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  1. Kaminsod

    TTTNE 470: Spam like it's 2007!

    Well today's gone to shit. I found out my aunt committed suicide. She was 45, struggled with opiate addiction for a long time, but she seemed like she finally got her life figured out these past few years. Apparently she went to her favorite forest, and ended it right there in a clearing. The funny thing is her funeral will be the first time i've seen most of my dads family for the first time in like 10 years. A death in the family is what it takes to bring us together. RIP aunt Jennifer, you were always my favorite aunt.
  2. In what way does fig discussion warrant a mature rating?
  3. Kaminsod

    TTTNE 470: Spam like it's 2007!

    Okay illegal rabbit consumption or not, that is just inhumanly cruel.
  4. Kaminsod

    TTTNE 470: Spam like it's 2007!

    Can you combine all three? I want my death to be put in the history books.
  5. Kaminsod

    TTTNE 470: Spam like it's 2007!

    There is literally nothing wrong with the occasional helping of rabbit stew.
  6. I need bones, i don't care what kind, cow bones, pig bones, sheep bones, I WANT MORE BONES!
  7. Kaminsod

    TTTNE 470: Spam like it's 2007!

    I'm glad to see my favorite swede is still around.
  8. Kaminsod

    TTTNE 470: Spam like it's 2007!

    Nah you're fine. I moved out a couple months ago. My apartment isn't too bad for being in a cheap, semi sketchy neighborhood. Oh and I turned 20 last month, still feel like I'm 16 though.
  9. Kaminsod

    TTTNE 470: Spam like it's 2007!

    3 sisters actually. One older and two younger. The younger ones are doing good, but my older sister's dropped off the map, no one in my family knows where she went.
  10. Kaminsod

    TTTNE 470: Spam like it's 2007!

    Yep, it's me. I haven't changed too much, i've learned some new things, forgotten some things, but i like to think i've grown as a person since then. So how are things around these parts? I get the sense that things have slowed down these days.
  11. Kaminsod

    TTTNE 470: Spam like it's 2007!

    I'm studying music education, i'll be a band director, preferably at a college or nice high school. Though with how poorly they pay teachers in my state, ill have to look elsewhere for a teaching position once I'm done with school.
  12. Kaminsod

    TTTNE 470: Spam like it's 2007!

    You and Bucky I certainly remember. As for me, many things have happened. I graduated high school, got through 2 semesters of community college, had a failed relationship etc. It's been an interesting couple of years.
  13. Kaminsod

    TTTNE 470: Spam like it's 2007!

    Wow, you guys are still going at it. It's been like 3 years since i last posted here, i just came and tried my old account, figured it wouldn't work. Somehow i could still remember my old password. If you don't remember me, i'm the poster formerly known as TheGreatWalrus, famed for making thousands of posts of exceptionally low quality.
  14. Kaminsod

    WHEEL OF TIME officially optioned for television

    How could anyone think this was a remotely good idea? The WOT is already unfilmable, and even in the context of a long running show requires a significant amount of content to be cut to not bog said tv series down. But casting Billy Zane, of all potential actors, to be in the lead role was monumentally absurd.
  15. Kaminsod

    [Book Spoilers] EP408 Discussion

    Still don't understand the stupid Grey Worm Missandi romance going on, not to mention the other obvious canon divergences this episode.