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  1. Aeron knowing the Farwynds of Great Wyk says nothing of which branch was founded first so to me this says nothing about that subject. This does speak of a founding because the captain actually gives himself the name Farwynd, so i think that they are at least the oldest branch.
  2. It is rather vague but i do think the range of the hatching should at least include 131, so in that regard you have a good point.
  3. This all sounds like its happening in the first few weeks of 131 so yes its an option, but in the chaos of the war news of the hatchling might not have come out untill some time after it hatched. Also Rhaena lost her first hatchling shortly after it hatched so she might not have wanted it made public untill she knew for certain that it would survive, and because a dead hatchling would also be bad omen others would probably agree so 129 is to my mind still an option.
  4. As far as i can tell its because the beginning of 131 is when the greens heard about Morning, but the actual hatching happened some time before that. I guess it depends on how fast the greens heard about it and i do not have my copy of F&B at hand right now to check the wording.
  5. No you are correct, but i believe Potsk beat you to it.
  6. not all they information one those pages is from Blood of Dragons, so please be careful with what you remove.
  7. The currrent COA for Tommard Heddle is incorrect. It now shows a winged green demon on black, but in the source for the COA, the graphic novel of the Mystery Knight its a winged green demon on dark brown unpainted wood. I do not have the skills to change this so i hope someone who does will do that.
  8. Dayne and Locke where petty royal houses in Dorne and the North respectively, and i think the purple of Royce of the gates of the moon may be because the Gates of the Moon was they original royal castle of house Arryn before they build they Eyrie.
  9. A thats why i could not find it, i have put the reference behind the title in the opening sentence of the page so its more clear now.
  10. As far as i can tell the historical title of house Martell before they united with the Roynar is Lord of the Sandship, so i think your right. The fact that the two towers of Sunspear's old palace where build in roynish style seems to suggest that Sunspear was build after the Roynar came to Dorne at which point the Martell's would have already used the title Prince, so that backes up the idea that this title does not exist
  11. I think its based on Edric being the current Lord and his father being the eldest known sibling among the four known Dayne's from the previeus generation. So no book confirmation there, which does leave the posibility of a different Lord, an even older sibling or a childless uncle or cousin of Edric's father. I think they article should be changed to reflect that while its possible his father was the Lord there is the posibility he was not.
  12. I have removed the text about the surcoat.
  13. Where do you see artwork as a source? The source for his looks is "The World of Ice & Fire, The Targaryen Kings: Viserys I". I do see a "see also" link but thats just a link to the page with artwork depicting Daemon, its not a source nor is it used as one.
  14. Looks good and it follows the description so i would not worry about it, all the book information i know about has the Lannister lion first.
  15. If i look at how the how the arms are displayed on Joffrey's page, its they opposite of the COA you link to in your post. Are you sure you have the correct COA because on the page it looks exactly like the description Lannister first and Baratheon second. And its the same on the "House Baratheon of King's Landing" page Lannister first and Baratheon second, I really think you are looking at a old and no longer used COA.
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