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  1. davos

    All things Star Wars

    *mod hat* Ok, folks, please cool it down a bit. There are strong feelings on this franchise, so things getting a bit heated is understandable. Just remember to be respectful of other boarders. Thank you */mod hat*
  2. Finally and for the last time, at 23. When I was 18 I went to University quite some distance from home (that's a long story in and of itself that I won't get into here). For the next two years I come home over the summers and on longer holiday breaks. After 2 years I decided school wasn't working for me so I took some time off, lived at my parent's home, and worked. I then went back to school, though much closer this time. I still didn't come home that often even though I was living in a dorm. At 23 I got married and my new wife and I moved into an apartment together. That's when I took all my stuff out of my parent's place, except some items that I put into storage there. I had to revisit some of the same emotions after my dad passed a few years ago and we were moving my mom to a nursing home (advanced parkinson's, can't take care of herself). The house was sold (my dad had already made those arrangements before passing) and we had to clear their stuff out. I found that there were a surprising amount of stuff of mine from my childhood still around. It was surreal to see that house, which they had occupied for 46 years, empty.
  3. davos

    NBA Finals 2018: Do Or Die For The Cleveland LeBrons

    I'm a Bucks fan. At least nominally. They have been so bad for so long that I have not the energy to give them much attention. The few flirtations they've had with being decent have only added to the pain by proving to be ephemeral. Watching Giannis (sp?) has been a treat but I'm all but certain that no matter his intentions now, that in a year or two he will realize he is playing in a basketball black hole and find a way to get free and get himself to a team that can actually give him a supporting cast or even a legit 2nd star. Its a horribly mismanaged team that will fail to capitalize in the stroke of luck its had. As for this off-season, I suspect LJ will leave Cleveland but Durant will stay in place to try to win another championship or two.
  4. davos

    U.S. Politics: He's an Idiot, Plain and Simple

    Despite some a good instinct for manipulating the public, Hitler was an idiot, at least in the common sense of the term (rather than the specific sense that Ormond talks about above). In 12 years he lead Germany into utter ruin, with the whole of the nation occupied by foreign powers, many of its major cities bombed out or otherwise in rubble from fighting, somewhere over 3 million of its armed forces members dead from the war along with at least a million more civilians, and the country bearing responsibility for one of the worst atrocities in history. Nazi Germany lacked anything resembling a coherent system of government or a sustainably viable economic system. Its successes, and those are dubious at best, came from hiding over economic flaws by constant expansion first of the military and then by conquest, taking advantage of a public that was willing to accept authoritarianism after years of deep political turmoil, and a military that was primed to embrace new doctrines that best took advantage of emerging technologies that granted a temporary advantage on the battlefield. He was just profoundly lucky, to the great misfortune of his country and the world.
  5. davos

    U.S. Politics; Who Watches the Watchers?

    There isn't even a country anymore. Not really. We are at least two countries, probably several more maintaining the increasingly thin and untenable delusion that we are a single nation. While it could remain a single unit for sometime, the potential is there a split. And it could happen very quickly once a threshold is crossed as the ground work has, largely without intent or comprehension, been being laid for some time.
  6. I almost always drink loose-leaf teas. Generally, but not always, black teas. Always without any sweeteners or dairy. My most frequent cup is Darjeeling. I also really enjoy a good Assam or Earl Grey. I generally also have some random green teas around for when I am drinking more to relax than for a pick-me-up. I never drink coffee. Despite repeated attempts I just don't like it and can't bring myself to tolerate it. The only way I will generally take it is with so much sugar and cream that I might as well just get a Mt Dew. Its frustrating as coffee is ubiquitous, generally available fairly inexpensively in this country, and is an effective stimulant. I guess I will also occasionally have things like frappes, which aren't really coffee but very sweet beverages with some coffee in them.
  7. This post-season may go down as James' best performance, carrying a mediocre team to the finals. Still don't buy him as the GOAT though. I still have to give the nod to Jordan, though James is making a case. Its easy an easy trap to fall into to overvalue a player's place historically when you've just watched one of their best moments in a long run of dominance. Its also just as easy for the impressiveness of past dominance to fade. Its been two decades since the end of the last Bulls' run. I suspect many for many of those in this thread, its a historical occurrence rather than something they actually observed, or if they did, that they were young enough that their memories of it are fuzzy at best. Its certainly understandable, even for those of us who are old enough (somewhere around 35 or so I would guess) to have seen that time in the NBA first hand, just how scary MJ was. He could do things on a consistent basis that no one in the game has been able to do before or since. And he was intense on both ends of the floor. 9 time all NBA defensive team and a NBA defensive player of the year award. This is on top of 6 MVP awards He never stopped, never slowed down, never let up. Yes, LJ has a lot of hardware to support his case and, like, Jordan has been one of the flew players through most of his tenure to be strong both offensively and defensively. So lets talk championships. Jordan has 6 of them, James 3. But, many will point out that James has 7, soon to be 8 finals appearances in a row for 2 different teams. Yes, its damned impressive. Its one of the big reasons James even deserves to be in the GOAT conversation. But that's not the whole story. Jordan won 3 in a row, walked away from Basketball for two years, came back and won 3 more in a row. He never lost a finals appearance. James doesn't even have a winning record in the finals (he can bring it to .500 if the Cavs win this year). What's even more telling is how far the bulls sunk during MJ's two year hiatus. They were a solid team without him, but only that. Jordan only played with two other hall of famers, Pippen and Rodman, the latter of which came to the bulls at the tail end of his career, with his best years well past him. Pippen frankly, was a decent player was elevated to greatness by having the fortunate of playing most of his career with Jordan. The bulls, though, were a team of roll players who were elevated by being on a team with MJ. He made them special. He was gone and they sunk back to the pack, he returned and they resumed their dominance. When James went to Miami Wade already had a championship and a legacy of his own and Bosh would join them as an established all-star. Ray Allen, who will likely make the HoF, would join them latter (while his best days were well past his contributions were significant). There are arguments about how this is a different era with better overall play than back in Jordan's day, that the league has changed, playing styles have changed, ect... I'm not going to dispute any of that except possibly that play is better now. Its different but I'm not sure better. Yes, Jordan, even in his prime, would have to adjust his style to be able to excel in today's game. James would have to do the same if transported back to the mid-ninties. They are different players at different positions. LeBron is a bigger man, both in height (by just a few inches still) and build that allows him can play a power game in a way that Jordan's slimmer stature never could. Jordan had speed more speed than James has. We're talking who's the GOAT, though, not who was the best player, though the latter is a component of the former. They both are the best of their respective eras and on the short list for best ever. For the Greatest Of All Time, though, I have to go back to Jordan's absolute dominance in the finals especially compared to James' record, and to how much he elevated to greatness what would have been a mediocre team. *For the record, I think Tim Duncan, Kareem Adul Jabar (sp?) and possible a few others should remain in the GOAT discussion. I don't think MJ and LJ are so far above everyone else its only them left to debate. Its just that at this point trying to make a solid case for someone else would be too much effort to not have it treated seriously. With only the two candidates in the field, though, I have to go with MJ.
  8. if the Celtics weren't missing so many relatively open shots this game would be over with.
  9. Game might be tied but Boston is out hustling Cleveland rather significantly.
  10. davos

    NBA playoffs 2018 - Raptors over Cavs in 6

    I would argue otherwise. He really redefined his intensity on both ends of the floor once in Boston. Irving was one of the almost but not quite a real MVP candidate at the time of his injury. While his stat line is similar to those from his past few seasons in Cleveland, he had made himself into a much more complete player. While the success of his team without him does put a question mark on this evaluation, I tend to think that is a testament to how well Boston rebuilt their whole roster, especially in evaluating and quickly developing young talent, than it is a mark against Irving. Give the man his due. The injury took away his chance to emphasize his progress on the bigger stage of the post season but he's clearly a significantly better player than he was last year when he was likely top 25. This squad with the addition of Irving and Hayward would scary and have the potential to be a real threat to GS or Houston in the finals.
  11. Just got back from taking my daughter to see it. I had first watched the film the day after it came out. She hadn't seen it before and had been studiously avoiding spoilers. It was interesting to go through it with someone who didn't know what was coming. Couple of observations from my 2nd viewing. The intensity held up very well. The Russo brothers clearly embraced the concept that this was the payoff to years of set up films. They could give it this film a frenetic energy that would be otherwise impossible to maintain while telling a good story because the characters and setting were all well established. Outside of Avengers 4, I doubt we will ever see anything similar again. The confluence of a studio with the resources and willingness to provide the backing to such a long-term project. the leadership to see it through and keep all the moving parts from flying apart into incoherence, access to the right mix of creative talent both behind and in front of the camera, and a film watching public that is willing to remain excited and pay attention to the whole thing across more than a decade and at this point 18 films is simply not going to happen again. The attempts to mimic what Marvel has accomplished show exactly how difficult it is to do right. This film could tell a great, complex story with an expansive cast with very little exposition because the ground work had been laid so well. Despite some flaws, it and the MCU as a whole are, and almost certainly, will remain, an unique accomplishment. I am now convinced that Loki is most definitely not dead. He proclaims himself the God of mischief and then makes the most obvious play imaginable. That just doesn't follow both from a character and a story telling standpoint. I have working theory that he switched minds with Bruce, which is why the Hulk is not willing to make an appearance. It doesn't track completely. Even if that isn't it, though, I'm convinced that Loki will have a role to play in A4. They really did a great job making Thanos a rounded character. Despite being buried in CGI, Broslin managed to convey both complexity and menace. His scenes with Gamora are very well done and he really sells that having to kill her was both heart breaking for him and that in his mind absolutely necessary. I was afraid that Thanos would be just a big, tough guy. Yes, the biggest, toughest, meanest SOB in the galaxy but just an evil force to be stopped. That they managed to make more of him deserves applause. The biggest issue for me is all the times that the heroes could have done something to block Thanos' plan and failed because of weakness. I understand the thematic intent. They were not willing to readily sacrifice a life to win and Thanos was, and that is the heart of what makes them good and what makes him evil. They did try to sell it a one or two many times though. Overall, though, the film really worked well for me after watching it again. Really looking forward to how they wrap this up Incidently, they are really going to have a hard time keeping my interest past A4, excepting maybe for films that continue the stories of existing characters. There is a point where they something should be allowed to end and they are likely getting there. The recent films have all been very, very good but I would rather see them find a stopping point before they start loosing the threads. It won't happen. They are making way too much money. But I can hope.
  12. davos

    NBA playoffs 2018 - Raptors over Cavs in 6

    I really doubt that. Not saying the Cavs are going to loose but I have given an edge to Boston since it became clear who would be in the conference finals. Cleveland has been lucky getting this far. Lebron playing at a level only Jordan (and possible 3 or 4 other players) have ever reached has covered up a lot weaknesses. Plus they had the fortunate of playing a team they have owned over the past few playoffs. You can only do so much on the back of 1 player, even one of Lebron's caliber. Boston my be lacking in star talent but they are deeper, more balanced and playing as a cohesive unit. Lebron maybe putting on a individual playoff campaign but what Boston as a team is at least as impressive. Celtics in 6.
  13. davos

    US Politics: Follow the Money!

    The John McCain who lost the nomination to W back in 2000 seemed to be a moderate, sane man who would have had a real chance to at least put a break on his party's slide into insanity. While Gringrich, the contract with America, and the Clinton impeachment had already happened, there might have been an opening to draw a different course and McCain would have been a good choice to try to find it. That man I could respect, if not agree with. The John McCain of the past year and a half has been bucking his party and I can respect that, even if he's been far from perfect. He's at least been a voice of sanity. The John McCain who sold his soul to get the nomination in 2008 essentially killed what little worthwhile was left in the GOP. He then spent the next 8 years that he could have been trying to find ways to cooperate with Obama to actually lead this country instead taking part in the obstructionist his party embraced. Unfortunately, this is the portion of John McCain's public life that has had, by far, the largest impact on the country, and it, therefore, is the one that will rightly form the preponderance of his legacy. So fuck him
  14. davos

    NBA playoffs 2018 - Raptors over Cavs in 6

    So, baring something truly shocking, we are going to get a Boston-Cleveland final. Both these teams made massive off-season moves, including the at the time epic Irving-Thomas trade. The weird thing is that none of the major veterants either team added (if memory serves) are involved in this off-season. For the Celtics, Irving and their other major pick up Hayward, are both out with serious injuries. Yes, the Celtics did bring in a lot of young talent through the draft, but the plan clearly was to build around the two new veterans. For Cleveland, none of the players they gained in the now infamous trade worked out. Chowder and Thomas, along with fellow off-season pick-up Wade, are no longer with the team. Typically for an organization to shake things up so significantly going into a season and then have those moves pan out so badly would be disastrous. Yet, we will have two teams in exactly that boat in a conference finals. What a strange season. *Yes, Hayward and Irving could still pan out for Boston. But they were brought in for an immediate impact. Irving was doing just that before his injury. It appeared at the time that his loss was the nail in the Celtics season but they are playing great despite the holes in their roster.
  15. davos

    NBA playoffs 2018 - Raptors over Cavs in 6

    *Mod Hat* To follow up on events in the last couple of pages of the prior thread, lets keep it on topic and respectful people. Take the political debate over the appropriate threads in GC and stay away from insults, intentionally offensive language and other disruptive behavior. Thank you */Mod Hat*