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  1. That must be grossly exaggerated. I bet only a handful of sets disappeared, the rest had never even existed in the first place. I mean, if Russia had paid for 1.5 million sets of winter gear, then how many could possibly have been actually delivered? 100 thousand? 200? I can't imagine it being any number higher than two hundred thousand.
  2. I wish that every movie director had to fill a form with two questions: "1. Are you Francis Ford Coppola? 2. Are you making 'The Godfather'?". If the answer to either of those is negative, then the movie can't exceed two hour limit. This trend of writing a 90 minutes worth of screenplay and padding it with an hour of fluff to make a statement: "we are making a serious blockbuster here!", is positively exhausting.
  3. However: if you don't have the budget to make a decent battle, there's always an option of not even trying, and doing something both cheaper and creative instead. Like the Battle of Pharsalus in HBO's "Rome": Pompey the Great, not so great anymore, recounting the events of the battle while drawing a tactical map with a stick in dirt. At least one battle in an early season (Season 1 mayhaps?) of "Game of Thrones" got a similar "tell, don't show" treatment. And in one episode of "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" the director put the camera at the bottom of a pool - it didn't see shit, and the sequence was probably more impressive and memorable than anything they could do with infinite budget. I personally would prefer something like that, instead of the half-assed battle of Cintra we got the dubious privilege of seeing.
  4. Probably. OTOH, it's best not to assume anything, in the world where a crow somehow has managed to become King in the North. In such world, who knows anymore?
  5. Jon's lady wife, for example. It would be a perfectly reasonable guess.
  6. Most definitely. I think those are the books he asked, and was denied, the access to. It is his reward.
  7. Still not fixed, by the way.
  8. Huh, I didn't notice somebody had reported the same problem (and, I think, inspired by the same fellow user). That's... nice. (And good to know that it isn't my computer possessed by Satan/malware, that it's the board's problem.)
  9. A weird problem: there's a user who has a comma in his nickname... and therefore I cannot add him to my "ignored" list. Let's call him "X, Y, Z". I try (hover over his name, click 'ignore'), and the system seems to interpret it as if I wanted to add three different users "X", "Y" and "Z" to my list.
  10. "Server not found". Is it "forum.westeros.org"?
  11. Well, it has a little girl being burned alive, but no naked nipples, so nothing really disturbing...
  12. And her shocked, terrified face... Ugh! I could do without that scene.
  13. Shocking? I thought her fate was spelled out a few episodes back, and I'm surprised how many people were surprised. There was that dialogue between Mel and Selyse, with Selyse bitching about - this time - her daughter's imperfection, and Mel saying something like: "Those scars mean nothing to the Lord of Light, she has king's blood in her veins". From that moment, it was only a question when, not if, Melisandre will burn Shireen.
  14. But wasn't that a weird place to find a loose corkscrew?
  15. Funny, I thought it was the opposite: his issue was with her use of past tense: "I hated him!" - slap! - "no, really, I hated him!" - slap! She didn't leave all that behind, she's still Arya Stark, with Arya Stark's issues and Arya Stark's scores to settle (bless her heart).
  16. Well pointed out. An Unsullied. Singular. While they had been built up as something more than "mighty Grey Worm and a bunch of poor fuckers".
  17. Uhm... You know we aren't discussing reality here, either? We're actually talking about a TV show. With a huge emphasis on show, with dragons and choreographed fights and tits and everything. I don't care much for "realistic", I want entertaining, and let's not delude ourselves, that's the showrunners' priorities as well. And the famous legendary badass Unsullied getting their asses kicked with ease made a disappointing show, and that sin I don't take lightly. Ser Barry actually had a decent exit, he was attacked by, by my count, fifteen people and killed them all but one, so I don't mind. But the Unsullied were a bunch of fucking red shirts.
  18. Actually, Tysha was included in the show. They devoted several precious minutes of boobless screen time for Tyrion to tell her story. Those demons haunted him back in Season 1. It would've been an understandable decision not to include her in the first place. But to introduce such a part of Tyrion's personal history, only to completely forget about it later, seems just sloppy.
  19. That would be OK, if not for the fact that the Unsullied didn't even give the formation a chance. There was no need to break it, it dissolved on its own within a blink of an eye. And if you put a phalanx-like unit in a Thermopylae-like setup, you need to let them kick some major ass before killing 'em all.
  20. I beg to differ. They're supposed to be soldiers, not warriors; they acted like warriors, not soldiers. No coordination, every man for himself.
  21. Ah, the Unsullied. Discipline and formation. Formation and discipline. That's what they're famous for. Scratch famous, legendary. So what happens when a handful of them get ambushed in a narrow alley? Equipped with their standard issue shields and spears? That's right, a bunch of uncoordinated individual fights at shortest possible distance. What the Unsullied were good at, again?... The Sand Snakes. Oh my, what a sad bunch of cartoon, one-dimensional, unlikeable, unrelatable villains. Comparing them to the originals put aside (I, for one, am no book purist and I don't automatically loathe any change), they're simply shitty characters on their own. Melisandre begins to look like a ripoff of Areola, the foreign exchange student from "Not Another Teen Movie" (NSFW). Like, seriously, I almost expected to hear "My breasts are perky, yes?". Or maybe that's what Melisandre has always been? Dunno. Anyway, Areola was an OK minor character in a comedy, but not sure if she works in a drama. But I liked that the show makers keep working at humanizing Stannis, because maybe that means they'll kill him off soon? Throw us a bone, before GRRM kills him off in Book 6? A boy can dream...
  22. Warning. I'm gonna rant. While I myself am a big fan of ASOIAF, and only a casual show watcher, I need to say: all that "they changed it, now it sucks" stuff is srsly furrealz ridiculous. Boohoo, so Tommen bedded Margaery, thus they obviously discarded the "gasp, Marg no virgin!1!" play with something different... so what? Was the "gasp, Marg no virgin!1!" play really that awesomelicious? You really fell in deep deep love with that subplot and nothing else could possibly be this this this absolutely super? I'm calling BS. Boohoo^2, there's this cool quote in teh book, but in teh show nobody mentions no block! Ruined!!! Ya know what? I've read the book. And the block-fetching is decisively not what made the biggest impact on me. Nor second biggest. Nor third biggest. That scene, actually, was not first and foremost about block-fetching. Seriously. There's plenty of stuff in the show to have a decent, legit whine about, and you pull that shit instead? Sheesh. They're making a TV adaptation which is a TV adaptation. Make peace with that fact.
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