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    7 Blessings to you all! My buddy, Andrew, works at The Horn (which is a local radio station here in Austin, TX) and he pitched the producers on a Game of Thrones podcast for Season 7, in hopes of it turning into a weekly show that will air live eventually. As an avid fan of the series and books (5 read through count to date), he asked me to join as his co-host and I pleasantly accepted! If you can, please give it a listen.. I'd love to hear some feedback (positive or negative) so that I can try and put out a better product for the listeners and get Andrew a better shot at moving up at the station. Here's a link to the first episode: THE HORN REMEMBERS https://soundcloud.com/hornfm/the-horn-remembers-game-of-thrones-talk-episode-1 Thanks again! - Jack