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    Publishing Industries Social Ills

    I havent read any of the blog comments, but it was my impression each mastodon server node has different guidelines and terms of service. Thats basically the central premise the whole service is designed around. I wonder if Morgan realizes this or not, he could possibly just move to a different server.
  2. bms295

    Publishing Industries Social Ills

    Just read Richard Morgan's last few blog posts. His year isnt getting any better, it seems...
  3. bms295

    Revelation Space Question

    Thanks. Is Chasm City essential to understand the rest of the trilogy?
  4. bms295

    Revelation Space Question

    Im about 3/4s of the way through revelation space and im wondering when the proper time to start Chasm City is. Ive read some people recommend reading it before starting the trilogy, but i wasnt aware of it then. Since ill have already read the first book, is it still important to read before starting the second? Any help appreciated.