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  1. Aemon Stark

    Canadian Politics: Revenge of the small minds

    To be fair, I believe the cut as proposed will be to anesthetic fees for endoscopy sedations (i.e. when there's an actual anesthesiologist present). That wouldn't necessarily be typical and definitely isn't the cheapest way of delivering procedural association. But I'd say it's more reasonable to have available than, say, new license plate mottos or $10m for horse racing.
  2. Aemon Stark

    US Politics: A Farewell to Arms

    Or perhaps better stated, insufficient (not no) evidence of "collusion" to warrant charges and/or impeachment.
  3. Aemon Stark

    Watched, Watching & Rewatch Redux

    We just finished You on Netflix. It's generally very effective and captivating, but it starts to tend too much to coincidences in the second half. And there are far too many severe-looking head injuries that seem to be just walked off. Also watched Killing Eve which was tremendous and glitzy and weird.
  4. Aemon Stark

    Star Trek Discovery #3 [Spoilers] - It's A Wonderful Spock!

    Fortunately there are podcasts to bring relief from the Youtube cesspool. "The Greatest Discovery" is a good review/recap one, done by the guys who started "The Greatest Generation" in - I think - 2016. It's on iTunes and Maximum Fun. On TGG they've gotten all through TNG and are almost done season 3 of DS9 now. There's an associated online community that is largely lacking people complaining about SJWs and virtue signalling.
  5. Aemon Stark

    Glass-is Shymalan back?

    I just thought 90% of the character beats rang false and, as usual, the Shymalan cameo was awkward and overlong.
  6. Aemon Stark

    Star Trek Discovery #3 [Spoilers] - It's A Wonderful Spock!

    I enjoyed this, but it's way too all-over-the-place and frenetic. The pacing just doesn't work, and the "A story" with that distress signal and Pike and whatever seemed underwritten. The "B story" about Burnham's backstory was fine, I guess, but kinda dragged the episode and didn't really offer much new. I get the feeling the writers think we should be super invested in this simply because it involves Spock but... it's all pretty routine. Foster brother doesn't take to foster sister. Worse, we really don't get enough time for the other characters. Also the wall-to-wall music is unnecessary and distracting.
  7. Aemon Stark

    Canadian Politics: Revenge of the small minds

    Maybe. Recall Rob Ford spent more than a year of his term under censure with essentially no authority... Doug will no doubt have a different fate, but it's only a matter of what exactly the scandal will be.
  8. Aemon Stark

    Buying a television or other stuff - sales are coming!

    The former Target here has now become a Dollarama and Boston Pizza. In St John's it's still vacant!
  9. Aemon Stark

    Buying a television or other stuff - sales are coming!

    My old 32" Sony has four HDMI inputs and for the longest time I was convinced that I couldn't manage with any less (TV receiver, Blu-ray/DVD, Apple TV, Chromecast...). The new TV seems to have a strong wifi signal for stuff like Netflix and the interface is very good (similar to my PS3). It's a lot more stable than the Chromecast too. So managing ok with only three inputs!
  10. Aemon Stark

    Buying a television or other stuff - sales are coming!

    I don't know much about Hisense in terms of reliability or quality but it's certainly toward the "no name brand" end of things. Which is just fine, particularly if it's smaller. One thing that's changed in the last few years is that a lot of brands are simply licensed to various manufacturers, e.g. Toshiba isn't actually made by Toshiba, and the same holds for everything from RCA to Panasonic to Sharp. Samsung, Sony, and LG are the exceptions to this trend (for now), and tend to have the highest Consumer Reports ratings. They also tend to be the priciest. Other issues are whether you want an internet-enabled TV, how many HDMI ports you need, expectations for sound quality, etc. There's also the jargon of all the "4K" "HDR" "UHD" "OLED" business that's kinda impenetrable. There will be some semi-tangible differences amongst all the features, but it doesn't sound like they'll matter too much to you. I got a 50" Samsung in the summer from Best Buy which I'm really happy with. It's internet-enabled and Samsung's interface is very easy to navigate. Price was very very reasonable and shipping was free. Wall mounting was fairly awful as an experience. So beware that. But it's a great TV and I saved a lot by not going up to a 55".
  11. Aemon Stark

    US Politics: Four Days and Counting

    Typically IV, used for deep anesthetics/analgesia for stuff like cardiac surgery.
  12. Aemon Stark

    US Politics: Four Days and Counting

    Suf has been around forever in the OR and other medical contexts. I'm not sure why we need an oral preparation, though, except that it won't accumulate in renal failure (much like fentanyl).
  13. Doug just wants to be a big shot and make up for his father's lack of accomplishment in politics. I'm sure he'll run the family label business into the ground, though, assuming he hasn't already.
  14. It is known. Well. At least that saves you from having to hear his voice. Sadly I can't avoid that listening to the radio...
  15. Aemon Stark

    Aladdin Trailer Out

    Will Smith is the genie? I'm not sure that anyone could replicate Robin Williams' manic energy, but he definitely won't. Not a bad teaser trailer, I suppose, but I sure hope that music isn't final. Think they could have sprung for a real full orchestra? Probably I'll just stick with the cartoon.