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  1. Panther2000

    Daenerys and Jon are over

    I agree, I can see at the end of the day ( if he Lives) that he goes back North and Lives with the Free Folk. & Ghost shows up. That would make a great ending.
  2. Panther2000

    Samwell Tarly stole the spotlight.

    That is right, she is just reading words not knowing the meaning at all. It was Sam & Bran who truly uncovered it's true meaning.
  3. Panther2000

    Cersei using Euron as a cover?

    I too think that she is going for the Rope a Dope for the 2nd time. Thing is that she is going to try to kill off Jamie & have the Mountain kill off Euron. Thing is though, the baby won't make it to be born & Cersei won't live to deliver it.
  4. Panther2000

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 801?

    I say that this was a really good episode. But it is just setting the table. I don't think that there will be any fillers come this season( There better not be) My # is an 7.5 or 8 the most
  5. Panther2000

    Samwell Tarly stole the spotlight.

    I have to agree, I was giving her the benefit of the doubt. She has a Major Ego problem. Thing is that it wasn't suppose to be her that was queen. It should have been the brother that she had killed( he did deserve it though). I think that was another reason why her son died. Killing off her own family.
  6. Panther2000

    Samwell Tarly stole the spotlight.

    I have to agree, he was amazing he had the performance of the night. Dani walked into the room. He was so happy to see her & supportive of her and her rule. He asked her what could he do to serve her. When she told him about his father. Sam was sad about it( even though his father was an ass) he was going to let it ride but, she stated that his brother was also put to death. That was enough for him. But, he did not disrespect her, he cried & asked for her leave. Loved how he went straight to Bran once he saw him. He did steal the show with his performance. I bet Dani wish that she listen to Tyron now, from last season in regards to the them. They could have been jailed or something. She lost a Big supporter & a person that can Turn Jon's head.
  7. Panther2000

    [Spoilers] EP703 Discussion

    I just wonder what is up with Bran? He has become emotionless, almost robotic like. During episode 1 I just thought that he was way tired but, now it just seems to be getting worse. I don't know if it has to do with all that greenseeing all at once. Maybe, he is just becoming overloading & something has to give. Though, he said that he has to put the pieces together. But 1 thing he does know, is that he has to talk to Jon. Littlefinger cracked me up, he was trying to block the other men from getting to close to sansa. Kind of reminded me when In the Small Council in KL, Varys & Littlfinger rushing to sit next to Twyin & Tyrion pulling the chair away to sit as far away as possible. Littlefinger did not like it that the Meaister(sp) was going to go through Luin's Scroll. The look that he gave him, the new meaister is not safe at all. I really liked the show but, this season so far feels like a set up to next season. Just putting all the pieces in place.
  8. Panther2000

    How would you rate episode 701?

    I really liked this episode. It was very good for an opener. 8/10. Not perfect but worth the wait that we had.
  9. I gave it a 9. I think that Battle of The Bastards was better, not by much but better. The jumping from here to there takes me out of it. But, being that the cast is getting smaller(somewhat) & locations are done ( on Show). We can focuse on the bigger picture & storyline. Winter is finally here, it only took 6 season. The only down point for me was Arya, The Red Wedding was 3 years ago, & too far removed. It didn't not have the same punch that it could have had 2 seasons ago. Oh well, I guess Walder Frey can now devote his time to killing vampires. Thank God, TOJ was put to rest. only thing is that Well, This Lyanna did not look like this great Beauty that Rhaegar who start a war over( a silly point I know but whateves). Great season, with a few bumps in the road. I hope that is all for Dario 2.0 & Mareen, I don't want to see or hear about them again.
  10. Panther2000

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 508?

    I gave it a 9/10*. It was so far the best of the season. And that was due to the past 30 mins. The attack on Hard Home was amazing, and made the rest of the episode kind of forgettable. Love tyrion but, I am so over dani right about now. I don't know if it is the actress or how she is being written( some of both). Cersei ( or as Phil the Issue guy calls her THRISTY CERSEI :drool:) Loved her licking up water from the floor. How have the Mighty have fallen. :bowdown:
  11. Panther2000

    [No Spoilers] EP501 Discussion

    I loved the show. I thought that it was a great jumping off point. I could help but laugh at poor Robin, I guess milk doesn't do a body good. What a Spaz. That actor did a real good job. As for Maggie the Frog. Eh, does it really matter that she did not look like maybe, 1 of the children of the Forest or something of that ilk. I do believe that the rest if the flash back will play out later during the season. I won't be doing any spoilers in the review. However, I LOVED how the show ended. this will really set the stage for the Wall. I will say this though. Mance was dead no matter what. He is a brother who broke all of his vows, there was no way that the Knights Watch was going to let that go, Stannis or no Stannis, King or no King. He would have to pay one way or another. Then there was Mel( if the Knights Watch did not get a hold of him), & that is all I will say on Mel. Poor Brienne & Pod, they can't catch a break. Always a bridesmaid, never a Bride. Love to see how Dani( Also, Iike Cersei) isn't as smart as she thinks she is. & Another stupid move by her was leaving the dragons again, she should have stayed until they calmed down. Did she really think that they wouldn't be pissed off. But, what does she do, RUNWAY. Anyways, Loved the show, CHANGES & ALL. :cheers:. A lot of Fat needs to be trimmed & we still have 2 thousand page books to go & only 2 seasons left. D&D have stated many times, they know the end game. They are just going to be taking a shorter route, to make sure that everyone who is invited to the Party at the end of All Things, Is there. We will still have the books. :drool:
  12. I gave it a 9. when actually it should have been a 8 or maybe, 8.5. The thing that brought it down for me was the Greyworm & Misandei/ Misandei & Dani stuff. They could have used those few min toward the Battle. I hate to say this, but Dani has been getting on my nerves sense season half way through season 2 ( same for the books). Both her acting & her character period. I just think that her story doesn't translate well from book to screen ( same can be said for Bran, though bran's story is still much better) Everything else I think was good. The wall was the build up toward next week.
  13. Panther2000

    How would you rate episode 405?

    I gave it a 8, pretty solid episode. It had a bit of everything, Action, Character bldg., & lots of foundation laying for the rest of the season. I do wish that we were able to see the Wolf brother's ( Ghost & Summer) reunion. That would have been nice, they hadn't see each other since they were puppies.. I can't believe that we 5 shows away from waiting another year this show to come back. They really need to up the budget & season for this show. Hell, other shows who don't have the Ratings of GOT or the acclaim get longer seasons.
  14. Panther2000

    How would you rate episode 404?

    I love picking Books, Movies & TV shows apart ( that is just me) however, I don't have strokes when things are different from book to Movies/TV. Just as long that the changes aren't too far off the mark. I do like it when changes are make, because then it gives me another version other than the 1 I already know. Something else to think about. Thinking OUTSIDE of the Box is always good. If people are upset about the few changes in the show ( laughs) just wait for the next few seasons. I see a lot of stuff being omitted ( do to DRAG) from the book. This series has way too much info for a 10 shows , 1 hour episodes series each year. Frankly with all the ratings & such that this show brings, I think that they should get a Much bigger budget & the show expanded to 1.5 or dare I say 2 hour show. We do after all get cheated a few min at the start & end of the show. I can't believe it we are almost at the half way point already. DAMN.
  15. Panther2000

    How would you rate episode 404?

    I to love the new arc with Bran & Jon, kind of a play on the Araya almost getting to her mother & brother from last season. I think that also with Bran growing so fast they only have but so much more time with this actor. Remember, hordor is suppose to be carrying bran around on his back in a basket. This kid just shot up over the past 2 years. they have about 3/4 ( maybe) seasons left to this series. He will outgrow this part for sure. Unless GRRM jumps ahead a few years. I have a feeling with Araya they may do the samething ( though I don't see Massie outgrowing her part, she seems on the short side). However, I can see them dumping a lot of her story line also. They may hit on the boat ride here & there. I think depending if WOW is out yet or not, they may just hit on a few key spots & then proceed to the bigger story of the book( meeting up with Sam, etc....)