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  1. Theon/Lady Dustin's descent into Winterfell crypts, wasnt just dialogue, but fit an empty hole with plot.   It's stated that a Barrow King of old, warred with the Starks. The Stark's won, and to maintain compliance and peace, The Barrow King awarded his daughter to them. I'd theorize, Brandon The Breaker won this prize.   Lady Dustin explains to Theon, that she had a thing for Eddard's brother, Brandon Stark.   The idea is, the Barrow King's daughter was a Dustin. Lady Dustin of old, daughter of a barrow king, could inherit the monicker (like Sansa=wolf queen; Daenerys=dragon queen, etc) Corpse Queen.   A Dustin, fell for a Brandon, and things go awry (both timelines). There's also a missing sword in both (Ice, in aeons past, and one of the iron blades of the now)
  2. Due to the sheer ridiculousness of it all, unfortunately I am exiling myself to just lurking, without posting. I guess I am quite literally, just a ghost. PM me if any wish to speak.

  3. Have a great GoT opening weekend guys! May take an extended hiatus for awhile.

  4. ...shed this skin...

    1. Ser Cold Fingers

      Ser Cold Fingers

      Only on a 12" 33-1/3 LP

  6. WOW really? thats creepy. and willas is currently training under bloodraven
  7. shes accounted for though, she went whereever whores go. i cant believe Sandor wasnt added to the OP though, or Jojen.
  8. 13th Lord Commander. Exiled and never heard from again (yet) ;)
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