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  1. Blue Falcon

    Jaime and Tyrion's future reunion

    As mentioned they are probably not going to meet each other again face to face. But I do have the theory that Tyrion will save Jaime by betraying Danaerys for the love he bears his brother.
  2. I believe you are wrong on the first account and misguided on the others. For the first part even while Aemond was abandoning the responsibilities of his position as the highest ranking Green leader, and Protector of the Realm to that, its clear that he is very much a Green partisan. You could just as well say that Aegon II wasn't a Green when he was recovering from his wounds and we both know that's not true. As for the use of Vhagar there are many ways to use a dragon, but the point is that in the end, the side with dragons will always destroy the side without dragons. Providing the dragons are of sufficient size to be ridden into battle, of course. And thus given that the Greens had two dragons at that time as well as that there were like six Black dragons, we can see that trying to use Vhagar's individual advantage over other Black dragons in a one-on-one fight means that its one of several plausible strategies. And hence the tactics to attempt to reduce Rhaenyra's dragon numbers was far from silly. In fact I'd say that its just as well or even a necessary move in order to avoid the Black dragons simply overwhelm Tessarion and Vhagar by numbers. For we see that Vhagar can't just destroy Daemon's dragon like that, and thus it would be foolish to think that facing three times their numbers that even Vhagar could win. And Prince Aemond would have know that and so sought ways to even the odds. As for the alternatives proposed they would also mean that Prince Aemond would be taken out the fight. The time needed to either destroy the Iron Fleet or, even more absurdly, try to strongarm the Vale into switching sides, would have taken Prince Aemond and Vhagar out from the war for potentially months and left Prince Daeron to fend for himself while the Protector of the Realm was off the radar. Sure burning some castles would have been nice but the Greens, with only a single army left and Lord Baratheon not yet joining the fray, needed Vhagar to make his presence felt and do something to aid them or harm the Blacks, now. For Daemon, killing Aemond was a perfectly fitting move in accordance with his character. He had been unmasked as a traitor to his queen and was in disgrace and dishonour. Going out in a flash of glory, like for example Addam of Hull did in the Second Battle of Tumbleton, would have redeemed him somewhat for as many of you probably known what an insufferable existance to live in exile having ruled an empire and the royal red and black makes for the finest burial shroud. I'd assume he'd kill them. Or maybe been a man for them to respect and so keep them in line. A warrior above a diplomat or assassin is how I would put it.
  3. I am pretty sure they would. If their ambitions to claim HIghgarden and the Iron Throne are something to judge things by then I don't see how a dead Aemond would make these things less possible for them to reach. After all the Greens would still lack a clear leadership figure and while the Blacks would have plenty of leaders, and their own claimant, around to ensure that there won't be many openings for Hugh and Ulf to see any kind of lordly, or kingly, ambition realized. The Greens on the other hand might in their desperate situation be more willing to engage with trading lordships for dragon support.
  4. Blue Falcon

    (Spoilers) Unwin Peake is Cersei Lannister

    Isn't Unwin kind of a mirror of Tywin? He tries to do what Tywin did but failed very much instead or get into positions and stuff for contrary reasons as to Tywin.
  5. As mentioned both deaths were blows to the respective sides but I feel that Aemond's death was probably a bigger loss for the Greens than Daemon's death was for the Blacks. With Aemond the Greens lost their probably most seasoned commander they had at that point, as well as a big freaking dragon and what seems to have been a inspiring personality. My personal belief is that if Aemond had gone south to join with Daeron and the Green Reacher lords then he could have a good shot to keep the Two Betrayers in line (or just killed them) and may well have prevented the Second Battle of Tumbleton from turning out as it did. IF Aemond could have done this then I see, togehter with the riots in King's Landing, that the Blacks would be pretty much toast. Not enough grown dragons to compete with the 2-4 (including Vhaegar) that the Greens could field and between a Green Reacher army and the Stormlords with such dragon support, not even the power of the Vale, Riverlands and North combined would seem to me not able to conquer that. Daemon on the other hand was of course probably the most seasoned commande of the whole war and among the best. But he was a lost asset when he died and I don't think that even if he'd survived against Aemond or he he'd not fought his nephew then, he would be able to benefit the Blacks very little given how Rhaenyra had rightfully condemned his as a traitor.
  6. One could also think that there could have been worries that if a second branch of landed dragon riders with blood ties to a previous ruler, and thus a potential claim, was allowed to establish itself it could lead to a new civil war with dragons down the road. Better then to have all or as many dragon riders as possible dependent on the king for their power and wealth. Not to mention to be able to be watched for any signs of sedition. And example of this is how both Stannis and Renly could challenge Joffrey because the two uncles had their own seats and thus power bases. If both them had been living at court with their families and without independent economical bases to support themselves on, then they would have been far less able to cause problems for Robert's heir. Thus the Targaryens/Rhaenyra probably saw what this could mean for the future. And yes, a civil war broke out anyway, but that happened because the Greens ruled King's Landing while Rhaenyra had her own base of power away fro m the capital. If the Blacks had ruled the capital, there is unlikely to have been a civil war or at least not a war of that size. Likewise if the Greens had ruled King's Landing but Rhaenyra and her family had als been there in the Red Keep, no civil war.
  7. Thanks for the correction on Perwyn. But being sent away can mean lots of things. For example if each of them are sent away with six men-at-arms and these men-at-arms are told by Lord Frey that their "companions" are not to return to the Twins until a set date, then I can totally see them being away without being in the dungeons.
  8. Blue Falcon

    [SPOILERS] Family trees and successions

    Maybe they are connected with some characters in Essos in the main series or maybe they'll set rings in motion to affect the development in the main series? I don't pretend to know but I am pretty sure its spoiler material.
  9. Blue Falcon

    So, what's your head canon?

    Tyrion will betray Danaerys for Jaime - I think that for his love of Jaime Tyrion will save his brother and betray Danaerys. I don't know if he will kill her or maybe kill her dragons or what, but he will turn on her and cause her great harm. Sansa will claim the Rock as the new Lady Lannister - I think that in the end the West will be in chaos and few prominent Lannisters left at which point Sansa will claim the Rock as Tyrion's wife, change her name to Lannister and bridge the rifts from the past conflicts. fAegon will never sit the Iron Throne - He will fight hard and so, but in the end he will never capture King's Landing but only ensure that King Tommen is never given the peace needed to solify his realm. The most important part will be to drive the Faith away from King Tommen and so put that wedge into place. The new Dance will between Jon and Danaerys - Jon will get a dragon to fight the Others but in the end Danaerys and Jon will come to blows with each other. The Tarlys will do to the Tyrells what the Boltons did to the Starks - They were both put in high places by their lieges and they both carry a red man on their coat of arms. Coincidence? I think not. The only question is who the Tarlys will betray the Tyrells to.
  10. Blue Falcon

    Illyrio's fate foreshadowed

    Seems very interesting and I personally can't wait for Illyrio to get his due. Good perception and thanks for bringing this to our attention @sweetsunray
  11. If I remember they were just sent away. If I recall wasn't Olyvar present at the following siege of Riverrun? I have some vague memory of Jaime spotting him in the Frey camp.
  12. Blue Falcon

    How should Robb have gotten his sisters back?

    Given Robb's background and grooming to become the Lord of Winterfell on his father's death I don't see why he would have a problem with executing hostages. As for getting his sisters out I think that he would need to essentially contract an outsider, probably an Essosi, who could move into King's Landing without being very suspected and then break Sansa out of it or spread some gold around to make it an inside job. But given Robb's lack of Essosi contacts to find this individual to hire I don't see how he would have been able to get this plan going. More reasonably would be to simply accept that Sansa is their prisoner and get her exchanged as part of the peace deal after having forced the Lannisters to yield to his victories on the field of battle. Now it never came to this but given Robb lack of contacts and that a rescue operation could go wrong as to get Sansa seriously hurt in the process the waiting game in regards to his sisters was probably Robb's best bet.