I began to be bugged by his ... well, is over-presence the right word? At the beginning of the second half of the book I would say it is the right word. Catelyn and Tyrion had chapters I really enjoyed and I also liked all those characters around them and their great stories. Also, I liked Arya's, Sansa's and Bran's chapters, while I sometimes felt kind of ennoyed by Jon's chapters, which changed in the second half where I liked the story of the NW more than at the beginning, but Jon isn't my favourite character and won't be anyway. ;) Did I forget anyone? I don't think so.