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  1. Boarsbane

    They should have taken Rhaegar captive

    No, Robert was right to kill him, his mistake was he didn't wipe out the Targaryens entirely.
  2. Boarsbane

    Did Edmure save Robb's Life?

    Do they have magical direwolves to help them search?
  3. Boarsbane

    Viserys and daenerys captured

    Send them to Tywin as wards where they can have some unfortunate "accidents".
  4. Neither would of been particularly happy or love each other, but if they managed to have children I think they could of found happiness in those and so the marriage could work with Cersei and Baelish at a distance.
  5. Boarsbane

    What if renly killed in king landing

    Baelish goes to Highgarden and negotiates a marriage to Joffrey, or Tommen if need be. The Lannisters and the Tyrells both have reason to not want Stannis on the throne so the alliance is still likely, Loras wouldn't like it but Mace wants his daughter a queen. Stannis will probably attack KL sooner, but Tyrion will still have time to prepare, Renly will not have gathered the Stormlands army already so it will take Stannis however long to gather who he can, and I'm not entirely sure how many would be willing to initilly rebel for him as opposed to Renly. In the actual timeline Stannis is fortunate that Renly already made his bannermen traitors to the crown so they were more amenable to Stannis, in this scenario they would be rebelling for Stannis to begin with and I don't think they all would.
  6. Boarsbane

    Did Edmure save Robb's Life?

    It's not worth the risk, a larger army is coming and it's actually trained and mobile, perhaps Tywin wanted the 4k to join his host, no way of being sure if Daven could of ordered them to join him or not. Daven also had to consider the possibility that if he left Lannisport to chase Robb and his men they would be vulnerable to the Ironborn, whose heir is a good friend of Robb. If it were Jaime or someone like him I have no doubt he'd of tried to chase down Karstark no matter the risk but Daven isn't characterized as reckless and driven by emotion from what I remember.
  7. Boarsbane

    Did Edmure save Robb's Life?

    And that's why he I said maybe he could escape but the odds are against him. He's facing a seasoned commander who knows the lands better and has a larger army than him, he even has more cavalry and he has people all over the region that are no friend to Robb that will grow much bolder with Tywin back in the West. And I have a hard time believing someone who is portrayed as intelligent and competent like Daven would march out of Lannisport, if his men can even march yet, with an untrained army to hunt down Rickard Karstark or anyone for that matter. Stop with the strawman about the Lannisters knowing every inch of the Westerlands, I never said that. The Westerlands is their home though so if you think that doesn't give them some sort of advantage over a foreigner I really don't know what else to say. In Daven's case not enough an advantage because he doesn't have enough men and they are of low quality and since he has a brain he isn't going to try and chase anyone down with him despite his superior knowledge of the land.
  8. Boarsbane

    What would Robb do if Ned took the Black?

    They aren't going to just take Ned's word and risk him doing exactly what you suggested in your previous post. The Lannister's have the leverage, Ned does what they want or Sansa suffers. We already know Ned will do whatever is demanded to protect her in the end. Because the truth is Joffrey is insane enough to kill her. If he were dealing with someone like Tywin, he could try to appeal to his senses or threaten him with the threat of Robb's armies, but that won't work on someone like Joff, he can't be reasoned with so Ned has to do as they say, there is no negotiations or reasoning. Maybe they can come to an agreement to release her after Ned has actually sworn his oath at the Watch and Robb has gone home, because knowing him and the oath he would not get involved anymore. Ned cares more about his children's safety than who sits the Iron Throne, he will order Robb and his army to go home, the Riverlands will either back down or be crushed by Tywin, and Sansa will likely remain a hostage until the war is over and the victor decides what to do with her.
  9. Boarsbane

    Did Edmure save Robb's Life?

    Daven's men are mostly piss poor quality and I'm sure everyone is leary of a trap. Maybe Daven could corner and kill one of Robb's smaller groups, but I highly doubt it and it wouldn't be worth the risk of possibly getting trapped outside of safe city walls and unlike Stafford, Daven is no fool. How many miles a day do you think they'll march, and are you really going to trust them to set and ambush? There are probably enough men spilt between all the castles garrisons to handle Robb and Blackfish but they are off limits, Daven's men aren't trained so again they aren't really worth even considering and so we are left with the 4k men at the Golden Tooth. Daven's men and the garrisons would be last resorts, Tywin's army is still very much intact and coming back West. It makes no sense for anyone but Tywin to try and deal with them. His is the only force large and mobile enough to trap and defeat Robb and acting like if it were possible to trap Robb then a bunch of untrained levies and Prester's 4k would of done it makes little sense to me. I didn't say it would be easy for just anyone to trap him, I said it would be very possible for Tywin Lannister and his army to do so, the army nearly 20k strong, made up of actual soldiers and with more cavalry than Robb, and with a commander who has moved armies with more speed and precision than anyone we have seen in the series, see his invasion of the Riverlands, the Reynes of Castamere, and how fast he reached King's Landing. Maybe Robb could of escaped him if Tywin returned to the Westerlands, but the odds would not be in his favor.
  10. Boarsbane

    What would Robb do if Ned took the Black?

    So long as Tywin is present to keep Joffrey in check it would probably be safe enough
  11. Boarsbane

    Did Edmure save Robb's Life?

    It would be idiotic to leave the castles undefended unless it's a last resort, most of Daven's survivors aren't even trained yet probably so that basically leaves the 4k under Prester that could be relied on and used and they would be outnumbered. Tywin has the best men and the most cavalry with him and his subordinates have let him down and got thousands of his men killed, he's not going to leave it to Daven to deal with Robb, he knows if he wants him dealt with he will have to personally do it, until the tides shift at Blackwater anyways.
  12. Boarsbane

    What would Robb do if Ned took the Black?

    He could do all those things but it wouldn't go over very well for poor Sansa, though maybe he's willing to sacrifice her to spite the Lannisters.
  13. Boarsbane

    Did Edmure save Robb's Life?

    Looking at the Westerlands map it would be very possible for Tywin to outmanuver and trap Robb, and we know Tywin can and has moved with some speed before. If he is communicating with his bannermen or whoever is in charge of their castles, they tell him where Robb is and his direction, they send some men to harass his rear and maybe slow him down, and Tywin and his commanders could possibly be able to predict his movements and corner him. All it would take is one mistake traveling in a land they barely know and Tywin has him a king. The bigger question is would Tywin kill him immediately or use him to leverage a peace and free Jaime.
  14. Boarsbane

    What would Robb do if Ned took the Black?

    Tywin would probably ease off the Riverlands and focus on Stannis and Renly. His entire purpose in having Gregor raid the Riverlands to start with is to draw Ned out so he can capture him and use him to make peace with the North and Riverlands. He says he always considered Stannis the biggest threat so he certainly wouldn't want to continue a war with Riverlands, Edmure might want to keep fighting for prides sake but Tywin and Jaime were pretty handily crushing him before Northern intervention so he might have to accept peace. Gregor isn' worth going to war over.
  15. Boarsbane

    All Men Must Die But Randyll's Death Is Very Close

    Mace doesn't need to be exposed, it's pretty clear everyone knows he is just stealing Randyll's glory from beating Robert. As far as Rolland, he's probably dead. He doesn't seem like a man who would surrender and Loras isn't the most reasonable or merciful man when he is angry and battle might well have the same effect on him, especially given the wounds he was fighting through.