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  1. And there's the problem with Jimenez - for all the things he's great at, he's as one-footed as John Arne Riise.
  2. Wolves should really be playing Traore up front in a game like this, at least then they'd have an outlet.
  3. I guess he's not meant to do anything really - he's just a fan these days, albeit one with much more destructive potential. This window hasn't been amazing so far, but the last two were okay, weren't they? AWB and James came in quickly last summer, and while Maguire took ages because they were trying to haggle, if they'd just caved straight away and bought him they'd have been blasted for that too. Fernandes was good business in the winter, and this summer JCVD looks good. I guess the biggest problem is they don't seem to have a Plan B for the right wing. It's not unreasonable to not want to spend £120m on one player during current circumstances when the club want to strengthen other positions too, but it is unreasonable to only have one dude on their shopping list. I wonder have they taken the whole VVD-to-Liverpool saga too much to heart and are only trying to recruit their first choices?
  4. Another part of the problem is ex-players going on social media and ranting about the club. What is he going to achieve? He gets the unhappy fans on his side, sure, but really all he's doing is embarrassing/damaging the club he claims to love. It's unlikely to make the Glazers change things, so really all he's doing is making the club look bad/worse. You've got to think that at some point, too, players with choices are going to start looking to avoid United if everything appears to be too much of a shitshow.
  5. It's bizarre to me that you'd have wallies like Evra involved in any way - I mean, he's not employed by the club any more, is he?
  6. Yay! Real Alisson is back and we've been able to retire Hologram Alisson!
  7. That was better from Wijnaldum, A well-timed run and he got off a decent shot.
  8. CHO will be lucky if he plays in the cups, given all of Chelsea's new signings. It's so funny watching players getting into one-on-ones with Jorginho - everyone fancies it and skins him, haha!
  9. PG, I figured as much, I just wanted to make sure. And there goes Kepa, showing that anything Firmino can do, he can do better.
  10. I like Henderson! It sounds like he was complaining of a tight thigh though, so not much to be done about that. Firmino being a bit more like himself and getting an assist, Much better.
  11. I don't expect the red card will change things all that much. It'll still be Liverpool retaining deep possession and pumping up long balls, and Chelsea looking to counter.
  12. Blatant red card. Firmino has been poor again. Why even bother buying players like Minamino if we're never going to use them?
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