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  1. LionoftheWest

    Who was Tywin's heir?

    The thing with Tywin's heir is that there would be a de jure heir and a de facto heir. Legally and de juro Tyrion was Tywin's heir but de facto Jamie was Tywin's heir. Eddard claims to much in A Game of Thrones and I see no reason to think that he is wrong in this. For the Lannisters don't care that Jamie can't inherit or can't leave the Kingsguard. Jamie was perfectly able to attack the king's friend and then lead Westerland armies against his House's enemies despite the fact that he was in the Kingsguard. If Jamie would not have met Brienne then when Tywin died, Jamie would have claimed the Rock, laughed at anyone who would have tried to argue with him, and kill anyone who insisted that he couldn't be the new Lord Lannister. With the Lannisters in the main series rules don't mean much so arguing about what rules decides what is only a theoretical exercise with little relevance for what would have happened.
  2. I can imagine it, but I can't imagine them alone keeping the Stark family tree pruned.
  3. LionoftheWest

    Tywin didn't have affair for 27 years

    What is it that you disagree with? I thought I was kind of agree with you.
  4. The problem with this is that I can accept that a powerful House like the Boltons can trim down the number of Starks from time to time. But the idea that a far off and not very rich little island would be responsible for killing any large number of Starks does not make sense. And I only recall a single Lord Stark getting killed no that island.
  5. LionoftheWest

    Tywin didn't have affair for 27 years

    1. Few brothels parade their employees at court. The point is that if Tyrion visits brothels when he's off duty, so to speak, that is different from parading a prostitute at court when he at the same time holds a high office. Very possible its about rubbing some in Tyrion at the same time, though. 2. How is Tywin manipulating the Clansmen saying anything about Tyrion? Now its true that Tyrion has some serious relation issues and a very sad relation with Tywin. Yet at the same time while Tywin does push for Tyrion to add his weight to the family in this critical hour, Tyrion is himself also very interested in proving himself to Tywin. It isn't a one direction street between Tywin and Tyrion. I mean, you could probably write a long essay on the relation between Tywin and Tyrion alone.
  6. LionoftheWest

    Tywin didn't have affair for 27 years

    Not likely. More likely is that he thought that Tyrion would dress Shae in silk and parade her around the court and flaunt their relation to the whole world. They could make a comical song of it: "The dwarf and his whore".
  7. LionoftheWest

    Tywin didn't have affair for 27 years

    Not really. The problem was never that Tyrion bought sex, he's been doing that and living a life without responsibilities for years and living off Tywin's money when the book starts. The problem is that Tyrion has no understanding what he's doing in that he think that bought sexual services and paying Shae for the "girlfriend experience" is real affection towards him, and not a service bought for money.
  8. LionoftheWest

    If Tommen becomes lord of Casterly Rock...

    Probably not since he would only be paying himself. Odds are that he'll cancel the debt.
  9. Sooner or later peace will come. Either because either House is destroyed or because a greater peace is enforced. In the latter scenario, the Starks and Lannisters have little connection with each other in the normal state of affairs so give two or three generations of peace and generally non-interaction and old wounds should have healed well enough for both to have accepted co-existance with the other.
  10. LionoftheWest

    Why did George give daenerys everything

  11. LionoftheWest

    Why did George give daenerys everything

    I'm saying that flogging and a few days in the dark cell would have been perfectly sufficient. Does Janos strike you as the strong and unbreakable kind of person? I think it would have broken his delusions just as well.
  12. LionoftheWest

    Why did George give daenerys everything

    I have read the books and I form my own opinion, thank you very much. I wasn't part of that thread so I wouldn't know what you guys said in another thread.
  13. LionoftheWest

    Why did George give daenerys everything

    There are many, many other punishments that one can take rather than execution for this. Given the nature of the recruits at the Wall. If every Black Brother with an attitude problem would be executed only ghosts would man the Wall. Does there need to be discipline? Yes, absolutely and upheld with violence when needed, but killing off every offender is not a sustainable with the manpower problems the Watch already has. No. Leaving the Wall is desertion. Refusing an order is insubordination. Those are different offences. Of course its not the boy scouts, which Jon Snow learned fairly fast after he came to the Wall.
  14. LionoftheWest

    Was Tywin Lannister a villain?

    We have no idea what was said or not in the war councils during the Greyjoy Rebellion, only what course was ultimately taken. So we don't know what Tywin said or didn't say. But we do know that Tywin don't undertaken extermination of families lightely. Even the Tarbecks and Reynes were given options to surrender, which they refused, before they were put down. And even then the Tarbeck women had their lives spared, save for the mastermind herself, that is.
  15. LionoftheWest

    Why did George give daenerys everything

    I care. And I'm not down with bowing to authority regadless of what said authority does. Aerys overstepped his bonds when he killed the Starks and their companions, for example. Joffrey overstepped his bonds when he set his goons to physically assault Sansa. Being a leader does not mean that you can do whatever you like, whenever you like it. Your actions will be judged and scrutinized regardless of your title.