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  1. 1) Yes. Cersei sleeping around and having bastards was much worse than Robert, because she passed off her bastards born of incest as his children and sowed the seeds for a major war that would tear the country apart for power. 2) Did he? The villagers at the Stony Sept were moving him from place to place to escape Jon a connington soldiers. Whether he slept with every whore in the Peach isn’t confirmed and we don’t know how the timelines lineup for finding out about Lyannas death and impregnating Gendrys mom. He probably would have cheated on Lyanna, but Davos cheats on his wife and they have a loving relationship. I imagine that he would have had a better married life if he wasn’t married to Cersei.
  2. He pretends to be drunk or was he actually drunk. Most likely, Cersei gave grudging consent. She was probably just trying to get over it, when Robert claimed his rights. She never calls it rape, but she does mention that she had to put up with his drunken groping (along with Stannis’ teeth grinding, Renly’s japes etc.). It is interesting that Jaime, Barristan and Arys Oakheart never mention it. I can’t imagine that Jaime would stand by and allow Robert to do that to a Cersei for 15 years.
  3. You can call it that if you want, but paternity fraud is evil and they don’t have a foolproof way to test these things in Westeros.
  4. 1) I don’t think that Tommen, Marcella or evening Joffrey deserve to die for what Jaime and Cersei did. I’m just saying that they’re fundamentally different, since Cersei was committing paternity fraud against the King and sowing the seeds for a major war. 2) Theres a reason that women cheating is considered worse in this setting. They live in a world without paternity tests.
  5. 1) I never even admitted that he would kill them. I said that he might. My point is that there’s a clear difference between Robert sleeping around and Cersei sleeping around. That’s why Cersei’s bastard got to sit on the Iron Throne. 2) No. The same isn’t true for Jon Snow and Mya Stone, since they weren’t deliberately produced to commit a massive case of treasonous paternity fraud. It’s not just that they were born outside the bonds of marriage at all. 3’ Just consider how hypocritical it is for a Cersei to threaten to murder Mya Stone if arobert brought her to his home, while she was raising her bastard and passing them off as his kids.
  6. 1) Even if that’s true, those kids shouldn’t have existed in the first place. She was committing treason and deliberately passing of her inbred bastards as his children to steal his Kingdom. 2) Jon Arryn was killed beforehand and I don’t know that Stannis cared about that. 3) What Cersei was doing is a serious crime and paternity fraud is evil.
  7. Didn’t Aerys try to burn around a half a million Westerosi alive in the capital, because he was losing the war that he’d started with the Baratheons?
  8. I never said that would make him a good ruler. Some of my favourite leaders in history, weren’t the best educated. I’m just saying that it would make him easier to accept by the nobility and it doesn’t hurt that he was recognized by Robert, had a higbirn mother and grew up at Storms End.
  9. Besides the age difference, part of the reason that Sansa being with Tyrion and Littlefinger comes across as worse, is that she’s actually repulsed by them. Tyrion, because of his physical features and LF, because he’s just creepy (she mentions feeling lik he undresses her with his eyes in AGOT, when she was around 12).
  10. Not every family is lucky enough to be born with Medieval Fantasy nukes.
  11. 1) They literally lost a war. It was Targaryen vs. Targaryen and they brought it on themselves. 2) Aegon conquered Westeros with 3 Dragons. Robert conquered Westeros with a hammer while he was drunk. 3) You’re still dodging. The Targaryens literally lost to the Baratheons. If the Baratheons are losers, the Targaryens are bigger losers.
  12. Nice deflection, but let’s get back to the point. You called the Baratheons losers, but they beat the Targaryens. What do you call people that lose to losers?
  13. 1) The Greyjoys rebelled plenty of times under the Targaryens. 2) The Targaryen dragons beat Harren the Black. It’s a bit of a cheat, don’t you think? They had the equivalent of Medieval fantasy nukes. 3) The Targaryens didn’t have Dragons anymore, because they killed them off in a Targaryen Civil War.
  14. If the Baratheons are losers, what does that make the Targaryens. You know. Because the Targaryens lost to the Baratheons in about a year.
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