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  1. There is a difference between a tactical retreat and turning tail, he is against turning tail and running away (army's that do this rarely reform to fight again) and he is also against surrendering to they enemy. But an orderly tactical retreat in order to preserve your fighting strength and fight an other day would be a different matter, this would be a legitimate battle/war tactic.
  2. Right after Jon Arryn died he returned to dragonstone, so he was not in Kings landing while Robert was in Winterfell.
  3. Thats a common misconception on the fleets in westeros the galley's get the most attention because of the description of there number of oars which is why most people read over the fact that a lot of warships are sailed, for instance of the 200 ships in Stannis his fleet in the battle of the Blackwater 80 are sailed ships with no oars. But even if we are talking war galley's it makes no difference the oars would need to be manned during the fight or you would not be able to disengage from a enemy ship or maneuver. So the rowers are not fighting men and the idea that rowers have to be young and "fit" is a misconception. In favorable winds even galley's would be powered by there square mainsail and not there oars and if rowing at cruising speed all day the exertion would still not be high because even after a day of rowing the would have to be able to bring the galley up to battle/raming speed. Tests with the full scale replica trireme Olympias in the late 1980's proved that you did not need young and "fit" men for rowing, a average person would be able to do it.
  4. The crew of a warship are not all fighting men and Lord Manderly actually says that most of the men on the ships are fishermen from the white knife and the bite, these could be men who are not of fighting age and fitnes. So in terms of men of fighting age and fitnes you probably have to cut the number in half with the half of the crew not fighting fit running the ship and manning the sails during a fight.
  5. The direct reason i decided to ask is that Vaith put up a behind the scenes today for the page on the Cymmeri, but whitout a source and i did not want to undo it whitout beeing sure that it should have one. I have changed it now based on you answering my question.
  6. I have a question about behind the scenes stuff, if i am not mistaken for inspirations mentioned there should be a source confirming that George was inspired or based something on the mentioned real life thing? It can not be speculation but has to be confirmed, or am i wrong about this? I am asking because sometimes there is no source and its just speculation.
  7. A single page for this prop with the people mentioned in it on that page should be enough, purely so that people looking for information on the prop can find it we do after all have information pages on the show. So i would say yes they should be deleted. Yes they could have, since most of the battles and the march where on the western shore of the God's Eye it would actually be more likely that they came from the Riverland part of the Blackwater.
  8. I remember something about GRRM stating that the numbers en stats of this RPG where good enough for an RPG, but i also know that in some cases it has already been in conflict with the canon numbers specifically when it comes to Dorne so personally i would not give to much credit to these numbers they seemed to have been designed with play-ability in mind and not canon. In they interest of honesty this is a statement from around when the RPG came out (2005) so i could be misremembering this.
  9. As far as i know its not, there are separate pages for the tv series.
  10. Thanks to both of you, that settles the question.
  11. So i have a question regarding a possible mistake in the text of GoT, @Thomaerys Velaryon thinks the 3000 years in the text below should be 300 years and that we should ad this to the errata on the wiki, but i'm not sure about that because it could be a skull that was brought over from Valyria. That there are only 19 skulls does not change that because, there are 26 know dragons from the conquest down to the dance of dragons, so even if it was only the dragons after the conquest there would be 7 missing. I see no reason there being only 19 skulls means that there are no skulls from before the conquest. I think they only way we can be sure if this is a mistake is for someone with a later edition to check if this has been changed Thomaerys thought that @zionius might know since he is usually well informed on things regarding errata's but if anyone else knows or wishes to give a opinion (strongly hoping @Ran may actually know) please feel free. A Game of Thrones - Tyrion II There were nineteen skulls. The oldest was more than three thousand years old; the youngest a mere century and a half. The most recent were also the smallest; a matched pair no bigger than mastiff's skulls, and oddly misshapen, all that remained of the last two hatchlings born on Dragonstone. They were the last of the Targaryen dragons, perhaps the last dragons anywhere, and they had not lived very long.
  12. The 600 men with Kyle Condon and Ronnel Stout most likely surrendered to Roose Bolton and came back North with him, it also neatly explains why Roose Goes from 3500 men to 4000 between the red Wedding and coming up the causeway to the North A Storm of Swords - Catelyn VI His queer colorless eyes studied her face a moment before he answered. "Some five hundred horse and three thousand foot, my lady. Dreadfort men, in chief, and some from Karhold. With the loyalty of the Karstarks so doubtful now, I thought it best to keep them close. I regret there are not more." This would all be men loyal to Roose and they number 3500 A Dance with Dragons - Reek II The northmen followed hard behind the van, their tattered banners streaming in the wind. Reek watched them pass. Most were afoot, and there were so few of them. He remembered the great host that marched south with Young Wolf, beneath the direwolf of Winterfell. Twenty thousand swords and spears had gone off to war with Robb, or near enough to make no matter, but only two in ten were coming back, and most of those were Dreadfort men. 2 in 10 out of 20000 is 4000 so where did the 500 extra men come from? A Storm of Swords - Catelyn VI "I left six hundred men at the ford. Spearmen from the rills, the mountains, and the White Knife, a hundred Hornwood longbows, some freeriders and hedge knights, and a strong force of Stout and Cerwyn men to stiffen them. Ronnel Stout and Ser Kyle Condon have the command. Ser Kyle was the late Lord Cerwyn's right hand, as I'm sure you know; my lady. the 600 under Kyle and Ronnel would explain this growth in number, also Ronnel Stout would be sworn to House Dustin and they join Roose Bolton shortly after the red wedding, and so does House Ryswell who are Lords of the rills where some of the spearmen come from. The Hornwood bowmen would also be told of Ramsay having become there Lord and likely not have heard of what he did to Lady Hornwood until they had come back North. That leaves the Cerwyn men but Lord Cerwyn and his son are dead and Lord Cerwyn made the mistake of bringing his daughter with him when went South with Robb Stark so Lady Jonnele Cerwyn now ruling Lady is captured at the Red Wedding wich would force Kyle Condon and the Cerwyn men he commands to surrender. In short the 600 Northmen most likely surrendered and became part of Roose Bolton's army.
  13. As far as i can tell the wiki is wrong in this case, because the source it sites is the citadel and that says it bendy so whoever added the arms made a mistake. I looked at the history of the page and apparently it never had the correct arms on it, every version that's been on the page had the pallets instead of the bendy waves.
  14. Yes that would probably be the most universal.
  15. GRRM himself may be american but aSoIaF is a worldwide phenomena and MDY is only used in the Philippines and the USA so using MDY may be confusing to the majority of the people coming to the Wiki. I do agree that there should be one format for this for uniformity.
  16. I was wondering that too, as far as i can tel there is none.
  17. I sometimes have that problem myself, i'm Dutch so English is not my first language, i'm lucky in the sence that English is mandatory here in highschool and that my university study was mostly in English because most of the books where and we had international students, my aunt being a English teacher also did not hurt But i still have to think twice about some things before i say or write them and i always read things twice aswell just to be sure.
  18. Thats actually a real problem right there. I had a debate once with a person who had only read a German translation, and it turned out a crucial part of his theory hinged on what ultimatly turned out to be a mistranslation in his German version.
  19. I understand you basic premise, but the one problem that remains is that even if the magic enters a family via a woman that does not mean it can only be passed by a woman. There are more ways then one to pass something it need not be linked to a gender. Honestly the most realistic way to explain why magic is rare and only seems to occur ones every so many generations is that it comes from Chromosomal crossover more comanly known as meiosis, so if GRRM followed basic genetics then magic would not be Pater or Materlineal.
  20. I understand what your saying, i just don't think that the person who created the original inheritable ability (probably true bloodmagic) would have chosen to have it follow the pattern of a genetic defect. Heteroplasmy would be a much beter example. Because while it can have adverse effects it can also have beneficial effects, with people who live to be over a 100 years old showing a higher than average degree of Heteroplasmy. Short explanation, mtDNA normally only inherited via the mother also inherited via the father leading to the presence of more then one type of organellar genome.
  21. Which still makes everything you say fanfic and not canon, maybe i read over it but i never see you say anywhere that this is your theory and nothing more, you are presenting this as facts which there not. I don't mind a theory i do mind theory's being presented as facts.
  22. You are comparing passing a magical ability with a genetic defect, not the most likely thing to atach a magical ability to you would want something that is always passed on to ensure the magical ability survives.
  23. The same can be said for mothers, so most likely you need both parents to pass on a gene so that you you have a set of 2 and that's whats makes the genes create active magic.
  24. There are no marriages or children given in any of the books for Raya and Mariah Stark so you are just making this up yourself, half of the rest of what you say is depended on you having made up marriages and children for them, so all in all what you say is not likely at all.
  25. Yes it should, i made the change to the page.
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