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  1. I've actually been thinking about picking these up, and the fact that people are recommending Stover for fans of them piques my interest. Out of curiosity where do they fall on the YA spectrum? Are we talking Percy Jackson levels, or something closer to Shattered Sea?
  2. Damn it! I completely forgot about Harry Potter!
  3. I agree with alot of your points, but he certainly redefined the level of mainstream success a modern fantasy author was thought to be capable of. Before the juggernaut that was Game of Thrones, I dont think anyone really suspected that the pop culture appeal of a fantasy series outside of The Lord of the Rings could really reach that kind of level of success. That was absolutely the biggest show on TV while it aired, and in turn has caused him to be the biggest celebrity the fantasy genre has ever known outside of Tolkien. I mean, did any of us ever think that an epic fantasy writer was gonna have a guest spot on a late night television show?
  4. We talking about the years Joe Abercrombie didn't release a book?
  5. Fair points. Ultimately like any nominating it comes down to personal preference. While I admit I didn't read the McGuire work, I didn't care for Gideon the Ninth at all. Same goes for The City in the Middle of the Night, which I was only able to get about 3/4s the way through before giving up. I'd put both of the novels I mentioned ahead of either of them, though definitely not ahead of A Memory Called Empire and probably not the Light Brigade either. Really the only novel that I read last year that may have been better than the Martine work would've been GGKs, and I would have to really think about that.
  6. I feel like The Hod King and Salvation Lost would also have been worthy additions. Neither were the authors best work, but really thats irrelevant because you're comparing them to the other releases for that year.
  7. I thought A Memory Called Empire was excellent, so really no complaints from me about that winning. The Light Brigade was quality as well, if maybe to a lesser extent. The rest of the slate not so much, in my opinion. However, are we really going to argue that men aren't publishing the same quality of work? A Brightness Long Ago is equal to if not better than every novel nominated. Children of Time and Children of Ruin by Adrian Tchaikovsky was phenomenal as well.
  8. China is in the middle of commiting an actual genocide right now, I think.
  9. The Lynch situation is a little difficult. He certainly lied and is a bad spouse, but is everyone who commits an extramarital affair guilty of gross sexual misconduct? How he conducts himself in his personal relationships doesnt really interest me at all unless some type of crime has been committed. Unless i missed something theres no evidence of him personally blackballing his accuser professionally, regardless of what Bear may have done. The whole scenario is a mess, to be sure, but alot of people cheat on their significant others. Its not illegal.
  10. Just out of curiosity, what didnt you like about Tigana? Its my personal favorite of his.
  11. Its been years since ive read it, but if i remember correctly one of the main characters in China Mieville's Perdido Street Station is also an insect like creature.
  12. Shadows of the apt. Its by the same author as Children of Time and also fits your criteria fairly well. Kameron Hurleys earlier work also does, to a lesser extent.
  13. I havent read any of the blog comments, but it was my impression each mastodon server node has different guidelines and terms of service. Thats basically the central premise the whole service is designed around. I wonder if Morgan realizes this or not, he could possibly just move to a different server.
  14. Just read Richard Morgan's last few blog posts. His year isnt getting any better, it seems...
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