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  1. LionoftheWest

    FIRE AND BLOOD Volume 1

    I'll probably buy this when it comes out. But I was really hoping we'd get the Winds before this.
  2. LionoftheWest

    WW invasion happens whos your top two generals?

    Tywin for the strategy, planning and organization and Robb Stark as tactical commander.
  3. LionoftheWest

    What Westerosi Standard Would You Fight Behind?

    Either the Baratheon or Lannister one.
  4. LionoftheWest

    Barristan's Trainees

    Ok. Thanks for clearing it up for me.
  5. LionoftheWest

    Barristan's Trainees

    And who are they supposed to conquer? The Ghiscari who Danaerys is resetting from slavery or the nomadic horse-based Dothraki? Better just end the cycles of slavery, conquest and domination than just let it roll on and on and on.
  6. LionoftheWest

    Barristan's Trainees

    I don't remember enough of them to answer the three questions, but I have a soft spot for the Red Lamb. I'm really looking forward to how he'll progress and turn out. And I'm hoping somewhat that maybe he, or someone else, will one day make it back to the Lamb People and perhaps help them to turn themselves into warriors so that they are not victimized any longer. PS: I don't want the Lhazarene to turn into militant imperialists but self defence would be useful for them to get a hold of.
  7. LionoftheWest

    Why did Jon want to let the Weeper through the Wall?

    While in general I don't agree with Jon's decisions I do agree with giving the Weeper a chance. Because if Jon is going to provide amnesty for Wildling raiders, in my opinion, he need to go all the way and go through with it and no make some half-measures that don't get him into friendly territory with the Wildlings.
  8. LionoftheWest

    Were the lanisters getting too much political influence at court?

    Yet even so we should differentiate between influence and power. Because while the Lannisters have influence its dependent on a Baratheon king taking their side for it to be effective. To start with neither Cersei nor Tywin ever named anyone to the Kingsguard. Robert named them and if he caved in to Cersei's wants and demands, it was still the king who made the appointments. So Cersei whined enough for Robert to make Trant his choice. The way I see the appointments its about like this. Barristan - obvious choice as perhaps the most prestigeous knight available to the Kingsguard Jaime - probably because Cersei wanted him to remain and Robert didn't have any initial dislike for Jaime Trant - probably picked as a representative from the Stormlands, and Cersei whined so that Robert picked someone she could turn to her own side Blount - I've always been wondering about this and either Borous Blount was a respected knight at the time of Robert's Rebellion and he has since seriously declined with no more actual need to prove himself after his appointment, or the Crownlands really took a beating during the Rebellion and Robert couldn't find anyone else even after searching with dogs and torch all day and night. And its probably as part of Robert's reconciliation that a knight from the Crownlands was picked from the start. Oakheart - Another reconciliation move and I think the choice was pretty good. Moore - A representative for the Vale and as someone said; the perfect Kingsguard with no other loyalty or desire than his duty. Greenfield - Probably to give the Westerlands someone and presumably Greenfield was an ok choice has he's evidently not a good person but not a coward either.and seems to take his vows more serious than Trant and Blount and in a way which is desired for the Kingsguard. That's wrong. There are references to Baratheon men-at-arms when Robert comes to Winterfell. The simple reason that we don't hear about them is that Robert don't act and so they don't get any orders to do one thing or another. Hence, their passive state in the novels. And I get the impression that they were more than a handful. And to this you should count the Goldcloaks. For while Slynt ultimately betrays Eddard, it takes gold for it to happen and I see no reason to think that Slynt would be more loyal to Cersei than Robert because he takes gold to support Cersei. I see. Thank you for this info. I recall Barristan flincing. And like I said. Cersei has been queen for a long time and Eddard is a new face at court who knows no one who stayed around to back him up. And do you recall what Eddard thought about Barristan? He thinks that Barristan will not easily abandon the boy he thinks to be his king. The same goes for the rest of them I wager. But I think that you have a point in that they didn't respect Robert's memory so much that they would have sided with Eddard. The way I see it however is that only after Robert's death did Cersei's influence become power as the choice was between the queen since over a decade and an outnumbered Lord Stark who had been less than a year in King's Landing and in office. But yeah, not very loyally done. Its not a moot point. If you did something, you did it, regardless if someone else could have done it at a later time instead. So while you may not like it, the fact is that the Lannisters could well have gotten rewards out of proportion, but they certainly didn't get it for nothing. After this comes the fact that the Mallisters are not a Great House. They don't hold nearly the kind of prestige and clout than a Great House would have done. But a wife's family getting in good with the husband's demense isn't strange. There's are Westerlings with Robb after his marriage just like there Freys before, and the Blackfish is made the Knight of the Bloody Gate when Lysa is Lady Arryn, there were many Reynes at Casterly Rock when Elyn Reyne was married to the Lannister heir. And Cersei never named anyone to the Kingsguard and she never put anyone on the small council, while Robert was alive. She did get two cousins as squires to Robert though.
  9. LionoftheWest

    Was Robert doomed to fail from the start?

    Of course he wasn't fated to fail. He failed for very mundane reasons that he could have countered if he wanted or avoided to make those mistakes.
  10. LionoftheWest

    Were the lanisters getting too much political influence at court?

    I think that's very incorrect and for my own part I think that having power is the ability to do things, having influence is the ability to get people to do things. I'll give you one example between a police officer and a man who knows a police officer. The police officer can arrest you, that's power in my opinion. The man who knows a police officer can talk with is friend to get the police officer to arrest you, but he himself can't do that, that's influence in my view. That's how I separate power from influence for this discussion.Thus power is more upfront ability and influence is more backroom ability. Not really. Because Cersei has to go through Robert, she can't forget about Robert and act herself. And there were people who disliked the Lannisters holding high positions. Stannis and Renly both are landed lords with bannermen and means far above the average Westerosi lord, and both of them have been on the small council before Robert got tired of Stannis and sent him away. Thus Robert giving in to Cersei is her having influence, not power, at court. For Robert could always say no, and then Cersei would be halted in her tracks. We do see this on occasion in the series and it shows who has the power. As for the Kingsguard I'm not really sure. I don't doubt that Trant and Blount became Cersei's creatures along with Jamie but what of Moore and Oakheart? Not to mention that we don't know how Greenfield stands. Sure, Greenfield was a Westerman but Trant was a Stormlander so being from the "right" region don't mean that he will automatically support one person or another. As for Redcloaks I don't recall them doing as they wanted because of numbers. I recall them ambushing Eddard because Robert was a coward. To start with, was Jaiime ever made Warden of the East? For I only recall Robert threatening to do so. As for similarities, we don't know how many goodies the Martells got rewarded with when they married into House Targaryen. Sure, after Robert's death when the choice is between Robert's named heir and a guy who has been less than a year or even six months at court and who comes with a seemingly preposterous claim, then they pick Robert's named heir for over a decade and his wife, the queen. Is it a wonder that the claim that Eddard puts forward is laughed at? Its even more unlikely than "Daeron Falseborn" thing thrown more than a century earlier. As for the Lannister not deserving, that's an outright lie. The Lannisters captured King's Landing for Robert, they killed the royal family so that Robert's hands would be unstained. Furthermore Tywin was with Robert to put down Balon so there's definietly services that's been rendered to Robert and Tywin's loyalty was proven. Was the rewards in excess? Perhaps and even probably, but don't try the hollow "did nothing" card against the Lannisters.
  11. LionoftheWest

    Were the lanisters getting too much political influence at court?

    The thing I see is that the Lannisters only had influence in the vaccum created by Robert. While Robert was a coward in that he always bent over for the Lannisters its pretty clear that he is in as much control as he wants to and that he is in no way a puppet for anyone. But yeah the Lannisters had much influence but I'd say they had precious little power at court. For at a word, Robert could dispense with all their lackeys and allies with little the Lannisters could do in return. To this I also see a connection between the Lannisters at court and the Martells during Daeron II's reign. Their enemies claim they hold to much power but I have no clue about how much power a wife's house should hold when its a Great House, same when the Tyrells moves in with the Baratheons and Lannisters in the Red Keep.
  12. LionoftheWest

    Battle at Winterfell - Rodrik should have been suspicious

    Its easy to see why the Bolton men would want to curry favor with Rodrick after the whole incident with Ramsay and Lady Hornwood and smooth things over a bit by helping with re-taking Winterfell. If all Robb hears is how much trouble the Bolton soldiers have been, Robb could well kill them as Roose throws them under the bus to save himself. If on the other hand they can prove their worth to Rodrick Cassel he might put in a good word for them to Robb and so they'll be spared and the blame put entirely on Ramsay.
  13. Of course Essos will survive. In all honesty the Free Cities may take from some decades to a few generations to fix their economical system but in the end it will be from ok to better. In fact if we're looking at it from a certain perspective the non-slave owning lower class will probably have it better as there won't be a labour force that don't get any wages to compete with. instead these poor can start to compete for the work available when the slaves are liberated and all of them will need to be paid wages. EDITED: Or at least that's my understanding of it.
  14. LionoftheWest

    Has Theon become a better person?

    Wheter Theon is a better person or not will be decided when he has regained his own self and been healed of Ramsay's damage. But I don't think that he'll do a 180 degree turn around. But hopefully he'll have gained some wisdom from his ordeal. I do not however think or hope that his great redemption will come from aiding his wardens in some fantastic way. But I hope that he'll repair his relation with his sister.
  15. LionoftheWest

    Evil People

    For me its. Gregor Ramsay Euron