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  1. I'm not sure it's 100% clear what the right decision should be in that situation, but I'd absolutely be calling for a penalty if it was for us.
  2. We definitely have players who can be more effective in games where we're dominating possession. All Jones does every time he receives the ball is take ten touches and then pass it square, killing any momentum we might have, and Wijnaldum is to frightened to play positively, so with Thiago playing deep we have no creativity close to the forwards. It's insane that we rely entirely on our fullbacks, along with long balls from deep, to create chances. At least with Ox or Shaqiri, or Keita now he's back, they might actually create something. And yeah, Origi is pants, but given that Adrian would be more effective than Firmino at the moment, he probably (just about) would be too.
  3. He was trying to block the shot, rather than trying to make a tackle, not that that makes any difference, I suppose.
  4. I'd genuinely rather we played with 10 men than have Firmino on the pitch.
  5. I guess Klopp is going to wait until 75 minutes before making any changes as usual. We could do with getting Ox and Origi on as soon as possible, for Firmino and Jones/Wijnaldum. Origi is shit, but he's less shit than Firmino.
  6. Salah is useless on the wing, and Firmino is scared of shooting - why not switch them? They can't be any worse.
  7. He's not having the best of times, but it's not really our defence that's the main issue - we just don't have any ideas going forward.
  8. The number of times we've gone back to Alisson is irritating. He's coming off the back of two poor games - are we trying to make it three?
  9. I mean, we're pants up front at the moment, but if you give us this many goes we'll score eventually!
  10. Yep, we've had the better of the half, it's just a shame that our number 9 is about as useful as a drunk toddler in front of goal.
  11. We had an early scare but for the most part we've done quite well. TAA has been great, but Firmino is fucking shite.
  12. I've been playing Death Stranding a fair bit recently, and whilst I'm enjoying it, I got the urge to mix things up a bit rather than just soldiering on through, so I started Luigi's Mansion 3, which is great and has much scarier goasts.
  13. Heh. Hopefully he doesn't inspire a sequel.
  14. Having City actually score a penalty against you is pretty embarrassing.
  15. There's no way Alisson comes and does that if VVD and Gomez are playing. He was there because he doesn't trust Kabak yet. If a keeper comes out that far, they have to get the ball, and Alisson didn't.
  16. I really can't see us finishing in the top four this season. We desperately need to get rid of Firmino and bring someone halfway competent in.
  17. He's not at fault for the goal, that's all on Alisson.
  18. Two games in a row now that Alisson has massively shat the bed. Still, if Firmino hadn't been dreadful for all but one moment, and Salah and Jones weren't useless, perhaps we would have created and scored more in the first place.
  19. Usual Salah stuff: scary in the box, utterly dogshit outside it.
  20. The most entertaining bit of the game so far has been Kasper Schmeichel constantly effing and jeffing near the microphones.
  21. We're seeing a lot of the ball, but doing nothing with it. Firmino has been very quiet, and the more I see of Jones, the less convinced I am he has what it takes. He's like a street skills player - he looks good on the ball, but he has no idea what to do with it.
  22. Lloris has bad games, but he still has spectacular games too. You'd prefer consistency, but I'm not sure how easy it would be to upgrade.
  23. It hasn't been too bad, really. I've still been working the last couple of days, it's just I've been wiped out in the evenings.
  24. I had my first dose on Wednesday (AstraZeneca). Felt absolutely fine until about 6-7 hours later when all of my energy just disappeared. I think Bill Gates must have been using me to mine bitcoins or something. Anyway, today is a good day as I have zoom drinks with friends in a bit, and a nice bottle of gin to take care of.
  25. Looking forward to Jota coming back, but with Keita, the reality is that the final stages of rehab from his previous injury are also the initial stages of his next injury.
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