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  1. I'll be out watching the match with friends later, so I better get my complaining in now- As much as I would love us to win, I'm not all that hopeful. We haven't really played well in any of our games against big sides this season, we're only getting about 1 shot in 20 on target at the moment, and Salah has been fully shit for pretty much the whole of 2022. And on Real's side, Benzema is in the form of his career. If we do somehow manage to win, I expect it'll go the same way as the other finals- stress, more stress, and then penalties (stress^3). I'm going to have to drink a lot. Oh, and in case he comes on at some point, could someone post this for me after he whiffs a chance: 'Firmino is fucking shite. He shoots like someone passing a football to their toddler.' Thanks.
  2. Jibaro looks spectacular, and it doesn't even bear thinking about the amount of work that went into it. Mielgo is one of a kind. My disappointment with it was it felt like it was the story serving the animation, rather than the animation serving the story. I assume he's given free-reign to do what he wants in LD&R, but I'd love to see him work on something given to him, rather than building something from scratch to serve a particular purpose.
  3. I liked some of them, especially Bad Travelling, Night of the Mini Dead, and Mason's Rats, thought some were decent, and didn't enjoy Kill Team Kill at all. The Mielgo one looked amazing, as expected, but I didn't really enjoy him channeling his inner Paul Greengrass to that degree, and the story was crap.
  4. I've no doubt that VVD will start next week. Salah too, unfortunately. Hopefully Fabinho is back, but it doesn't look good for Thiago. There's way too much of a drop in quality after our main three midfielders. Keita is bang average most of the time, and Jones and Elliott aren't even close to being at the level we need (though Elliott has time on his side.)
  5. At least we didn't fuck up and lose the title on goal difference. I'm really not all that hopeful for the Champions League final. Too many of our players out of form, and Real have players who can actually get their shots on target.
  6. And hopefully he does, but it's been a good few months since he was genuinely good. Extremely worrying given our next game is quite a big one. Firmino got an assist too, but he's been terrible outside of that one touch.
  7. Salah getting a tap-in doesn't change the fact that he's been terrible.
  8. City have won it, so at least we won't have lost it by being utterly shit. Salah and Firmino have come on and made us miles worse.
  9. Don't worry, everything will be okay now - we've brought Firmino on to kill chances and piddle shots straight at the keeper.
  10. Nope, he's still fucking shit.
  11. Yeah, even if we fuck this up, at least it looks like Burnley are going down.
  12. It would be really nice if Salah remembered how to be good at football today.
  13. Diabolical finishing is going to be the end of us. So many shots and nothing going anywhere near the actual goal.
  14. Thiago injured now. We're fucked for next week.
  15. Anyone would think that Gerrard did nothing in his playing career except for that slip. He won Liverpool a huge number of big games, and finals, almost single-handedly. Liverpool are going to get absolutely battered next week. The final is probably going to end up being embarrassing.
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