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  1. That episode where it seems like Janeway and Chakotay will be alone together (season 2 sometime) forever really could have gone somewhere... then it didn't. We definitely see Riker hooking up at least in the background in Ten Forward. Admittedly, this is is a problem throughout the whole series.
  2. Janeway-Chakotay would have been really interesting, but his character's, um, "Native American" aspects are really, really problematic/made-up when watching it now. While that might be true of Spock, it's not at all of Riker. That guy - that guy fucks! I think to date Sisko is the only captain that's been shown to be married - a widower at first, and then later marrying Kassidy in the final arc of season 7.
  3. Yes yes yes!!! It was so utterly pointless and it was so clearly telegraphed that it would hardly end there. The only way to have made it worse would have been to make us think Pike was dead only to show him alive again immediately. I mean, Ashley Judd didn't fall for that when he played her dirtbag husband in Double Jeopardy, did she? It's just so random. Abrahms plots are all Maguffins, except instead of simply being Maltese falcons, they take over major plot points.
  4. I haven't seen Into Darkness in ages (twice in theatres I think). The Khan retread is simply unimaginative - and the strength of the ending of Star Trek II is that the emotion of Spock's sacrifice feels earned. There was subtle foreshadowing that he'd be back, but it took a whole other movie for that to happen. With Into Darkness, this happens in 20 minutes or less, and it's very telegraphed. The plot mechanics are obvious and cliched - like the thing with Kirk losing his command only to get it back a few scenes later (leaving aside how he got said command in the first place - the very definition of lame Mary Sue plotting). The thing I hate most is the Spock/Khan fight that takes half of downtown San Francisco with them. How many thousands (millions?) had to die for that atrocity? I'm not interested in brainless MCU-style destruction in Star Trek.
  5. I think V is a lot more amiable and watchable than Nemesis or Into Darkness. It does feel a lot more like a fan-made movie - or at least fan-made script - but that kinda works? Nemesis makes little sense, had an oddly limited budget which really shows, and really wastes Tom Hardy is one of his earlier major roles.
  6. Alright, this is what I'll do! Keeping in mind that, despite owning a copy, I'm not exactly sure where it is in the big pile of books we have sitting on the floor in the home office...
  7. I finally just finished the first season yesterday - took me quite a while to get into, possibly because the world-building is so dense it can be hard to figure out who's doing what and why. But it's great! I'd like to read the books too and have a copy of Leviathan Wakes - should I read first and then keep watching? Or does it matter?
  8. I mean, when it comes to "unnecessary", Prometheus doesn't hold a candle (like Pearce's waxy old-man face) to Alien: Covenant, which is just thoroughly unpleasant.
  9. Fixed that for you. And The Rock is among my top 90s action movies along with T2, Speed, and True Lies. Agreed. Almost as good as the original musical version of A Streetcar Named Desire.
  10. I thought it was interesting and well made, but ultimately kinda empty. Not sure I got the vibe that true freedom means pissing in a bucket in a old broken-down van and working seasonally at an Amazon warehouse. I love Interstellar but it has a coherent narrative and plot, despite any flaws. The thing about time travel as a high concept is that Star Trek and numerous other scifi shows have covered anything Nolan might come up with and then some and done it at least somewhat coherently.
  11. Nonsense, Castor Troy lacks... whatever the John Travolta's character's name was... he lacks that scar! Which apparently was the only thing.
  12. I kinda agree, though I really enjoyed the later parts of their story. Also, spoilers. And yes, just let me watch some Salamancas and/or Tuco making supper and I'm good. Works for me. He was perhaps my favourite on BB. And:
  13. BCS also leans heavily into Mike. Slow burn as ever, but it's really great. As for villains, I think you've figured out who the villain in this story is.
  14. My favourite Trek podcast incorporated the “Move Along Home” game into their end of episode bit, so “Allamaraine!” now implies a drunkisode to me.
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