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  1. It's something from his West Ham days. Perhaps a player's physical condition is fair game as far as criticism goes, but it would be difficult to argue the same for a manager.
  2. Vardy really makes the difference against the bigger boys, so it may hurt them a bit there, but yeah, Leicester have other avenues to explore.
  3. We've only won one of our games against the bottom 6, so it's not like things can get that much worse playing against teams that are in form!
  4. Yeah, the crossing is an issue. It works when we're playing teams who play higher up the pitch as there's space to put the ball into, but against buses we're wasting our time. Part of the problem there lies with Klopp, who has instilled a tactical over-reliance of TAA and Robertson. TAA started looking to cut inside more a bit yesterday, and was playing more hard, low balls into the box, which is probably going to be a bit more effective in those situations, but still, we shouldn't be placing so much of the blame on those two. We need our forwards to actually do something; beat a man, create a yard or two to get off a shot (that doesn't piddle straight to the keeper!) I'm worried that this won't get any better until Jota returns. He's still probably a month away, and we'll be midtable by then. Getting a stop-gap defender would just end up bloating the squad, and we're already pretty much at our limit for non-English players. While it would be nice to get someone, anyone, I don't think it's going to happen. Our recruitment tends to be either obvious upgrades or bargains, and I'm not sure there's much of either available at the moment.
  5. Our pressing game makes very little difference in games where we have 80% possession. What are we going to do, press ourselves? That wasn't the issue last night. It absolutely is an issue against teams who have more of the ball, but still, if the only way we can score is through counter attacks after turnovers, we have big problems. Baxus,You're right that our 4th centre back doesn't need to be a world beater, but really that guy should be Matip as he's so injury prone. We need our new guy to be good enough to stay in the starting XI.
  6. Yep, the problem for now is at the top end. All of our forwards are in poor form. Salah couldn't beat a man if his life depended on it, Mane is fine on the ball but can't pass or shoot accurately, and Firmino is useless at everything and has been for the best part of two years. My biggest issue with tonight is that Firmino wasn't dropped, he was fucking rested. He could score ten own goals in a game (he probably couldn't even score one if Alisson stepped aside, but let's pretend), and Klopp would still happily leave him on the pitch. He needs to be dropped down to the second tier of the squad with Origi and Milner. Let him play domestic cup games until we're out, and then move him on in the summer.
  7. They're waiting until the summer it seems. Hopefully whoever we get is worth the wait.
  8. Shaqiri's been awful in the second half, sending every ball ten yards further than it needs to go.
  9. And Firmino fucks up another chance, but Klopp will never fucking learn.
  10. Eating worms doesn't make you hard, just daft. It looks like Firmino is coming on, so we must be settling for a point.
  11. Do you think that saying that Klopp messes up sometimes is the same as wanting him to be replaced?
  12. TAA wasn't at fault for the freekick - the routine was awful. The defenders were visibly anticipating the pass, and it was heavy when it came. He had no time to get the shot off. Ox has had a few decent moments, and a few meh ones, but he's not our worst midfielder; that will forever be Wijnaldum in games like these, where he stutters, hesitates, stutters some more, then passes backwards, every fucking time he gets the ball. If we keep trying to break through with quick passing along the ground, we might have a chance.
  13. The biggest problem with Origi is that he's useless on the ball. He's only good running onto things where he only has one option (and not always then either, sigh), and this isn't really going to be that type of game.
  14. Burnley tonight, and I can very easily see us not scoring again. Hopefully we drop Firmino and give Minamino another game alongside Salah and Mane. I'd even take Ox as a false 9 - at least he can strike the ball properly.
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