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  1. Haha, Spurs are going to get hammered and keep Steve Bruce in his job, aren't they?
  2. Solid advice for any potatoers out there. Don't be caught short.
  3. If you eat 5kg of potatoes a day, you'll be done with them in just 2 days and ready for a sack of something else!
  4. He’s been fucking dreadful. Two goals, sure, but both tap-ins that anyone could have scored.
  5. Jermaine Jenas is such a cretin. To hear him talk, Ranieri should have turned Watford into a team looking to beat us by now.
  6. Firmino has been utterly gash yet again. We should probably only be using him in the domestic cups at this point.
  7. A good start to the match from Liverpool. Salah looking very lively.
  8. Kelleher in goal and Milner/Keita in midfield. Watford might have a new manager, but if we can't beat them today we really have no business being in the top four.
  9. Sure, but while he might prefer more money, I don't think he'll suffer for lack of it. And agreed that they handled things poorly in the summer, but I'm not sure there was a good way to handle it. The contract length was the big mistake, and after that, good luck getting Levy to budge. I don't think City lost interest - from what I've read, City started with a low initial bid, and Spurs refused to respond at all.
  10. There really wouldn't have been. They're almost unheard of in the English game, and Kane was clearly very happy at Spurs when he signed the contract, hence the six years. It's the six years bit that's silly, and for all we know his brother/advisors could have cautioned against that at the time. And let's not pretend that Kane or his family will ever want for money, so that's a non-factor. He could earn more, sure, but does he need to? No.
  11. What do you think an agent would have done there? Other than perhaps suggest to Kane that a shorter contract might be in order (to a life-long Spurs fan), what else could they have done? It's easy to look at these things when everything is going wrong, but I'm sure it seemed like a good idea at the time (and still is, as far as his bank account is concerned.)
  12. He's probably been daydreaming about winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Wally.
  13. I've had 16 eye injections so far. They're really not as bad as you'd think. I might not be as tough as your nanna, but I reckon I could at least last a couple of rounds with her.
  14. If you really want to do things properly, the rawest milk is grass.
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