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  1. Cold Hands warm heart

    Hello from Benioff and Weiss

    Just wanted to add my thanks and support for your continued great work on this show that is continuing to evolve. From a calibration with the author and two established writers to what seamed to be two writer/producers left on their own to the growth of a story that manifests from the actions of the characters. As in life all characters have many traits and sometimes we wish for certain actions in our heroes and our villains and the anxiety in the wait to see their choices is what makes a story.
  2. Cold Hands warm heart

    Fantasy and SF Recommendations: Series

    Alfred Coppel. One series he wrote is The Goldwing Cycle 1. Glory 2.Glorys' People 3. Glory's War. A tale of the last Goldwing Starship. Massive machines that sailed the currents of space. Crewed by humans and sentient cats.
  3. Cold Hands warm heart

    [Book Spoilers] EP501 Discussion

    I had hoped to see the smug look wiped from the face of Janos Slynt. He was shown to be the coward we all new he was at the end of last season. For the rest of it, continue to entertain me.
  4. Cold Hands warm heart

    [Book Spoilers] EP409 Discussion

    There sure is a lot to cover next week, by our book figurein' anyways. I do enjoy watching and listening to Stannis. With time constraints we may only see Renlys' armor appear over the rise, I mean Baratheon armor as a line of Knights sweep over the Free folk. After Tyrion escapes, Brienne fights and bites and Tywin hums to himself the Raines of Castimere
  5. Cold Hands warm heart

    [Book Spoilers] EP406 Discussion

    It's almost like horses are being changed mid stream. I know the Asha/Yara was big and unexpected to end last season but to hangs us out for 'What about your brother." " He s dead" was lame. I love a good fight , but that storyline to replace Kingsmoot? Now is she going to run around the north til Stannis shows, maybe Iron Born could head down to the Twins beat up the Freys for what they did to the King in the North. Give me an hour of Tyrion and Jon and I'll be happy.
  6. Cold Hands warm heart

    [Book Spoilers] EP405 Discussion

    Where is Shae? Did she make it to Pentos?
  7. Cold Hands warm heart

    [Book Spoilers] EP405 Discussion

    Cersie, Mother of Sisters. Mistress of Flowers. Daughter of Revenge.
  8. Cold Hands warm heart

    [Book Spoilers] EP405 Discussion

    Cersie, we always loved you, and to hear you open up and share, well I, I just don;t know what to say. One thing I can say is, it's known, the book is 9 times out of 10 better than the show. And this is not that one time. The story is lost, they're treading on water.
  9. Cold Hands warm heart

    [Book Spoilers] EP405 Discussion

    Okay, I wonder who Bran and his mob will sneak up on next? Would it be over the top for coldhands to show up and escort them to , say, the Fist of the First Men? And come on, the loveable Direwolfs, give them a break, let them just hang with their guys. Were good if we just see them padding across the snow, snatching a bit of prey. Please please don't butcher their lines.
  10. Cold Hands warm heart

    [Book Spoilers] EP405 Discussion

    Since change was made in the Loarch/ Locke character I would of liked to see him omitted. I thought he must be a vehicle for some important reveal. No just a little killin' I am just wishing more was put into other lines. Knowing from the books, there is a lot of stuff going on. Having a roll eat up valuable screen time that we can't get back at the end, erks me : }
  11. Cold Hands warm heart

    [Book Spoilers] EP404 Discussion

    Thats kind of my point , the author is not tying up the story. And we have all heard about many other Dragons. Dany , Jon, even Tyrion, that could of and would of danced
  12. Cold Hands warm heart

    [Book Spoilers] EP404 Discussion

    For me I am taking the show as something separate from the books at this point. Remember the books were initially a trilogy, to have an Aegon appear in the fifth book and to weave a plot around "him" strikes me as grasping for plot. At this point with all the new characters that could befall the tv show there is no way to bring all the supposed story lines together. The Tower of Joy, sorry but it could easily be omitted from the tv show. I hope the tv show does not go the way of the later books. I prefer to see plot development with story to climax.
  13. Cold Hands warm heart

    [Book Spoilers] EP404 Discussion

    I am into the changes being made in character arc from book to show. That being said now that Bran and Jon are on course to connect once they do how could you separate them other than in death. And we must have Stannis arrive at the Wall, and when he does he would find an heir to Winterfell in Bran. It's becoming Helter skelter. Will the Hound and Ayra hook up with LF and Sansa? There will be omitted story lines in order to bring this to a close in 3-4 years. In depth of story a tv show can not compete with a book. But we are certainly being entertained. I do hope some of the book is omitted, only to give more development into what has already been presented to us. Thinking about the monumental task that is before them in the tv production , Now Dany, IF if she is one day to land in Westeros I for one would be okay in not seeing her until that day, Maybe the Doom of Valyria could hit her part of the world, again, and cut off communication for the now. Anyways we shall all enjoy til then.
  14. Cold Hands warm heart

    [Book Spoilers] EP404 Discussion

    I looked afew times and The Other, some are saying is Nights King, seems to be wearing rubber surgical gloves when he first picked up the baby boy. Just a little off....