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  1. Or sometimes I find myself reading other news articles and because they sound so unbelievable that I think the Betoota haven't written them in secret, but they haven't and the conventuals press has just gone mad!
  2. Is it just me or is The Betoota Advocate getting more and more on point with reality these days? I mean it's meant to be satirical but it rings so true.
  3. This a fucking pisser! Anyone here a big fan of The Betoota Advocate?
  4. I refer you to this splendid clip of Changing Gears with Bob Katter
  5. The one and only, in the flesh!
  6. More concerned with Magpies.
  7. I pity the fool.... er, wait a minute: I am a fool.

  8. Hey, I am your friend!

  9. Why the hell aren't you on chat?

  10. Lurking around my page ey? =P

  11. Hey thare, just wondering whats the go with all the semi naked avatars people seem to be sporting nowdays? =P