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  1. Harry Kane is really great and everything, but Shearer was just insane, a whole different level in terms of resilience and consistency.
  2. Robbie Fowler at least won a few bits with Liverpool though. Crazy to think how many goals he would have scored if not for all of his injuries, given that he was half goosed by the time he was 23.
  3. What happens if no one renews Scotland and it expires? Hopefully one of the Prince-style text and number parties can save the day!
  4. We really should go in for Lamptey in the summer, and move TAA into the midfield.
  5. Henderson is a huge upgrade over Wijnaldum and Milner, but as much as anything what's hurt us this season is our forwards who, Jota aside, really haven't been all that great. Even Salah, who's still at least scoring, has been pretty poor outside of the box this season.
  6. Oh well. Play hopeless wallies up front and marvel as they don't score! TAA has been head and shoulders above everyone else on the pitch, and there have been some other decent performances too, but it's all for nothing if we don't take our chances.
  7. I think Fabinho is just playing in defence. At least our hoofed long balls have a better chance of being accurate now, I guess.
  8. I've noticed that more and more often lately, when we've been really pushing for a goal, TAA has been going a lot more central. I assume that's under instruction.
  9. Firmino has done nothing but fuck up passes, I doubt it has anything to do with him. We're motivated, we need to win, but we've left our most consistent scorer on the fucking bench. We could play for 900 minutes and not score. Klopp will wait until Real score and our momentum has gone, then make changes too late to make a difference.
  10. The number of times we pass it around cautiously just for fucking Nat Phillips to brainlessly pump it forward and concede possession is infuriating.
  11. A truly atrocious miss from Salah to start the game, fucking hell.
  12. FFS. I would be absolutely fine if we let Klopp go in the summer. We've gone completely to shit and he isn't helping with his idiotic loyalty toward players he likes.
  13. I wonder if Klopp is going to sabotage what little chance we have by playing Firmino?
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