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  1. Thanks for the correction on Perwyn. But being sent away can mean lots of things. For example if each of them are sent away with six men-at-arms and these men-at-arms are told by Lord Frey that their "companions" are not to return to the Twins until a set date, then I can totally see them being away without being in the dungeons.
  2. Blue Falcon

    [SPOILERS] Family trees and successions

    Maybe they are connected with some characters in Essos in the main series or maybe they'll set rings in motion to affect the development in the main series? I don't pretend to know but I am pretty sure its spoiler material.
  3. Blue Falcon

    So, what's your head canon?

    Tyrion will betray Danaerys for Jaime - I think that for his love of Jaime Tyrion will save his brother and betray Danaerys. I don't know if he will kill her or maybe kill her dragons or what, but he will turn on her and cause her great harm. Sansa will claim the Rock as the new Lady Lannister - I think that in the end the West will be in chaos and few prominent Lannisters left at which point Sansa will claim the Rock as Tyrion's wife, change her name to Lannister and bridge the rifts from the past conflicts. fAegon will never sit the Iron Throne - He will fight hard and so, but in the end he will never capture King's Landing but only ensure that King Tommen is never given the peace needed to solify his realm. The most important part will be to drive the Faith away from King Tommen and so put that wedge into place. The new Dance will between Jon and Danaerys - Jon will get a dragon to fight the Others but in the end Danaerys and Jon will come to blows with each other. The Tarlys will do to the Tyrells what the Boltons did to the Starks - They were both put in high places by their lieges and they both carry a red man on their coat of arms. Coincidence? I think not. The only question is who the Tarlys will betray the Tyrells to.
  4. Blue Falcon

    Illyrio's fate foreshadowed

    Seems very interesting and I personally can't wait for Illyrio to get his due. Good perception and thanks for bringing this to our attention @sweetsunray
  5. If I remember they were just sent away. If I recall wasn't Olyvar present at the following siege of Riverrun? I have some vague memory of Jaime spotting him in the Frey camp.
  6. Blue Falcon

    How should Robb have gotten his sisters back?

    Given Robb's background and grooming to become the Lord of Winterfell on his father's death I don't see why he would have a problem with executing hostages. As for getting his sisters out I think that he would need to essentially contract an outsider, probably an Essosi, who could move into King's Landing without being very suspected and then break Sansa out of it or spread some gold around to make it an inside job. But given Robb's lack of Essosi contacts to find this individual to hire I don't see how he would have been able to get this plan going. More reasonably would be to simply accept that Sansa is their prisoner and get her exchanged as part of the peace deal after having forced the Lannisters to yield to his victories on the field of battle. Now it never came to this but given Robb lack of contacts and that a rescue operation could go wrong as to get Sansa seriously hurt in the process the waiting game in regards to his sisters was probably Robb's best bet.
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  8. Please see my edited post again. It was edited about an hour before you posted your reply.
  9. See my post, edited well before you made your own, again.
  10. EDITED: Forget about it. I am calm now.
  11. Blue Falcon

    Do arranged marriages make houses closer?

    If both houses are morale and honorable, then yes, a marriage will bring them together to further strenghten their natural bonds. But it only takes one of the Houses to be immorale and dishonorable for the rot to set in and essentially harm the other House.
  12. Blue Falcon

    How should Robb have gotten his sisters back?

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  13. Blue Falcon

    Dalton Greyjoy Succession Crisis

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