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  1. Maybe we have different definitions, but I'd definitely consider fuck boys bad boys. Daenerys can make her own choices. I never said that she can't. I just think she's attracted to bad boys. Wasn't this after Quentyn died? I think his anger is very understandable.
  2. I can see that, but also look at it from Gerris’ perspective. His friend came all this way to offer his heart and an alliance to Daenerys with one of the great families of Westeros ad she laughed in his face (as he sees it). I can understand why he was angry. Also, Barristan seemed to think the same thing (albeit with a lot more respect). Wasn’t there a line about how different things would be if Gerris was the Martell prince instead? Love doesn’t exist to start off with for most marriages in this series. I didn’t say Dario was dangerous to Daenerys. Just in general. He’s also rude and sardonic. Quentin seems like a nice guy. He’s just frog faced and kind of dull. I can see that honestly. Theon’s a lean, dark youth and 18 years old. The way he talks to Robb comes across as very fuck boyish. He seems to have gotten up to a lot of frat boy antics. He mentions that he lost count of all the women he’s had sex with.
  3. Many women are attracted to bad or dangerous men honestly. Not all of course, but many. At the very least, I think George wants us to see it as Dany spurning a good guy and wanting bad boys. And this. There are other reasons too as you pointed out, but I think people aren't wrong when they say that she likes bad boys.
  4. Bruh. If you think it's underhanded to pretend to be someone's friend and then kill them (and it is), how much more underhanded is it to lie to someone about the paternity of their children and then murder them and try to murder their entire family including their children (Barra was a baby)?
  5. 1) "Because she was traumatized." Lol. No. She did it because she's a power hungry narcissist that wanted to steal the throne and destroy his family. And yes. Lying to someone about the paternity of "his" children is evil. You don't have to feel sympathy for Robert. You can hate him. People are entitled to their own feelings about that. Cersei's kids are all going to die and Robert's bastards will carry on his legacy and inherit Storms End, so there's a bit of karma there. Unfortunately, since Tommen and Myrcella don't deserve to die because their mother was a bad person. But it's happening. Joffrey's already dead and Myrcella was maimed. That's on Cersei. 2) Because there are biological differences between men and women and no paternity tests. Yes. Different things are treated differently. Not that it matters, since Cersei deliberately denied him heirs and tried to defraud the Baratheon's knowing that she'd be starting a war. Being the queen was conditional on fulfilling her duties btw. 3) Go away with gold to hire protection and Jaime Lannister. A kinder fate than she deserved since what she did was punishable by death. And Ned's mercy got his people killed. Then Cersei tossed him in a dungeon even though he tried to protect her children. She's just a bad person. No. He's did it because it was the right thing to do and he even tried to spare her life. She was just ungrateful, selfish and power hungry. And yet in the chapter where Cersei and Jaime try to murder Bran to cover up their crimes, she expresses fear that Robert would set her aside for another woman. Why? Wouldn't Robert setting her aside be a good thing? That way she could get away from that drunken brute. Or maybe she wanted to marry the king, because it would give her the most power.
  6. 1) Cersei's kids are in danger, because she's made terrible choices in her quest for power. 2) Cersei was abusing Tyrion in her crib. Tyrion has flaws, but of the two of them, she's by far more evil. 3) There's nothing sexist about that law. Cersei didn't just cheat on him (which she did on the morning of the wedding). She aborted his children and got pregnant by her brother to pass them off as the rightful heirs of the throne knowing that it would cause a bloody succession crisis out of spite and because she wanted power. Ned, out of the kindness of his heart, warned her before going to Robert with the information to protect her children. She had the opportunity to run. Instead she chose to murder Ned's people and toss him in the dungeons. And yes... Cersei is more responsible for the war than Littlefinger. 4) I actually like Cersei, but she's still a terrible person. 5) That's because Tyrion is a much better person than Cersei. 6) At the very least, she was evil from an early age. She murdered her best friend as a child and listed to her screaming for help. 7) Then she shouldn't have married him. Robert did actually have a right to know the paternity of his children and lying about that was a despicable crime. 8) No. Cersei isn't solely responsible for the war, but she's primarily responsible. I'm definitely not going to blame Ned for it just because he didn't stand back and let Cersei get away with her crimes. 9) Most people consider Tywin a monster too. 10) Means, friend. Tywin's had the means to commit atrocities on a grand scale in a way that Cersei didn't. She exercised power through men that put checks on her. Robert, Tywin and Tyrion. She only gets to rule in her own right, because Tywin is dead and Tommen's a child. She considered Robert weak for not committing genocide against the Ironmen. Tywin himself said that you should forgive your enemies when they're defeated as a general rule. So if she had the power, it's very likely that the atrocities she'd have committed would equal Tywin's. Maybe even dwarf his.
  7. All speculation is valid. Aerys seemed to have a thing for Joanna Lannister. Maybe tywin's kid's are all bastards. It's just very unlikely. There's no evidence supporting this theory, it would be wildly out of character for Littlefinger and Lysa herself indicates that it's not true. And again, Lysa admitted to murdering the Lord of the Vale. She was revealing her deepest, darkest secrets, but she never indicates that Robert Arryn is LF's son. There's just absolutely nothing to this one, but people are free to believe it if they want.
  8. Agree to disagree. You seem to think she's much more calculating than she is. In that same scene she admitted to murdering Jon Arryn, which would mean death if any of the Vale Lords or knights found out. Robert is Jon Arryn's son. Not Littlefinger's.
  9. There are stated reasons for him to keep Cersei's secret. Not Littlefingers. There's nothing that suggests that Robert Arryn is Littlefinger's son or that he even slept with her during her marriage to Jon, but you're free to believe what you want.
  10. Just my guesses. Crownlands: 1,500,000 Iron Islands: 2,000,000 (I'm iffy on this one) Dorne: 2,500,000 Stormlands: 3,000,000 Riverlands: 4,500,000 North: 4,500,000 Vale: 4,500,000 Westerlands: 5,000,000 Reach: 10,000,000 Westeros: 37,000,000-38,000,000 Over twice the population of medieval France.
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