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  1. Just now, Raksha 2014 said:

    Most memorable for poor little Lyanna's killing a zombie giant; and for the Sansa/Tyrion moments.  The rest of it, meh, too dark, too murky, too many zombies, and how did Arya get by the zombies and White Walkers to sucker-stab the Night's King?

    Didn't Melisandre help her somehow? Turn her into smoke maybe?

  2. 6 hours ago, Lord Godric said:

    She's returning home, but I think the scene with Nymeria was about showing you that Winterfell isn't "her" anymore. I don't expect her reunion with any of her siblings to be happy and warm either. 

    I disagree. What Arya says is that going to Winterfell isn't Nymeria.

  3. 7 hours ago, Holly Macaroni said:

    didn't arya say "it's not her", implying it wasn't nymeria?

    Yes, Arya says that. I think Arya is mistaken. My question to you is, how many direwolves are there roaming the midlands? Why don't the wolves attack? Are we to believe Arya now has the power to talk wolves out of attacking her even if they're not Nymeria?  OK, maybe...

  4. 2 minutes ago, Booknerd2 said:

    It's so out there. I don't even know what to say.

    It devalues the Stark -direwolf connection.

    Nymeria didn't attack her, nor did the other wolves. That was a win, imo. Nymeria's just sniffing Arya and remembering. I think she'll be back.

  5. 30 minutes ago, NikkiG said:

    Does he really need to announce all of his decisions to the group?  Announcing your plans only brings dissension

    Maybe it's a Northern thing. The whole dragons vs White Walkers seems pretty obvious, imo. Plus the dragon glass.  It's like, go to Dragonstone? "Yes, please." At least no one can start rumors saying Jon deserted them after he's gone.

  6. 43 minutes ago, darksellsword said:

    This episode was a huge improvement on the previous three, Sansa and Jons reunion was touching. I have always suspected there may be a possibility that Jon and Sansa would have a romance, based on how George seemed to want to create a distance between them from the start and I believe George originally wanted Arya to fall in love with Jon so it is something that crossed his mind plus Jon has a thing for reheads.I didn't like the whole kings landing stuff there it seemed a little idiotic as if the thought of marching the tyrell army into kings landing hadn't crossed the minds of the Tyrells without Cersei thinking of it. The high sparrow scenes feel repetitive at best, complete pointless drivel at worst. The scene with Ramsey murdering Osha was utter garbage. I liked everything else I have to say although the dialogue is still no where near the standard of Georges writing in the books. I prefer the idea that Dany burned the khals alive herself and was unburnt than Drogon arriving at the perfect moment to rescue her again.I'm looking forward to Theon presumably taking over victarions story Alfie allen is a one of the better actors on the show and the Ironborn need to have more screen time in my opinion. It was a fairly enjoyable and entertaining episode overall I gave it an 8

    I think Arya already loves Jon.  Like she told the waif, ("Arya Stark had 4 brothers and a sister") Jon is her brother.

  7. I wish it wasn't over!!!!

    I loved it.

    High points:


    Does he always talk so much?

    [Jorah, shakes his head yes.]

    Loved Arya. Loved Tyrion and Varys. Loved Melisandre, especially when Davos asked about Shireen. Epic fail!

    Sansa and Theon. I didn't expect to see them holding hands.

    I also never liked Cersei until now.

    Ok, and Jon's not dead. Let's just get that straight.

    Low points:

    Jon's really not dead.

  8. A provisional 8. Need to rewatch in the morning when more awake, and mull it over a bit more. I'm with you Phoenix that the Drogon scene wasn't entirely what I wanted it to be, but I admit it was still stirring... stirring enough that it took awhile to realize that Dany had abandoned her friend, her lover, her new advisor, and her old protector to their fates while they were surrounded by sons of the harpy...

    As to the Shireen thing, horrifying and tragic. Amazing performances all around. I don't think D&D really earned the moment, though, I think they really failed to make the real desperation of the situation obvious, so I think a lot of people will balk at that. That said, I've always seen Stannis as Agamemnon to Shireen's Iphigenia, and have always supposed that Stannis would be faced with the decision of sacrificing his own daughter. His vision of a king with a fiery crown being burned to ashes may well have a glimpse of the past, re: Viserys, but to me it says that Stannis will ultimately be destroyed by what he's doing, and to me there's a lot of emotional resonance in his sacrificing his own daughter. The only reason he didn't burn Edric, besides the fact that Davos got the boy away, was being convinced that he was doing it for the wrong reasons and needed to focus on saving the realm from the Great Other.... but if at the end of things he has nothing left to win the war but the promise of what the sacrifice of king's blood can offer... well.

    I love the idea of Stannis as Agamemnon to Shireen's Iphigenia. It was so horrifying to see Shireen go like that.. I used to be kind of neutral about him, now I think he's doomed. Last week Tyrion said that a ruler who kills those devoted to him could not inspire devotion. That's now Stannis. He may win the battle, but I think he's lost the war.

  9. I give it a 10. I just loved this episode and can't wait to see what's next.



    Arya stuff was pleasantly close to the books.

    Tyrion and Dany...I loved it even if it's a bootleg version of what we're in for in the books because damn if the Dinkles doesn't kill it.

    Cersei slurping water out of a puddle to the strains of TROC.

    Jorah just doesn't give up. Instead of going bitter and trying to hurt his Khaleesi (a la show!Shae) he finds new and more painful ways to get back in her good graces.

    Ramsay dropping "a feast for the crows".


    That we only had an hour of this awesomeness because next week it's back to Dorne.

    I also thought that seeing Jorah, a man exiled for slave trading in Westeros, reduced to selling himself BACK INTO SLAVERY to impress his Queen was really rich.

  10. Tyrion had to, though. If there's one thing this episode did very well (and it did a great many things well) was showing that Tyrion is incredibly smart and intuitive. We've always known that, but cast in front of a new queen he's never met, who is contemplating killing him, Tyrion shows the kind of moxy and quick thinking that he's famous for. What does that have to do with Jorah? I *strongly* suspect that Tyrion knows Jorah has greyscale. Now, admitedly Jorah and greyscale was a stupid writing choice on the writers part in the first place, but there it is. Tyrion doesn't tell Dany why Jorah can't be by her side--only that he can't. Something that makes no sense given everything Tyrion just told Dany about Jorah's love and devotion, not to mention that a ruler should not kill those who are so devoted to her. It's a major disconnect between that and "send him away." So what's the rationale? Tyrion knows that Jorah is sick. And he can't have Jorah being Patient Zero and infecting half of Westeros, not to mention possibly infecting Daenerys herself, the queen Tyrion is trying to win over and advise.

    ETA: and why not just tell Dany that Jorah is sick? Because again, Tyrion is a smart cookie. He can tell that when Dany is hesitating about what to do with Jorah, and how she's a mix of happy and mad to see him, that telling Dany that Jorah is sick will only make her cling to him instead of doing what she must. Tyrion knows that Dany is a fan and a supporter of the down trodden, of those in need. Telling Dany that her greatest friend and the man who loves her is dying....not the best way to keep the queen out of harm's way and away from the sickness because Dany would never said Greyscale! Jorah away from her side.

    I thought Tyrion said that Jorah couldn't be at Dany's side because he could tell that she hadn't forgiven Jorah yet. Tyrion can read people pretty well when his life depends on it. I don't think he knows about the grey scale. And Dany relaxed just a touch when Jorah left.

  11. My goodness I seem to rate on a different pattern than other people, maybe because I'm rating on an "all TV shows" scale rather than "normal Game of Thrones" scale. I give it a 9, maybe 9.49 (to avoid rounding up to 10; I believe I've given everything also this season 7, 8, or 9/10). The battle looked great. The Arya stuff was very good. Cersei was very good, and the scene with Qyburn was fantastic. The Thenn + Jon duel with a White Walker was fantastic, and I loved the economic character-building and deaths done with both the Thenn and the Val-figure at Hardhome. I think Sansa's been great for this episode and the previous one. Wun Wun was one of the coolest things ever seen on TV.

    But 10 is perfect, and it just wasn't. Tyrion and Dany were in my opinion OK, not great - while I hoped that Tyrion would bring up the Meereen material, I now fear the Meereen material may instead bring Tyrion down. For story weirdness and inconsistency, this episode was a step up on the past few, but where was the fire? Sure the Wildlings are on the run from the wights and Walkers, but they at least know how to use fire to fight the wights - that was long since established as the only real effective way to deal with them. The battle layout seemed too inconsistent, although maybe it'll look better on a rewatch - there are swarms of undead, and they're overrun, and then suddenly it's Tormund and Edd and Wun Wun and Jon with no zombies around. Sometimes the wights keep fighting when they've lost massive chunks of their body, other times an arrow through the skull seems to do them in. The zombies in this episode seemed to go down like orcs, and that doesn't match earlier in the story. There's a massive crowd of people pushed against the outside of the gate, and then suddenly they all presumably, um, back up into the fog to die in screamingly painful but unseen ways? Jon and Tormund seemed to be holding the rear, but suddenly there were lots of people left behind them. With the panicked flight from the beach, how could there have been a boat left for our heroes at the end? Yeah, I know these are all nitpicks, but there are enough of them that I can't justify a 10.

    Don't get me wrong - I'm giving at a 9, and I thought it was a fantastic hour of television! - but it wasn't perfect.

    Just Fyi, Jon ordered one of the boat drivers, a man of the Night's Watch, to take some wildlings to the main ship and "come back for me." Jon and Tormund ran for several shots to get through the people to the boat.

  12. I had the exact same thought. Definetely forshadowing...

    Also, when Jon was fighting the Walker I had the feeling the Walker "recognized"him...or some sort of power/uniqueness in him...we shall see..

    I kept thinking that, for the two daughters of the wildling woman and anyone who watched Jon Snow at Hardhome (including the Night's King), Jon IS the Prince That Was Promised. He is called King (King Crow), he leads his men, takes people to safety and wields a sword that kills the WW.

  13. In my opinion this entire season has been rather underwhelming so far, but this episode fucking nailed it.

    It was pure perfection, well, at least the last 30 or so minutes of it. I didn't care that much for the Dany/Tyrion stuff, it felt really flat and the way Clarke and Dinklage delivered their lines was weird. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but that scene didn't feel right.

    However Hardhome was epic. For me it was the most exciting thing they've ever done on the show. The Others fill me with dread and horror, they were so well done. For the first time in the show, I felt like the danger beyond the Wall is real and it's coming and all the intigue in King's Landing, all the other conflicts around the world...

    10/10. For me, this was the first episode since "The Rains of Castamare" that I think deserves ten points. Outstanding work.

    I loved the Tyrion and Dany scenes. The whole time I was reading the books I was hoping they would meet and work together. One of the things I've found frustrating in the books is that GRRM starts with all these characters together, then sends them to the far sides of the world on their separate trajectories. As an audience you're waiting for them to come back together. Finally, FINALLY two major characters who really have something to offer each other meet! We're wondering if one of them is going to kill the other. They're wary of each other. Tyrion has a major incentive to stay alive, but will he sell Jorah out? Jorah was his captor after all. Or will Tyrion walk that oh so narrow line where he acknowledges Jorah's love and devotion to Danaerys without minimizing the betrayal?

    With Tyrion at her side, I think Danaerys has a chance at living up to her potential to be the ruler that Westeros needs. After chapters and seasons of dispersal here was a scene of reconciliation. the performances were amazing. Dany all tight lipped. Tyrion cagy, witty, and totally on the mark about Dany's successes and obstacles, with his life on the line. Dany more regal than I've seen so far. She was operating from a position of strength dealing with two supplicants, wise enough to know that this could be a once in a life time opportunity, but still angry at Jorah and mistrustful of the strange, mouthy Lannister. She also doesn't know much about Westeros.

    "Killing those who are devoted to you doesn't inspire devotion. And you will need to inspire devotion to rule Westeros." [iIRC]

    How many times have people on these very boards questioned Dany's abiliity to rule Westeros? I think D&D just answered those questions. And so did Dany!


  14. Yeah this was amazing. Tyrion-Dany,


    . Did I see correctly that the dragonglass blades didn't work but the Vlryian steel did? BC, I'm thinking when dragonglass is further forged by dragon flame is the kicker.

    The dragon glass blades were never used. Jon got thrown off of them before he had a chance to use one, then he left them in the giant's "house" when they ran for the boats.

  15. Book spoiler discussion of the show goes here, for those who want to discuss the episode in relation to the books, and with reference to spoilers from them.This topic should open automatically when the show begins airing.

    Fave line so far

    Tyrion: Here we sit. Two trouble children of two terrible fathers.

    Tyrion: My sister married someone she loathed as well. though not by choice and not for the greater good. She ended up having him killed.

    Dany: Perhaps it won't come to that.

  16. Doran Martell

    1) In your own words, describe what Doran Martell looks like (eg his face, body, clothing, posture, anything else) and what his personality is like. What is your description based on? (for example, descriptions in the book, fan art, Alexander Siddig, another actor, other things)

    >In my mind Doran Martell was quite overweight, consequently nearly unable to move on his own. Reading the books I was never quite sure what Dornish ethnicity was. Would it be Arabic, Indian, Hispanic, Black? I only knew he would be lighter skinned than Areo Hotah. I think my view of Doran was also colored by Arianne's frustration with her father, as in the books he is often shown through her eyes.

    2) Alexander Siddig will play Doran in the show, how does he compare to your own mental image of Doran before he was cast? (eg does he look the same? Is it hard for you to remember your mental image before he was cast? Did you imagine someone else playing the character? Anything else?)

    > Siddig is taller, thinner and a much more prominent actor than anything I had imagined. I'm glad to see someone of his stature in GoT and I look forward to seeing more of him.

    3) Have you seen Siddig in any other films or shows (eg Syriana, Reign of Fire, Clash of the Titans, Star Trek, 24, anything else)? How do those other roles affect your feelings about him being cast as Doran? (For example, did you like those other roles? Are you happy to see the actor in something else? Are you happy to see the actor in GoT in particular? etc).

    >I've seen him previously in Syriana, 24, probably a few other things I don't recall (since I recognized him in those projects), and in the trailer for an independent film that looked really good that I never saw. Kind of romantic. Again, I'm happy to see him in GoT and look forward to his scenes.

    4) Have you read or seen any interviews with Siddig about his part in Game of Thrones? What have you learned about Siddig himself or his role as Doran? Where did you find this information? (for example YouTube, his official website, other websites, magazines).

    > I didn't know he was cast until he appeared onscreen.

  17. It was an entertaining episode. I get why they truncated Jon's election, and substituting an Aemon deciding vote was a nice touch to make up for the drama the book has with the raven popping out of the kettle. I liked the Dany scenes as well. I also like the Cersei scene with the Council and Kevan. The Arya stuff is dragged out a bit but I don't see it as much of a big deal.

    Biggest complaints would probably be Jaime/Cersei (which seems chronically screwed up) and Ellaria. If they kept Obara, they might as well have introduced her in this episode. D&D would probably defend it on the grounds that Dorne is so unfamiliar to the audience that they need a familiar face to make the introduction. But I'd reject this on the basis that she was in like 3 episodes last season, they cut her hair and therefore there's no reason why should she couldnt be just crying in a corner during the introduction to Doran.

    I give the episode an 8. Episodes early in the season often set things up for more explosive finales, as we've seen in the past.

    I liked Ellaria Sand taking on the function of Ariane Martell. Cut those characters wherever you can, and use the actors you've got. Maybe Quentyn will be cut as well. Though I loved him in the books, It's not tv worthy.

    Sansa and Brienne were interesting. Who knows what was going on in Sansa's head, but she seems to be keeping her own council, distinct from Littlefinger. Brienne never had much of a plan about what to do with the Stark girls if she found them. If Brienne had spoken any louder Cersei might have heard her back in KL!!

    I love Shireen and hope that nothing bad happens to her. She should start a school. I wonder if

    <s Jon Connington is coming s>

    I love Jon at the Wall. I was sorry to see Sam's nomination pass so quickly, but the bit about Janos Slynt hiding with Gilly, "in a puddle of his own making" made up for it.

    I loved seeing Arya. I thought maybe the House of B&W people saw that she had a list, that she wasn't afraid to defend herself with her sword and that that's why they let her in. Also loved Jaqen H'agar. Make use of the actors you've got.

    Where's Margaery?? I can't wait to see what's up with her.