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  1. By chopping them down in training and injuring them, apparently!
  2. As good as Pogba can be, I think United will benefit from getting someone more consistent in, even if their peak isn't quite as high.
  3. It sounds like Varane is keen, but the clubs still need to haggle over the price, so it may take a little bit longer yet.
  4. Social media is such that I've no doubt he received plenty of abuse whilst he was with us, but he left because he wanted more money and a longer contract than we were willing to offer, not because of any abuse.
  5. It would be great if the government made breathing compulsory.
  6. I think Kane is better at the moment in that he's just as good in front of goal but has a much better all round game, but yeah, Haaland has time on his side. The problem with Haaland is that he wouldn't cost the same - you'd probably need to add another £60m+ in agent fees, and then you'd also have him itching for another move in 2-3 years.
  7. No sane City player would want to go to Spurs. Any outlet peddling those rumours is not worth anyone's time. I imagine Kane does have a price, but City have shown in the past that they have limits as to how much they'll spend on an individual player, and what Spurs will want is probably way beyond City's valuation.
  8. I believe that's a rumour from The Sun, so it's likely horseshit.
  9. Ian Brown's another one. Considering the amount of unregulated crap they put in themselves in the 80s and 90s, it's amazing they're so worried about the vaccine.
  10. But how will Scott McTominay feel if they go for Neves rather than his suggestion, John McGinn!?! I'm not sure United's new DoF will be all that keen to delegate his responsibilities to the players. The reason your fans are having a meltdown is most of the noisiest online ones are probably about 12, and Neves isn't as fashionable as he was a couple of years ago. (To clarify: I don't just mean United fans, Liverpool fans are just as bad for this kind of thing.) I don't think he scored a banger at all last season, so he's rubbish now.
  11. Yeah, part of living with covid going forward is going to be minimising its impact. We can't just all pretend that it doesn't exist any more and go back to how things were. Even if the death rate is low, tens/hundreds of thousands of the country's workforce being off sick is going to screw things up pretty badly. Restrictions like vaccine passports should hopefully allow most venues to remain open, so whats the problem? There really aren't all that many people who have a legitimate reason to not get vaccinated. We shouldn't be catering to cranks.
  12. Most people seem pretty sure who the player is, though I'm not sure we should be saying it out loud on the forum. Anyone curious could always pop over to Twitter and see who's trending alongside Adam Johnson. Anyway, Liverpool are finally managing to shift a few of their fringe players. Grujic has gone and Awoniyi is close behind, with Wilson hopefully on his way soon too. Hopefully we can scrape enough money together to get ourselves another forward.
  13. There was an option to play it in order on PC too, but if I'm presented with a higgledy-piggledy story order as an option, I assume that's the way the game's creators want me to play.
  14. I played Resident Evil 0 on the Gamecube when it was first released and enjoyed it well enough, but I'm not sure how much the fixed camera would irritate me these days. Finished Beyond: Two Souls yesterday, and have very little good to say about it. I guess the acting was decent, but the story was awful, the gameplay non-existent, and the camera incredibly annoying. The timeline is all over the place so you find yourself being dumped into random situations with no idea what's going on and no prompt as to what you should do, so half the time you're reduced to just walking around rooms looking for something that you can interact with. Most interaction is super lame too - given that most is done using the right stick, which you also use to battle with the shitty camera, half of the time you accidentally activate the thing you're walking past whilst swearing at the game and trying to get a better angle. There's a section in the game with horse-riding where the controls are so bad that I just gave up and let the game's loose autopilot guide me rather than trying to steer myself, and that really is 90% of the game - holding down one button and letting the game play itself while you have no fucking clue. I guess this is what happens when you decide on a game mechanic and then build the entire story around it: you get a shitty game.
  15. It sounds like Everton are going to need to get another midfielder too...
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