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  1. I agree on both dates being mentioned and have already made the change to the page with a note attached to explain why there are two possible years of death. PS @Thomaerys Velaryon thanks for adding the reference to the note i had forgotten that.
  2. I get what you are saying and in this particular case i agree, but as a caution, watch out that the pendulum does not swing they other way sometimes even if its a minor thing there are good reasons for giving it a page of its own.
  3. So if i understand you correctly you want to migrate the content of the page to the house Staunton page and turn it into a paragraph there, with a note attached to it saying we do not know if there was one or more lords Staunton in this period? If you do this you also have to alter the historical member section of the house Staunton page and the page of Cassela Staunton which has a link to the page you want to delete. Not saying that you should not do it, but keep in mind that this has consequences for other pages.
  4. No this does not apply only to Varamyr we learn this an abomination from Varamyr being taught that it is by Haggon, it does not apply to just one person but to all Wargs. And Hodor did not allow Bran to take his body nor did he ask him, there is no indication in any of the text's from the books that this is the case. The reason for Bran taking over so easily is because he did it before. Once you broke someone like Bran did Hodor at Queenscrown they can no longer resist. A Storm of Swords - Jon X The skinchanger was grey-faced, round-shouldered, and bald, a mouse of a man with a wolfling's eyes. "Once a horse is broken to the saddle, any man can mount him," he said in a soft voice. "Once a beast's been joined to a man, any skinchanger can slip inside and ride him. Orell was withering inside his feathers, so I took the eagle for my own. And bran is most certainly forcing himself on Hodor why else would he apologize to Hodor and assure him he will give the body back, why else would Hodor retreat in fear to the deepest part of his mind where Bran can not reach him. I realize that this has dire implications on your idea of Bran taking over Howland but that does not make it any less true.
  5. Its not just Varamyr, its taboo period and that taboo has to come from somewhere, the most likely source being the green men. so i disagree with you here, for me it is clear that this is not something anybody would actively seek or want. There is also the fact that Hodor still does not like being warged as becomes clear from the first quote below, so your theory of the deep bond of love goes right out the door there, its just not the case. Bran forces himself on Hodor and did so in the fight against the wights as well, he was concentrating and then his attention was drawn to Hodor so he slipped right into Hodor's mind. And whats more Bran knows that what he is doing is wrong see the second quote. At the end of the first quote he even apologizes to Hodor for what he is doing. A Dance with Dragons - Bran III Bran remembered a time when no one could climb as good as him, not even Robb or Jon. Part of him wanted to shout at them for leaving him, and another part wanted to cry. He was almost a man grown, though, so he said nothing. But after they were gone, he slipped inside Hodor's skin and followed them. The big stableboy no longer fought him as he had the first time, back in the lake tower during the storm. Like a dog who has had all the fight whipped out of him, Hodor would curl up and hide whenever Bran reached out for him. His hiding place was somewhere deep within him, a pit where not even Bran could touch him. No one wants to hurt you, Hodor, he said silently, to the child-man whose flesh he'd taken. I just want to be strong again for a while. I'll give it back, the way I always do. A Dance with Dragons - Bran III Under the hill, Jojen brooded, Meera fretted, and Hodor wandered through dark tunnels with a sword in his right hand and a torch in his left. Or was it Bran wandering? No one must ever know.
  6. I have to say that i just do not read that in there at all, for me it is a sign of the whole "magic is a blade without a hilt" thing, its an accident and it was not supposed to happen. Warging a human is considered an abomination under wargs as is made clear in the prologue POV of Varamyr Sixskins in aDwD, so i doubt it is something that anyone would want or actively seek. Much less a way to communicate.
  7. Late medieval joust yes, early medieval joust no. If they intent is to unhorse which it is in the books, the shield is the worst place to aim for because it gives the most chance to deflect or take the impact.
  8. I'm not sure i would read that as a summoning. The way i read that is that Bran's life is in danger, he is trying desperatly to crawl away and while concentrating really hard on that he suddenly hears Hodor and subconsieusly shift his mind and concentration to Hodor and that is why he enters Hodor so suddenly. This becomes really clear when you read the entire sequense and not just the part where he skinchanges into Hodor. So i am not convinced at all that this answers my question. A Dance with Dragons - Bran II That was when his shout became a scream. Bran filled a fist with snow and threw it, but the wight did not so much as blink. A black hand fumbled at his face, another at his belly. Its fingers felt like iron. He's going to pull my guts out. But suddenly Summer was between them. Bran glimpsed skin tear like cheap cloth, heard the splintering of bone. He saw a hand and wrist rip loose, pale fingers wriggling, the sleeve faded black roughspun. Black, he thought, he's wearing black, he was one of the Watch. Summer flung the arm aside, twisted, and sank his teeth into the dead man's neck under the chin. When the big grey wolf wrenched free, he took most of the creature's throat out in an explosion of pale rotten meat. The severed hand was still moving. Bran rolled away from it. On his belly, clawing at the snow, he glimpsed the trees above, pale and snow-cloaked, the orange glow between.Fifty yards. If he could drag himself fifty yards, they could not get him. Damp seeped through his gloves as he clutched at roots and rocks, crawling toward the light. A little farther, just a little farther. Then you can rest beside the fire. The last light had vanished from amongst the trees by then. Night had fallen. Coldhands was hacking and cutting at the circle of dead men that surrounded him. Summer was tearing at the one that he'd brought down, its face between his teeth. No one was paying any mind to Bran. He crawled a little higher, dragging his useless legs behind him. If I can reach that cave … "Hoooodor" came a whimper, from somewhere down below. And suddenly he was not Bran, the broken boy crawling through the snow, suddenly he was Hodor halfway down the hill
  9. And that's where the question about Howland wanting Bran in his head comes from, he has honor and pride and while i can imagine him having no problem using his own magic, i doubt he would want to cheat by having a "god" take over his body. Howland having magic would also mean he could block Bran. So for the whole takeover by Bran Benjen or Lyanna make more sence, even more so because there skillset is more suited to jousting.
  10. Perhaps but that does not answer the question why Meera does not straight up tell Bran her father is tKotLT why would this need to be a secret. Of all the questions that would be the most important one for me.
  11. My problem with this is that if he did accept help from the Stark's that there would really be no reason for it not to be part of the story, why would Meera hide this? Or if she did not know then why did Howland not tell her? For that matter if it had been Howland what is the big secret, why would there be a need to hide the identity of the knight. We already know that as a nobleman he had a right to enter the tournament, being a knight is not a prerequisite because if that was the case Brandon could not have entered either. So that's not it. If he did use magic to "cheat" how was anyone going to prove that? So that can't be it either. Hiding his identity from the Mad King is no longer needed since he is long dead. So that again is no reason for Howland to hide from Meera that he is the mystery knight. If it was Bran using magic then there is still a problem, while he could have warged Howland there is in fact no need for this to be the case. If Bran has become powerful enough to do more then watch and whisper in to the past, then he by that time will most likely have learned to glamor since his teacher is Bloodraven of who it is heavily implied that he can glamor, so Bran does not need Howland for that. Next there is that Bran would have the most chance of winning if he warged someone who's skills are complementary to his and usefull for what he is about to do. For jousting his uncle Benjen or his aunt Lyanna would be more usefull then Howland. If his intent is just to help Howland by warging him, then we have to wonder would Howland want that kind of help? As you yourself have pointed out he is just as proud as any other noble so he might not want to cheat like that, and even if Bran tried to force his way in like he does with Hodor, it probably would not work since Howland not only is said to know all the magic's of his people but also studied with the Green Men on the Isle of Faces. If anyone could block Bran it would be Howland. For me the only way it could be Howland is if he used magic himself, since this is a skill of his own he might not consider that cheating. But then we have to wonder why Meera and Jojen think Bran must have heard the story before a thousand times because this implies Stark involvement. So while i am not discounting Howland i do feel there are to many question's left to be able to say definitively that it was him.
  12. No this is a prancing horse: https://www.123rf.com/photo_33354025_beautiful-young-girl-with-prancing-horse-in-autumn.html Its a jump, not a diagonal step. Or more accurately the prance is the horse standing on its hind legs and from there it can either come back down or push of with the hind legs and jump. The latter is what Loras did and he made the horse jump to the side, now for this he would have used a low prance the horse in the picture is doing a high prance so imagine the front legs being just above the ground for the action Loras did. This action can be done at speed which is why Loras can do it in a joust.
  13. Oh its certainly not for the faint of heart, even more so in the earlier form where you where running the risk of being knocked off your horse. So bravery and conquering fear is and was always a part of jousting, its taking the hit and the rules of what you are allowed to hit that are the mayor differences.
  14. The joust in the video is not that bad he does explain that the winner is determent by where you strike your opponent with your lance and that they are supposed to break, which all but eliminates the change of unhorsing someone. So as a recreation of a late medieval joust its actually pretty good only minor errors as far as i could see.
  15. If you are talking about jousting like in the video which is an attempt at the late medieval joust then yes, but the problem is that the late medieval joust was not about unhorsing your opponent, It was about who made the cleanest hit on shield or helm ornament and taking the hit showing bravery was a mark in a contestants favor. The earlier joust where the intent was to unhorse and show off your skills as a warrior is very different and involved all the tricks you would use in warfare to prevent yourself from being unhorsed. Modern recreations like in the video often get this wrong much to the frustration of people like me who studied history. My personal field is late antiquity but my colleagues of Medieval Studies are very focal about all the mistakes in these modern recreations
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