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  1. Finished this a few days ago, and absolutely loved it. I took perhaps 11 hours all told, taking my time and chatting as much as I could. As with Curse, the art style was a shift that took some getting used to, but I finished the game loving it. The only real downer is that Earl Boen retired before the game was made. The new chap is okay, but he's not Earl.
  2. Well, much more solid with Thiago back in, but Elliott is a Championship-level player at best at the moment. He wouldn't start in midfield for anyone else in the league, and he shouldn't start there for us either. Now that all of our forwards are fit I'd rather see Firmino play in midfield if we're short of proper midfielders. Salah scored a nice goal, but was otherwise rubbish as usual.
  3. Quite often that is what I'm hoping will happen, but Salah has been genuinely awful for a long, long time. Thiago has been great so far. Now we just need to figure out a way to keep him fit.
  4. Salah really shouldn't be playing. He's the most consistently poor player in the league this year.
  5. Booting the royals out of the palaces and opening them up to the public would bring WAY more people in than it does currently. Let's do that.
  6. Not trying to have a go, mate, it's just they're not going to be doing anyone any favours, are they?
  7. Did you think they were just going to set Wales free with the Queen's death?
  8. 'They' is the Premier League, who cancelled this round of fixtures for fear of bad press from shitrags like the Mail and the Sun. No doubt next week's games will be cancelled too as they'll need all of the police to head down south to deal with the dipshits flooding into London to display their perfomative grief. As far as I've seen, though, the Champions League games are expected to go ahead.
  9. So Potter is going to be head coach rather than manager. I guess that's so he can't obstruct Boehly when he wants to do stupid shit like sign Ronaldo, which was one of the things that Tuchel did that led to the beginning of the end.
  10. I'd get Firmino and Salah off too, give Nunez and Jota a run out. (Firmino hasn't been entirely terrible, but he's not going to score while he's messing around on the halfway line.)
  11. I said I was going to stop watching, not that I was going to stop complaining! Firmino wasn't great tonight, but he wasn't even close to being the worst player out there. In order of badness: Gomez, Milner, Salah, Elliott, the rest of the pack, then Alisson.
  12. I don't think we should get rid of Klopp, and I don't think we will either, but a lot of this is his fault. Our midfield has been steadily getting worse for 4 years now. Our reliable players are too old, we have too many injury prone guys, and the young guys are never going to cut it. But let's not sign anyone, it'll all be fine! (And it wasn't good during the Wijnaldum years either, we were just steadier out of possession.) Now that Salah has turned into a Championship player, we don't have the goals to bail us out from our shitty performances like last season.
  13. This would happen against 99% of teams when we play Milner and Elliott in the same midfield. Everyone just goes straight through us.
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