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  1. I don't know why, but I suppose given the material we knew they would cover during this episode, I had my hopes up. I had high hopes and thought, maybe the tv series was on an uptick in quality this season when compared to the last. given the material they had planned to cover for this episode. Therefore, given it's potential. and what they got out of it in the end..&%$k*ng AWFUL
  2. Sub_Zero94

    [Spoilers] EP602

    Reek is not so Reekish as I thought he'd be or should be.. Crofters village certainly still has a verison of Reek .. He's just a weak Theon at this point
  3. and Brienne is written like a comic book character on the show. I'm not sure that's a good thing
  4. Am I off based or wasn't Trystane supposed to be on the boat with Jamie and Myrcella?? Wasn't he supposed to go be on the King's small council... I seem to remember the Sandsnakes on the dock when the boat departed last season.... How did they.. what the...?
  5. Kind of concur.. It's not like a honorable knightly thing to do, kill a wounded unarmed man sitting on his arse ..
  6. Kind of concur.. It's not like a honorable knightly thing to do, kill a wounded unarmed man sitting on his arse ..
  7. Gave it a 4. Coming off a disappointing episode 9, I didn't think they could trainwreck this, given some of the material they had to work with... What did I like ? I guess the Daenerys stuff, and I'm not a Danny fan. Cercei stuff was good, but not great.. Everything else : what in the holy-hell?!?
  8. so in the last 2 eps, Sansa found out about Jon and Bran and Rickon. what's next ? Benjen will be the hooded man, and he'll walk past her in the hall and wink Danny is cool with Tyrion working with Varys and arriving into her city, knowing Varys tried to have her killed? and it's all good ? :dunno:
  9. Steelshanks mayhaps. pretty sure he's still a cast member, sort of.
  10. what if Ramsay actually captures Mel ? Could be how she walks the wall of WF and ends up seeing the Flayed Man banners on the floor ..
  11. I think it's because, his peers on the show Richard Madden and Alfie Allen are far superior in acting chops to Kit. although, I will admit Kit has improved a bit each season
  12. because it makes zero sense. just for theatrical effect? although, them all just showing up at Castle Black would be enough effect for me... meh
  13. Stannis can blame Mel. She said to bring her , because he lost at the blackwater without her.
  14. by the way.. where the hell is Asha/Yara ?
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