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  1. I'm not sure what you where going for, so i don't know which one is correct. But on the house pages of house Manderly and Dayne the infobox is now much bigger while on the page of house Lannister its stil the old size. I have not looked at other house pages yet, and as i said i don't know what you where going for but this is what stood out for me.
  2. No they fled from dragonstone because the garrison was planning on selling them to the Baratheons. them being trown out of the house in braavos is a different event.
  3. Your the first one among three people i talked to about this who could give me a reason for the squire to write to a daughter of his, thank you for that i appreciate this
  4. That is a very good argument you make there and one i had not thought off. I still don't see any reason as to why the squire would write about this to his own daughter so i still think it more likely its Byron's daughter, and was trying to reflect the most likely option in the note. However thinking about all the arguments for and against that would have to go into it to explain it properly, the whole thing is starting to become more of a theories page thing then a note so i understand your change.
  5. And i ansewered those reasons with additional arguments which you did not respond to, i am not against changing the note i just did not feel your arguments where compeling, and i still lacked a reason for the squire to write about the incident to a daughter of his. This last being solved by Ran in the posts below this one. As for your accusation about the spirit of a wiki community i reject your notion, discussing changes which is what i thought we where doing is very much in the spirit of a wiki community and i was certainly not ignoring your objections as my providing additional argumenst against your objections proves.
  6. I think the change is justified, so if you have no adcional arguments to the ones you already gave and which i answered i see no reason to change it. I still believe this is the most likely option with the note making clear there is a option for it to be different. The only thing looking at the entry and note is that the entry should perhaps have the word potential in brackets in it to draw attention to the note, so i will add that.
  7. That last change was the result of a discussion with @Thomaerys Velaryon over on the wiki talk pages, and i think that it does reflect the most likely option while keeping open the possibility of it being otherwise. Why would he go to the trouble of sending a letter to his daughter just because he could not get home immediately? The story can wait until he gets home surely, and sending a letter is not an easy proposition because somebody would have had to deliver it, not something you just do to tell your daughter your day sucked. And what makes you think Lord Swann is not out in the field himself? As a matter of fact Borros his host went into the Red Mountains at the beginning of the war, his Marcher Lords like Lord Swann would be the ones to accompany him seeing as the are 1) the closest Lords to the objective. And 2) the ones who would know the lay of the land. As such a letter to Stonehelm would be to the closest relative that is most likely to be there at the time, this would be Byron's daughter. Yes there can, but are they likely? This is the son of a Lord's squire it would be prestigeus to squire for one such, so the change that the squire was not the son of an other noble of high birth is not very high, and that means that he would likely be under 18. As i said above i think the note reflects the most likely option while keeping open the possibility of being wrong. But if you are so against it what would be your suggestion?
  8. I always read that as the squire writing to Byron's daughter to tell her how her father died, he would have no need to write his own daughter (if he had one) he would presumably be able to tell her in person when he got home. Also a squire of a nobleman of a powerfull house like swann is usually a young man from a other noble family, so apart from possibly being to young to have a child, he would also probably not marry until achieving his knighthood. But i have to admit that this is all assumption on my part, so i will add the disambiguation to the entry.
  9. I misread that as 9 AC, my bad. That does leave the earlier point made about the six high septons so its possible but i do still think it unlikely.
  10. @Thomaerys Velaryon @The Wondering Wolf My main Issue with this is that he would have been 14 (or even younger if he was chosen before 23 AC) when he became High Septon if they are the same person, and while it is possible that they wanted a younger man this would put him 2 years (or more) before a boy is considered to have become a adult man, which in universe you become at 16. As such his VERY young age would have been noteworthy, thus the lake of mention of this makes it unlikely they are the same person in my opinion. As in they example of the Grand Maesters during Aegon V reign the would likely have chosen someone in 30's or 40's if they wanted a younger man.
  11. Those poor fellows then revolted which would have gutted the Nights Watch, and the reason why the Starks had to put it down can only be that these poor fellows outnumbered the rest of the watch. In fact this internal strife could very well have hastened the decline of the watch. I do not remember any great numbers being sent to the wall after the Dance, in fact i only know of the 19 men Cregan Stark sent there. As for the secret siege there where only 42 people accused, 8 had died already, 1 was killed in trial by combat, 16 had fled, 4 recieved a alternate form of punishment (like joining the faith), so only 13 actually went to the Nights Watch.
  12. In order to not make the infobox over sized i would not ad possible lovers so i think placing it in they page text would be beter.
  13. While i have no problem with the speculation i do think the pages should reflect that there is nothing confirmed, i would put it on the respective pages but have the text make it clear that its speculation and that includes the infobox saying something like "alleged lover" or "possible lover" I actually have a bigger problem with the alleged attraction to women of Nymeria Sand, which is based entirely on her friendship with Jeyne and Jennelyn Fowler. There is nothing there to suggest that it is anything more then friendship, apart from her being "abed" white them when she was informed of Oberyn's death. But women in the Middle ages often slept in the same bed and we also see this in the books where Cersie, Daenaerys and Margaery all have bed companions. So while it is tempting to assign here a LGBTQ+ label i think its not supported by the text's in the books. Like wise Jeyne and Jennelyn Fowler are given such a label, but this is based on the same being "abed" text as Nymeria so here too i do not think its supported by the text's in the books.
  14. I think your confusing the Valyrian's with the Rhoynar who are as far as i know they only people who did this and are the reason this is practised in Dorne.
  15. While i understand your reasoning the comparison to the free Folk thing is not entirely correct. Free Folk is used frequently in the books even if wildling is used more, so the fans are acustomed to the term and know it as an alternative. Singers on they other hand is more obscure because it only appears a handfull of times in the Bran chapters. Undoubtetly it will be used in the coming books and then become similar to Free Folk/wildling in interchangebility, but i do not think its there yet and as such would currently confuse people who may think there on the wrong page when looking for Children of the Forest on the wiki.
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