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  1. Throwing in my two cents :


    Same what, different how :

    - Dany going dark/mad. The way the show did it was ridiculous, but it's definitely happening in the books

    - Sansa as QITN

    - Euron/Cersei alliance

    - Jaime/Brienne banging

    - R+L=J

    - Theon dying

    -Jorah's sacrifice


    On the fence :

    - Bran as king. There's definitely a lot more set up for it in the books, but Bran is also a lot younger so idk how that would work out.

    - Jaime and Cersei dying together . It's a possibility but 1) Jaime won't be there to protect her/run away with her (he might be the one that kills her) 2) I feel, wrt his weirwood dream, he is more likely to die fighting during the Long Night.

    - Brienne as KG : again, I won't discard it but the books put a lot more emphasis on her being the heir to Tarth imo.

    - Arya leaving to explore the world : not OOC but not widely satisfying either. It'd depend on how it's written, just like with everything.

    - Jon going in exile : see above.



  2. 11 minutes ago, Beardy the Wildling said:

    I don't know why, but D&D seem weirdly invested in Jaime and Cersei's lust for each other, like, they romanticise the hell out of a toxic incestuous relationship. I mean, I get it DB Weiss, if your kink is brother sister incest and zombie polar bears more power to you, but don't write that shit as if it's normal or compatible with a redemption arc in the slightest

    Exactly ! And what's even more infuriating is the horde of "book fans" whose interpretation is completely influenced by the show and tell you that Jaime is "addicted" to Cersei in the books as well and that it's a love story. GRRM's response to that bullshit was literally "you know that's incest, right ?".

    I don't know if it's an incest kink, a stanning of Lena Headey, or a weird combination of both, but it sure as hell ended up ruining not one, not two, but three great character arcs.

  3. 11 minutes ago, Dragons Are Real said:

    Brienne's story has been shunted, hung, beaten, raped, desecrated, burnt and dipped in acid.  Why have her sleep with Jamie if he was ultimately gonna run back to Cersei?  That moment without him running back to Cersei was fine.  The second he turned tail it utterly decimated Brienne's arc, and took massive chunks out of Jamie's.  Ham-fisted stupidity at its finest.

    What's especially heartbreaking is that now everything that she has is tainted. Oathkeeper, her armour, her knighthood, all of this was given to her by Jaime because he supposedly loved her and admired her, and now everytime she's going to look at them will be a reminder of what he did to her...the guy who took her virginity, kept on having sex with her for a few weeks, and fucked off into the night. What the actual hell...

  4. 1 hour ago, kissdbyfire said:

    t's not just that though... The worse is all the hype and selling it to everyone, including the actors, that Dany is so badass, GIRL POWER WOMEN ON TOP OMFG SO AWESOME, and then pull this ridiculous 180 at the 11th hour, cuz it's oh so shocking. Hacks. 

    I now understand why Clarke said she was in shock thinking *this* would be the lasting flavour of Dany people would have in their mouths (paraphrasing). Yikes.

    All the actors, no exception, were done so dirty.

    NCW, who was so excited to play Jaime's identity/redemption arc, got 4 seasons as Cersei's little bitch, save for some fleeting moments of IC stuff ("I am not that man anymore"...welp turns out you are !). No wonder he stated recently that his favourite scenes were the bath scene and the bearpit scene (cuuuurious).

    Isaac HW was supposed to play this major character, a key player who struggled with his destiny and powers, had to play a lifeless meme making robot.

    Gwendoline Christie loves that Brienne's story isn't just about being mocked, but also about overcoming the obstacles and being loved for who they are; nah girl your character ends up humilated in the worst possible ways, and everything she's ever accomplished only added up to her misery.

    Kit ? The world's most expensive extra. He was paid millions to literally look dumbfounded and say on line per episode.

  5. So let's recap this real quick :

    - Fuck Jaime (what's a character arc ?)

    - Fuck Dany (but George told us she went cray cray, who cares about the how, *ding dong*)

    - Fuck Cersei (woobie Tiger Mom ftw)

    - Fuck  Jon (the most expensive extra ever)

    - Fuck Tyrion (village idiot)

    - Fuck Varys (idek)

    - Fuck Brienne (your reputation is tarnished and no one will ever love you !!)

    - Fuck Arya (as useless as nipples on a breastplate)


    Whom else did D&D shit over ? The list is getting too damn long.

  6. I just need a quick reminder with next week's episode coming up, but does Pyp die during the attack on the Wall? The general consensus seems to be that Grenn is taking the place of Donal Noye and will bite it in the tunnel, but Pyp has been a little more prominent in the last few NW scenes and has mentioned the lack of faith in his ability to kill a hundred wildlings, but I can't remember if this is foreshadowing his eventual end or not. I know they can't all survive, and there would be a full scale riot at HBO headquarters if Edd doesn't make it, so my theory is Pyp and Grenn will be the ones to go. :-(

    The French promo for the episode seem to confirm it.

  7. I'm going to be mad if they just skip the trial and go straight to the trial by combat. First of all the trial is pretty pivotal with Shae's betrayal of Tyrion. Second, I thought it was very dramatic having Oberyn talk with Tyrion and then reveal that he won't help him as his judge, but as his champion. That was a huge fist pump moment for me when I read ASOS. All the impact of that scene will be lost if the idea is already brought up beforehand.

    They won't, I think. We've had bits from Tyrion's speech at the trial in various trailers.

  8. I think that encounter was as much about the residual frustration from her conversation with Brienne than anything Pycelle specifically did. That being said, he's a doddering fool whom she's never tolerated him more than she had to (e.g. the contrast between Ros letting him go on about "the thing you need to understand about kings" and Cersei cutting him off with "I know what 10 drops will bring!") and now that Qyburn is in KL she seems apt to tolerate Pycelle even less than before.

    This, and also because it's the first episode actually featuring Book Cersei we've had since "Blackwater"

  9. Well, perhaps we could wish for more subtlety from the TV show when it comes to sex and sexuality, but if the heterosexual lust is going to be dealt with so heavy-handedly (unsubtly!) then it only seems right to have bisexual or homosexual lusts of all shades dealt with in a similar heavy-handed way.

    Maybe the peeving lack of subtlety you mention for male-male attraction is occasioned by how elided these relationships are in the books? Back in 1996, when Loras/Renly was almost entirely "between the lines", Martin had a reserve for the subject that was typical for that era. But Martin, to his credit, has evolved slightly. Oberyn by 2000 was actively speaking of his attraction (though we were not given a sex scene), and finally, by 2011, Jon Connington could ponder his longing for Rhaegar from a Point of View voice. Still, Martin doesn't like to write male-male homosexual sex scenes as much as he seems to enjoy female-female ones, or male-female ones - not really very surprising that this should be so. Seems to me, as the story goes on, and when appropriate for specific characters, Martin should be willing to be LESS subtle with male-male sex - if only to match the spirit of "unflinching realism" that otherwise pervades his narrative.

    My two cents.

    well, to be fair, it's only implied in the books because neither Loras nor Renly are POV characters, therefore the only way for it to be confirmed would've been to have a POV stumble across one of their sexytimes, which would be just plain weird. I don't think it was Martin being shy really, you'd have to be blind not to see they were lovers.

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