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  1. You seem to be assuming some kind of rational and considered response from the Trump campaign based off of sound strategy rather than whims of an increasingly unhinged mind throwing money and resources at whatever plan his delusions spew forth today. We're not quite at the "Hitler in the bunker, talking plans to win the war while allied armies are closing in on Berlin from all sides and all he has left fighting are children and old men" point but we're not too far from it. Of course his delusions won in 2016 but Trump seems so much further detached from reality at this point. And it looks like all the professionals who would provide coherence to his campaign have either been let go, moved on, or simply know to keep their mouth shut.
  2. I had just started a new gig the week the lock went into effect here (I started on monday, the shelter in place order was given on tuesday or wednesday after). Since its a healthcare facing position and I'm in the lab, I've not missed a day. We did have a reduction in hours for a few weeks, which hurt some, but far ahead of what a lot of people are dealing with. My wife has been working from home the whole time, which means at least one of us is not out in it regularly. My eldest daughter is living at home. The store she works at was shut down for 5 weeks or so. She's now getting some hours as they are doing curb-side service. My youngest has been the most effected directly so far. She's in her senior year of high school. Her soccer season was canceled. Her forensics competition, in which she had a good chance of making state, was canceled. Her work has been shut down. Prom canceled. Her graduation ceremony postponed indefinitely. And we are concerned about rather her plans to start college in the fall will be disrupted. She's making the best of it, but its been hard on her, and frankly hard on me to watch her loose so much. At the least, we are all healthy as we were 2 months ago as of the time of this writing. Though a pandemic is not good for my anxiety in the least. At least once a day, I have a round of worry that a cough or ache or upset stomach is the first symptom. And I have more reason to be concerned than some as I am overweight with high blood pressure. And my mother is in a nursing home. They had one resident die of Covid-19 and another case in the staff. All residents were restricted to their rooms for a while. They've been testing and have had no further cases. That was scary but it appears we had some fortunate with us there. So, while we certainly have had some significant impact from the pandemic and its effects, so far those have been minimal compared to those experienced by a lot of people. That could obviously change. But one day at a time and hopefully eventually after a lot of days, we will realize we got through this ok.
  3. What it means is that this fucker is terrifying contagious and we are extraordinarily lucky as a species that it is not more lethal. If the Covid-19 virus had case fatality rate of say, its cousin, the SARS virus, which had somewhere up around 9 to 10% fatality rate overall, we would be looking at tens of millions of deaths worldwide and shutdowns that, breakdown of governments and civil order, and the kind of economic devastation that is hard to really grasp. Back in 03 we were fortunate that SARS just was not able to spread in the aggressive manner. We have been fortunate since 2012 that MERS, which has a 35% fatality rate, does spread particularly well at all. And we are nearly as fortunate that this virus isn't more lethal. There is not saying that luck will hold if and when another novel corona virus emerges. There maybe factors that make increased lethality less able to spread, but I would not count on it.
  4. 17 years, though I really didn't start posting regularly until maybe a year after that. So I'm probably from most people's perspective old. But in my mind, the old ones are those who lived through the Zorse wars (which were only legend when I joined) and even more so those who date back before the ezboard incarnation of this site.
  5. If he was to run on a package that would include all the above items, I would be much more comfortable with him from a policy standpoint, maybe even enthusiastic about the platform, though I do have some issues with his personal history that I would need to consider carefully. I'm way to the left on most issues and these aims would still fall far short of what, in my view, we need as a nation. But, if enacted through well designed legislation, they would help a lot of people in significant ways. And I serious issues with those who would sacrifice meaningful change in the name of pursing an ideal that can't be reached right now. Of course, Biden would have to actually present this platform, or whatever components he was going to utilize in a convincing manner. But in the hypothetical, yes, there are things that could get this leftist to back him, not just reluctantly vote for him because he's not Trump.
  6. The nursing home my mother lives in has had a resident test positive for Covid-19 after becoming symptomatic. All residents are now quarantined to their rooms and being monitored closely. This is small comfort as this individual would have been infectious for some time before developing the illness. Additionally the home has been in lock down for over 3 weeks to visitors, meaning that it almost certainly has to be brought in by an asymptomatic staff member. My mother is in the latter stages of Parkinson's, making her at high risk if she develops respiratory infections. While she is fine now, this is a really precarious situation for her. While I would have thought restricting residents to their rooms should have been done when the facility went into lock down, I can understand that they were probably as concerned for their mental well being. What is more frustrating is that staff should have been masked and gloved anytime they were close to the residents. Given the shortages of PPE, this may have not been a viable approach. Regardless, we are stuck in a wait and worry and hope mode with my mother's well being on the line.
  7. Again, socialism and democracy are not opposites. they are not even on the same continuity. the opposite of socialism is capitalism. the opposite of democracy is authoritarianism or totalitarianism, to simplify things somewhat. you can have a capitalist dictatorship or a socialist democracy. in fact, we have had a number of both. to insist otherwise is to deny history, the modern world, and the dictionary.
  8. I live about half an hour west of Madison, WI and commute to work in Madison itself. This is the view from here. WI is under stay at home orders but the list of exceptions is so long as to make it next to meaningless. If everyone is essential, no one is. Shutting down bars and restaurants, except for carry-out and delivery, should make an impact, and is a big deal in the heaviest drinking state in the union. But it falls far short of the needed mark I work in a lab that does cancer screening, which being medical, is being considered essential. So I continue to go in. At least the company has sent home everyone who can reasonably work from home and is doing what it can to separate people while continuing operations. And being medical, cleanliness is a big deal. So its better than having to keep on working at a lot of places. My wife is working from home, both my kids' jobs are closed for the duration, and my youngest school is going to distance learning after a long spring break (my eldest taking time between high school and whatever it is she will do next) Traffic during my commute has really dropped this past week compared to even the week before. Its also not mostly empty roads, as it would be if we were truly aiming for a standard of only truly essential work continues for the duration. Yesterday, as I was in town due to work, we decided to get carry-out from a Thai restaurant we've frequented both to support a local business and to break the monotony somewhat. Driving through the city center was shocking. While again, it wasn't empty, it was damned close to it. People were out walking or biking but there were no gatherings, no groups, and lots of distance. While not a ghost town, it was eerie. This morning, we had to go grocery shopping. Just running out of a lot of things. Our store of choice, which is normally hectic, was down to about a third of its normal volume based off the parking lot. About half the other customers had face masks or gloves or both and almost everyone was working hard to keep that 6 ft distance. So, at least around here, people are taking this pretty seriously. Its not enough, though. With so many people still having to work, its going to continue spreading. Hopefully it will flatten the curve enough, but I doubt it. As far as I can find out, the hospitals have not yet been overwhelmed. But that could change quickly. I fear what is going to happen in Milwaukee, with its higher population density and large areas of deep poverty.
  9. *mod hat* While the Jim Jones story is an interesting, if disturbing one with a horrorific ending and while it does have some relevence in a discussion of leaders who develop a cult of personality around them, its getting rather far off topic. I'm going to ask that we please steer things back more to the topic at hand. If a few of you strongly want to continue that particular discussion at greater length, either give it its own thread or do so by PM. Thank You */mod hat*
  10. I would be managing my emotions a lot better through this crisis, if the behavior of our federal government, particularly the president was inducing spasms of rage several times a day.
  11. Was out for a bit this afternoon. Just running my daughter over to her mother's house the next town down road for her week there. Did not have to expose myself to anyone not in my immediate family. What surprised me is that there were not that many less cars on the road compared to a normal Sunday afternoon. It still doesn't feel like people are locking themselves down the way they need to around here. I start a new job tomorrow. I would be really excited. Its a company with a good reputation as a workplace and top tier benefits, at least for an American employer. But I'm much more nervous because there is no way to escape having to be physically present. The type of work I do precludes working from home. So after being able to isolate with the family for 4 days, I'm going to be back out tomorrow. Its a company that processes at home cancer screen tests, so its a medical lab, which I'm hoping might be more on top of their sanitiation than most work places. Still, its having to interact with people, even if everyone is trying to keep their distance.
  12. I'm glad I won't be around for the 29th century and the return of all those horrible diseases. Though I do hope that you do something to try to warn the future of what is coming. Seriously, his ignorance, his stubborn resistance to learning anything continues to be a serious problem for this country. If he was willing to spend 10 minutes going through a briefing on the history of epidemic disease and actually apply that knowledge, he would have a much better handle on what is happening now. But he won't, so we have to live with the consequences of his willful blindness.
  13. You predict that the hospital you work at will collapse? Would you be able to elaborate? Are you seeing that many serious cases already and are approaching the situation faced by some Italian Hospitals? Or, is it more due to stress and lack of resources and anticipation of what is likely coming?
  14. Had tickets to see Pearl Jam in Ottawa a week from this coming Friday. I was really pumped about it. They have a new album dropping the end of this month and haven't had a proper tour for several years now. Most fans are being really supportive and understanding of the need to do this. All that is, except some conservatives among the fans who are throwing a fit about it. I fully expected this, frankly was a bit surprised that the band took so long to reach the decision to postpone the coming shows. We should be cancelling or limiting crowds at all public events. We aren't and are going to pay the price for it.
  15. I don't know if this is really relevant to current events. Two states had not even ratified the constitution yet and New York was being dysfunctional. The procedures were new to everyone and there were bound to be complications. While we have had various electoral shenanigans and oddities since then, none really provide precedent for suspending a presidential election during a crisis. We've held elections during wars and depressions, and most notably for this discussion, a midterm election in 1918 while the Flu was still raging across the country. Not saying that if things are really bad then, that Trump or his supporters in congress won't try something, or they won't try more forceful voter suppression tactics with the justification of public safety, but there would be no ground for them to stand on to do so besides brute power.
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