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  1. best episode of the season. even spoiled the book readers.
  2. Well then... so much for that... I guess that doesn't mean Coldhands can't release Bran and the gang first though... :-)
  3. I'm sure this has been thrown out as a possibility, but I'm at work and don't have time to read ALL the replies. Bran getting captured is PERFECT for the story, and here's why: - Coldhands shows up and lays waste to the ex-Crows, frees Bran's gang and takes them away, thus being a perfect introduction of Coldhands to the show. - Jon, Locke and the gang show up and the Keep is in ruins with huddling girls and Ghost protecting them/eating remains of ex-Crows. Jon reunited with Ghost, Jon knows something is off/this wasn't a Wildling raid (girls would be gone), reports back to Castle Black with his first batch of Wildling refugees, causing tension at Castle Black. - Jon and Bran never meet. If they do, there's no way Jon would let Bran continue on his wild goose chase in the North.
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