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  1. A little disappointing that, according to the press anyway, all ETH wants to do is sign current or former Ajax players. Not very imaginative of him, if that's the case.
  2. It sounds like Arsenal are going to get Raphinha too. Leeds are really going to be in the doo-doo next season.
  3. I think Michael Edwards was planning to take quite a long break from football after us, so I don't think that's likely to happen. Isn't Ed Woodward available now though?
  4. I enjoyed the last episode and thought the final scene between Obi-Wan and Leia was quite touching. The little actress who plays her isn't great at running, but she's nailed most of the acting bits.
  5. Both Broja and Gallagher dropped off after promising spells, so whilst they may be useful for depth, I don't think either of them will be a solution to anything in the short term.
  6. Finally got round to playing Jedi: Fallen Order. I'm not sure exactly what I expected, but it wasn't a shitty platformer with a dull, uninspired story and irritating combat. The only good thing about it is your little droid pal.
  7. It seems like Paul Joyce was wrong, we are signing a midfielder - Jay Spearing...
  8. Henderson can play 6 perfectly well, so that's not the issue per se. The problem is our opponents consistently dominated our midfield whenever fewer than two of our main three played. We can get away with using one of Keita/Jones/Elliott, but using two doesn't work out very well. It's good to get a proper RB backup in, but I do wonder if that's going to negatively affect Gomez, with his new contract on the table waiting to be signed.
  9. Yeah, that is absolutely going to bite us on the arse this season. As dumb as going into 20/21 with 3 centre backs.
  10. Vader was great, but the plot is being driven by utter stupidity as usual. Yeah, don't bother to delete that sensitive information or anything. And have you considered giving it away to the first dodgy geezer you come across? Do that. I really want a Vader show now though. It doesn't even have to have a proper plot, it can just be him going out and ruining people's days for fun.
  11. That almost sounds like it wouldn't be worth it for Chelsea. They'd be better off trying again with him, unless they think they can persuade Lewandowski to be their 5-goals-a-season-striker instead. Otherwise, who else is potentially available at the moment that might tempt a Champions League club?
  12. Perhaps, but having a decent season in the Championship isn't a guarantee of anything. (Fingers crossed he can make the jump, of course.) The biggest bit of bad news for Curtis Jones is that he's just not good enough for a club like Liverpool.
  13. Paul Joyce has reported that we're not quite in complete agreement about the initial fee, but hopefully things should be sorted quite quickly. ETA- And don't forget, we'll need to replace Salah with Saka next season too.
  14. Obviously the episode has its failings, but I did quite enjoy seeing Obi-Wan shaking off the rust, with Leia in danger. Him deflecting laser blasts from both front and behind at the same time, then performing a little temporary window repair, was really cool. I really hope we see our reconstituted Obi-Wan in a rematch with Vader - anger and resentment against poise and control.
  15. In her defence, that's one of the better things she's done. Quite a bit less embarrassing than declaring that we're at war with Ukraine etc.
  16. I'm more pessimistic about the lack of Firmino transfer rumours.
  17. Rudiger should have had a few reds during his time at Chelsea. He's not as cold and calculating as Ramos, but he does have a tendency to lose the plot and start lashing out wildly.
  18. Given that he was so pants for Chelsea in a back four that their fans we're calling for him to be binned off a couple of years ago, I'd say the jury's out on that one for now.
  19. So apparently our bootlicking moleman wasn't Seth Rogen at all, but Zach Braff playing Seth Rogen playing a moleman!
  20. I don't know. Learning that he's a horrible tortured monster makes him scarier in some ways, than when all we knew him as was an impervious dark killer.
  21. I expect Vader took a shortcut through a nebula.
  22. Except Lewandowski is way more consistent than Salah. Salah has had 1.5 seasons of exceptional play during his 5 years at Liverpool, with the rest just being a solid very-good. Anyway, it seems like he wants to go to Barcelona. They just need to generate some cash first.
  23. I liked Seth Rogen Mole Man, and thought the episode as a whole was fun. Leia was better this time too, now that the writers have gotten showing how rebellious she is out of their system. The Empire sea base was cool, and I'm glad Vader didn't force-squash the Loader Droid.
  24. Yeah, we should be looking to move Salah on this summer if possible. He's not worth what he's asking for, and his agent's a cock.
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