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  1. Ran seems to be leaping to the defence of Elon Musk quite a lot recently. What are the policies on this board with regard to antisemitism and general hate speech? Do they align with X's?
  2. £45m or whatever is still bloody expensive! Caicedo is fucking gash, of course. £115m and all he does is assist the opposition.
  3. Is the penalty claim people are talking about the Hojlund one? Penalty for me. It didn't look like much from the first angle, but from the other side you can see that Gabriel basically rugby tackles him.
  4. The Saudis have to know this by now. this is just sillyarse posturing.
  5. And whose best position is the same position Sterling plays...
  6. Our best forward line is Diaz Jota/Gakpo Nunez.
  7. He still gets pretty solid numbers, but if you look at his highlight reel from his first couple of years at Liverpool, he's not half the player he was.
  8. Terrible luck for the defender, but great finish from Nunez.
  9. Salah is fucking shite. We should just sell him and play Doak. He won't be any worse.
  10. Yep, Diaz is our most in-form attacker. No idea what Klopp was thinking there.
  11. Mac Allister is great off the ball, but pretty hopeless on it. Truly, we have finally replaced Wijnaldum.
  12. That was awful, true, but his yellow came off the back of a blatant Gordon foul that the referee chose to ignore.
  13. That yellow is an absolute joke. And of course, he almost gets a second moments later. Clownshoe refereeing yet again. Given Mike Dean's comments the other day, perhaps it would be better to just get rid of everyone and start again.
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