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  1. Another possible part is that Tywin had figured out the Southern Ambition conspiracy, if you believe in this, and thus didn't want to risk having split loyalties or that Cersei would end up as a hostage since Tywin was on the king's side, being Hand of the King and all, for most of this time. You may ask about his plans to marry Lysa and Jamie, but that would have not put his daughter as a potential hostage but rather given a hostage to Tywin if things went to hell, and while the Riverlands is right in the middle of events in the South, the North is far, far away so there would have been little reason to seek out Lyanna as Tywin presumably may not have had much contact with Lord Stark at all.
  2. I actually think that one of the things that has held these Houses together is the power of magic in the world. When the magic started to be drained, the Houses started to be under the risk of realistic odds for survival. Although I'm not sure if I agree that we shoud compare Hightower or Royce with a ruling dynasty. Being the ruler is after all under alot of more pressure and fire than the middlemen are. Thus in my country for example we have noble families living on, on the male side to my knowledge, from at least the mid 13th century and still going today. Many have fallen by the wayside, but there are those who are still going strong even in this day and age. The best, I think, is our current royal House which seems to have been ruling for a bit over 200 years by now.
  3. LionoftheWest

    Was KL a poisoned apple for Stannis without the Tyrell's support?

    Problem is that without power of your own, you can't take down the big dog. You need influence and power in order to cause harm enough to topple Tywin. If some random Lannister soldier deserts Tywin, its not a thing. If a major lord deserts Tywin, its a thing. Thus if you want to see Tywin toppled from within you need someone who is in a position to make it happen. Roose and Walder could take down Robb because they were in such positions where they could hurt Robb and they had their own soldiers tied to thems that could do the heavy lifting. You essentially need stuff to do stuff. As for the Lannisters of Lannisport, maybe they don't want to die for that, but what can they do about it, and do they want to die because Stannis has a solid ten yards pole up his ass? These Lannisters can probably surrender Lannisport, but can they surrender the Rock? Its unlikely that they will be able to command sodiers or such in order to make an opening for Stannis men to take the castle.
  4. LionoftheWest

    Was KL a poisoned apple for Stannis without the Tyrell's support?

    The Lannisters haven't been hoarding gold since the Age of Heroes. They've been spending it more than just pilling it up. Not spending it as much as Robert Baratheon did, but still spending it. There's no chance in hell that a coup within House Lannister would be even possible. Just who would take part in it? All the senior Lannisters seems perfectly loyal to Tywin from everything we know.
  5. LionoftheWest

    Company of the Rose

    I would guess because major wars are not common enough in a united Westeros for there to be a market for large groups of organized sellswords. I mean that a minor lord may hire a dozen sellswords to bulk out his men in a feud with his neighbor, but Lord Tyrell don't need like 12 000 of them for a war with the Lannisters, so while there's a market for individual sellswords or small groups of them, there would be none for the great numbers in the companies. But I would totally think that there could have been sellsword companies travelling across the Narrow Sea according to demand before the Targaryens brought unity to Westeros.
  6. LionoftheWest

    Was KL a poisoned apple for Stannis without the Tyrell's support?

    In this case I don't see why the North and Riverlands shouldn't be lumped together. They have the same king, they are allies and the Great Houses of North and Riverlands share the same family blood in their veins. I see no major split or rift between these two regions that would justify not lumping them together. Could be that the Northmen can be bought but given how many people would be involved in getting a share I'm not sure that each individual share would be so great, especially since the king himself would likely carter off a lion's share (pun not intended).
  7. LionoftheWest

    Why did George give daenerys everything

    Absolutely. If we can get rid of the Others and Wights as well that would be sweet. That would leave us more focused on characters and human interaction.
  8. LionoftheWest

    Was Tywin Lannister a villain?

    You guys can dream on, but unless the Targaryens goes full cultural revolution and destroys the Citadel and all its texts, Tywin's tenure as Hand and his saving of House Lannister and its rise to prominence will live on forever. Provided the Lannisters do end up losing, which really isn't certain, of course.
  9. LionoftheWest

    Was KL a poisoned apple for Stannis without the Tyrell's support?

    If you can get Robb onboard with that, sure that might work. But will his bannermen who've been dying and sacrificing their own kin for Robb's crown be satisfied with only a "fake crown"? I don't think they would be very happy with it so it would require a certain degree of political adeptness which I personally never saw from Robb's direction. That could indeed have been a plan. But one which I for one don't think that Stannis would have been able to hatch, and we don't know if the Tyrells would allow Stannis to live long enough for Stannis to go through with said plan. No, I think that Robb would have wanted his crown and his little realm. Robb was perfectly capable of facing down the Greatjon in Winterfell but by alol accounts happily went along with the scheme to make him a king. There's no doubt in my mind that the crown was a more choice thing than Sansa or getting a biological king on the Iron Throne. For if Robb really wanted Sansa back, he could have traded her for Jaime. He didn't want to because holding Jamie captive was more important than getting Sansa back. At the council when Robb became king, he could have pushed for either Stannis or Renly if getting a biological Baratheon on the throne was a main concern for him, but it wasn't as he rather took the rote of making himself king. Thus there is no way that I can see where Stannis can get Robb's support without either accepting a sundered realm or by first accepting it and then break his word most foul. Neither are something I can see Stannis actually doing. Also I'm pretty sure that the food for King's Landing does not come from the Riverlands or Stormlands. As I read it, it came from the Reach which is cut off by the Tyrells who made themselves Stannis' enemies after Stannis had Renly assassinated, and the Tyrells responded by killing or imprisoning a bunch of Stannis fans among their ranks before setting off to find the Lannisters and join their case.
  10. LionoftheWest

    Was KL a poisoned apple for Stannis without the Tyrell's support?

    It was very much a posioned apple as in that regardless of taking it or not, the fact that the Tyrells have declared against Stannis means that he would only either hasten or postpone his own destruction. Without at least one Great House on his side he simply wasn't going to win the crown. Hence why he was a fool to discard the advice to seek an alliance with the Arryns and make common cause with Robb. Yes, it would have sundered the realm but it was Stannis best chance to gain the crown. It would have to be to Stannis heir or heir's heir to bring the Riverlands and North back into the fold.
  11. This is some good stuff. First you accuse people of reading fanfiction above the actual books, and then you kind of cut out one of the major elements of the Night's Watch by the "its not technically in the oath" stunt. By that freaking logic we can say that Jon has no authority to be a Lord Commander since no Lord Commander is mentioned in the oath, and thus no Black Brother has a duty to care for what any "Lord Commander" wants, nor does it say that they can't take extended leaves from the Wall at will etc.
  12. LionoftheWest

    Would you let Samwell inherit Hornhill?

    Only if he'd kept his claim to an inheritance which I'm not sure that he would have been allowed.
  13. LionoftheWest

    Would you let Samwell inherit Hornhill?

    Probably not. I'd assume its just the shame of it but I think, or hope, it would mean he gives up his worldly ambitions, like inheritance.
  14. LionoftheWest

    Would you let Samwell inherit Hornhill?

    If Sam failed at the Citadel I'd try to get him into the Faith. I'm sure that with a generous donation something could be arranged in some off the road septry, where Sam can read books and not do much else. ***** I've noticed that lots of people compare Samwell to Tytos, and there are similarities but I think there's another character a Lord Samwell Tarly could also be very similar, Lord Ambrose Butterwell. The thing with Tytos is that we see that Tytos has kin who will stand up for him and a king to bail Tytos out. Samwell on the other hand has no similar kin to fend for him that about, nor do I know if he would have a solid relation with Highgarden to got his back covered. He'd be very open to become a puppet for his master-of-arms or some such who can get the respect and loyalty of the troops which Samwell would struggle with. I mean we see that Tom Heddle does not exactly have his lord's best interests at heart and runs Whitewalls more than Lord Ambrose while Rohanne Webber gives some information on how fragile a position of feudal rule could easily become if you don't show people they can't hope to push you around, both with her neighbors and with regards to Lucas Inchfield.
  15. LionoftheWest

    Would you let Samwell inherit Hornhill?

    No way that I'd let Sam near either Heartsbane or the lordship title. Off he is to be maester, failing that a septon and failing that, I don't know what to make of him.