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  1. Apparently it was a messy divorce between Albert Pujols and the Anaheim of Orange County baseballing club.
  2. Dodgers trying to blow a 13 run lead
  3. I believe their goal is to make MC have a heart attack.
  4. I’m sorry to keep harping on this shit, but, at the risk of sounding like an old crank, this isn’t baseball.
  5. Dumb double-header rule meet dumb extra-innings rule.
  6. Dustin May needs TJ surgery
  7. Finally some offense from the Dodgers.
  8. Have I mentioned how much I fucking hate the extra-innings rule?
  9. Matt Gaetz is in deep shit. While trying to buy a pardon through Roger Stone, Gaetz’ partner-in-crime admitted that both of them payed for sex with a 17 year old. And this shit is in writing. https://www.thedailybeast.com/joel-greenberg-letter-written-for-roger-stone-says-matt-gaetz-paid-for-sex-with-minor
  10. Trishkin

    Lit Prizes

    Women’s (formerly Orange, formerly Bailey’s) Prize for Fiction shortlist: The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett Piranesi by Susanna Clarke Unsettled Ground by Claire Fuller Transcendent Kingdom by Yaa Gyasi How the One-Armed Sister Sweeps Her House by Cherie Jones No One is Talking About This by Patricia Lockwood The winner will be announced July 7th ETA: It should also be noted that Detransition, Baby by Torrey Peters did not make the shortlist. Peters is a trans woman, and her inclusion on the longlist pissed off a bunch of TERF assholes.
  11. There are some 20 million people living within a few hours’ drive of my house. Wrap your mind around that, Arkansas!
  12. People tend to forget how huge and diverse California is. It’s not all surf bums, gangbangers, tech hippies, and ivory tower Berkeley elites. There are more republicans in California than in any other state besides Texas and Florida. We got rich Orange County assholes, dumbass Riverside Trump-bros, and farmers. Shitloads of farmers. Like farmers everywhere.
  13. Oh shit, this is a federal thing? I thought it was only us commies in California that were going to be issued red meat passports.
  14. Trishkin

    Lit Prizes

    Booker International Shortlist: At Night All Blood is Black by David Diop (Senegal) The Dangers of Smoking in Bed by Marianna Enriquez (Argentina) The Employees by Olga Ravn (Denmark) In Memory of Memory by Maria Stepanova (Russia) The War of the Poor by Eric Vuillard (France) Winner announced June 2nd.
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