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  1. So, havent got to start this yet, but if someone could spoiler tag whether or not we see Ninefingers for me id be much obliged! Im one of those weirdos that dont really care about spoilers and can still enjoy things knowing.
  2. Started Aurora Rising (the Prefect?) by Alastair Reynolds. I really enjoyed Chasm City, so im looking forward to this one.
  3. Im about halfway through the Land Beyond the Sea by Sharon Kay Penman, which im loving so far. Im pretty uninformed about this particular section of history, but the characters are just so vivid and fantastic. I think its probably her best since Devil's Brood. So tragic that she passed away, her books are a real treasure.
  4. Jade War is fantastic. It takes all the great ideas from the first novel and ups them to eleven. Im eagerly awaiting Jade Legacy, which if a quick Google search is correct is due to be published later this year. Im actually about finished with Luna: New Moon, which shares some of the clan/gangster elements of that novel. Both are fantastic, but I think I prefer the Green Bone Trilogy so far.
  5. The wife killed it this Christmas with the book giving. She got me Luna: New Moon by Ian Mcdonald, Ohio by Stephen Markley, Brian Durfee's the Forgetting Moon, and the Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones. Im about sixty pages into New Moon and loving it so far.
  6. I really enjoyed it. Blasted through the next one the Dark Hollow as well before taking a breather from the series. Thought Id be done with mystery thrillers for a while but found a copy of the Psalm Killer by Chris Petit this weekend in a used bookstore. I'd never heard of the book or the author before, but I'm a sucker for 20th century Irish history, and its set in 1980's Belfast.
  7. Has anyone read the Psalm Killer by Chris Petit, or anything else by him? The description reads like a mystery so I thought this would be the appropriate place to post. I had never heard of him before and found a copy of it in a used bookstore and couldnt pass it up. Im fascinated with 20th century Irish history, and its set in Northern Ireland during the height of the Troubles. Fingers crossed on the quality.
  8. I read A Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay this weekend to get into the Halloween spirit. Excellent book, loved how it ended. Ordered his Disappearance at Devil's Rock from Amazon last night, and I'm hoping to get to it before the 31st. I've had John Connolly's first Charlie Parker book, Every Dead Thing, sitting around for a while. Thought I'd try that next.
  9. We talking about the years Joe Abercrombie didn't release a book?
  10. Fair points. Ultimately like any nominating it comes down to personal preference. While I admit I didn't read the McGuire work, I didn't care for Gideon the Ninth at all. Same goes for The City in the Middle of the Night, which I was only able to get about 3/4s the way through before giving up. I'd put both of the novels I mentioned ahead of either of them, though definitely not ahead of A Memory Called Empire and probably not the Light Brigade either. Really the only novel that I read last year that may have been better than the Martine work would've been GGKs, and I would have to really think about that.
  11. I feel like The Hod King and Salvation Lost would also have been worthy additions. Neither were the authors best work, but really thats irrelevant because you're comparing them to the other releases for that year.
  12. I thought A Memory Called Empire was excellent, so really no complaints from me about that winning. The Light Brigade was quality as well, if maybe to a lesser extent. The rest of the slate not so much, in my opinion. However, are we really going to argue that men aren't publishing the same quality of work? A Brightness Long Ago is equal to if not better than every novel nominated. Children of Time and Children of Ruin by Adrian Tchaikovsky was phenomenal as well.
  13. The Lynch situation is a little difficult. He certainly lied and is a bad spouse, but is everyone who commits an extramarital affair guilty of gross sexual misconduct? How he conducts himself in his personal relationships doesnt really interest me at all unless some type of crime has been committed. Unless i missed something theres no evidence of him personally blackballing his accuser professionally, regardless of what Bear may have done. The whole scenario is a mess, to be sure, but alot of people cheat on their significant others. Its not illegal.
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