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  1. Another Locust

    [Book Spoilers] EP503 Discussion

    Great northern conspiracy. To my knowledge, the lords of the North (Manderly, Umber, Mormont, etc.) are plotting to overthrow the Boltons and replace then with Rickon or (long shot) Jon. But the question to ask is, wouldn't Theon fulfill his book role?
  2. Another Locust

    [Book Spoilers] EP503 Discussion

    I think this whole Sansa + Ramsay fiasco is a plot. Hopefully, Sansa will be able to gain the loyalty of her fellow northerners and overthrow the Boltons. However, she could also be the substitute for Jeyne Poole; that would be bad writing. I mean, LF cannot possible be that stupid. Everyone knows about Ramsay and his ilk. There's no way Petyr Baelish doesn't, I hope. Two possibilities, maybe three or four or five or six. With my narrow minded thinking, I see only two.
  3. For some reason, people tend to ignore text evidence and common sense in any direct or indirect argument, discussion, or topic involving any issue, controversy, or dispute about any fragment of knowledge of multiple subjects involving Sansa Stark. Why? No idea, people are stupid.