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  1. 9 hours ago, Darryk said:

    I watched Civil War and it was boring as piss. Also Alex Garland must be living under a rock if he thinks Texas and California would ever form an alliance.

    I think that was done on purpose to not make this a right vs left movie, to appeal to a wider audience. Had it been Texas, Florida, random south eastern states then the feel would have been way different.

  2. 10 hours ago, Tywin et al. said:

    Option #2 really isn't that bad though. The Rams traded an additional first round pick to send Goff away when his value was low. The Lions with a good roster around him made him look a lot better. They should have traded him then for even more (especially when it feels like he's already reached his ceiling). And they drafted someone I'm assuming they expected could replace him before he got injured because they seemed to be planning for the next five years. But Goff played better than they expected and with Hooker getting hurt they made a short term play that will probably fail. This is why it sucks to be a team that is historically bad. Any glimmer of hope can make you do incredibly dumb things. And hey, sometimes they end up working, but for every time they do I'm sure 100 virgins caught herpes the first time they had sex. 

    I'm confused here.  They selected Hooker in the 3rd round after he was hurt in college. Your statement makes it sound like he was picked to take over but then got hurt. He was dropped in the draft due to his injury and drafted in 3rd round because of his potential upside once fully recovered. 

  3. 42 minutes ago, Veltigar said:

    I went to see Furiosa: A Mad Max Sage and it was one of the weirdest movie-related experiences I have had in quite some time. On the one hand, the action was unrelenting and I was rivetted to my seat throughout. In terms of craftmanship, this film is definitely a contender for best action film of the last five years (a list that is strangely enough filled with sequels e.g. John Wick 3, John Wick 4 and Top Gun: Maverick).

    On the other hand, I do have to admit that I left the theatre somewhat disappointed. It's an excellent film, but a Fury Road this is not. I'll have to take some time to get to the bottom of this feeling, but at heart I'd say that Furiosa did not convince me of the need for its existence. Instead of a prequel, I really would have preferred a sequel with Theron about the future of Furiosa, as I don't think this film thought me anything important about the character. 

    I guess that these conflicting feelings prove even more that Fury Road is a landmark of cinema, as Furiosa really is a great film that deserves to be seen. I guess that if this hadn't been the Furiosa saga but the "new character you have never heard about" saga I probably would have liked this better. Still, I hope that many people check it out, because that will increase our chances of more Mad Max stories from Miller :) 

    Your take on this is exactly why I am skeptical about the movie. I don't know why but I wasn't as enamored with Fury Road as most people on here, I probably need to watch it again. I'm sure I'll see this in a theater at some point since I'm a sucker for big dumb action movies but I have little interest in seeing a prequel to a movie that didn't grab me.

  4. You guys keep saying Goff got overpaid, not worth it, avg QB and above market rate. If he got it then guess what, that's what the market said he is worth so it in fact is the market rate.

    Same thing with this pie in the sky "just draft a rookie QB" and all will be well. Really? Herbert, Lawrence, Lance, Fields, Wilson, Tua, Burrows, Darnold... all of them were highly rated QB's taken early in the draft the last few years and not a single one has had more success than Goff. Burrow had one great NFL season and made it to the SB but that's it. Goff has done better than all of these cheaper young QB's.

    When you have a QB who has shown he can lead your team in your scheme you do not just throw him away for the next trophy wife.

  5. 6 hours ago, Tywin et al. said:

    Watch them go 6-11 and want to burn field down too.

    Point is you shouldn't pay an okay player elite money. If you find yourself in that spot you're better off trading the player or walking away. Goff is simply not worth that much. The Lions are not better today based on what they've done this offseason.

    This is where I am with Dak. If he balls out and Dallas does something, like NFC champ game, in the post season then yeah, we gotta pay him again. If half the season goes by and Dallas is a .500 team I say bench him and put Trey Lance in (assuming he does good in preseason work). Then let Dak walk at the end of the season. The problem in Dallas as I see it now is that we have no run game so Dak will likely put up big numbers again and look like he deserves a big contract even though we don't win anything.

    On an side note, I would try to trade Lance or Cooper Rush in the preseason for a good RB. Salary cap wise we probably could save some money doing it and strengthen our team. Lance is due 5.3 this year and Rush 2.3. Either one is enough cap space for a legit RB, not a stud, but a legit starter.

  6. 5 hours ago, Tywin et al. said:

    I will say this again, you can pay a QB market value for what they are worth if they're that dude, but you can't pay someone like Goff the same going rate. In that that situation teams are likely way better off to trade the player and draft a rookie QB, regardless if they have to move up.

    Would you be excited to pay Tua or Lawrence more than Mahommes, and not just by a little bit? Because that's what's being reported and I think both deals are a bad idea (and I say that as someone who was very high on both players when they were in college). 

    Tell me what market value is for a QB with his stats and playoff history at age 29? And then tell me what QB was there when they picked that is better than Goff for this team right now? And if Goff isn't worth it here where he is flourishing, then why would anyone else take him in a trade? 

    No one will be excited to pay more than Mahommes but guess what, it's already happening and Goff wasn't the first.

    They love Goff here and to not pay him and say well screw it, we are smart so even though we made our first NFC championship game since 1991 we will go ahead and not pay him and draft a replacement with pick 27 or lower. Or worse, trade up and blow the future hoping to get the right guy. The fans in this town who finally have a team to be proud of would have burned Ford Field to the ground and I am not exaggerating.

  7. On 5/19/2024 at 5:48 AM, Veltigar said:

    I saw Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes in a packed theatre yesterday. I would not have guessed that the Apes franchise could still pull in this many people, but I was happy that the audience mostly behaved for this one. I have had a few bad experiences at the theatre lately, so I was afraid that there would be no restraint on monkey business here. 

    I watched this over the weekend as well and thought it was much better than the last one. I still favor the first one in this reboot though. This is an enjoyable movie that might be best viewed on a large screen.

    I liked the time jump and the special effects were really well done, crazy when I look back at the original and how amazing it looked when I first saw it compared to how it looks when I see it now.

    Yeah it was pretty clear she(the human) was different


    I didn't expect her Brazillian Jujitsu take down and choke out though! If it wasn't clear before then it was after this that she was from a large group who has kept sharp and trained. Then we see her group at the end so it makes sense and sets up part 5 as long as the money is there.

    This is the 4th installment in the new reboot btw.

  8. 1 hour ago, Tywin et al. said:

    It's not a slight overpay. They paid him like he's Mahomes when he's basically Cousins on a good day. That's not a winning strategy. 

    He has a brand new contract (so it's always higher) for a legit top 5-10 QB and yet he is still 7th in guaranteed money, 2nd in AAV, and 9th in overall contract value. That sounds about right to me.  CBSsports did an article on this recently, numbers all came from there. The only thing anyone can point at and say it seems too high is AAV, and that can and likely will change with contract changes each new season to make room for the team.

  9. 30 minutes ago, Tywin et al. said:

    Different thread subject, but isn't this what has some in MLB really spooked? The NFL will be fine and the NBA should be too, but some these regional networks crashing could possible hurt MLB (and some other minor sports, pro and college). 

    Same is happening in Michigan, Bally's covers the Tigers, Red Wings and Pistons and it's struggling to stay on, app is apparently horrible also.

  10. 4 hours ago, Rhom said:

    I agree the stat is a bit misleading.  Presumably, if you live close enough to attend in person; you’d be close enough to get almost all the games on CBS/FOX with a pair of rabbit ears.

    But yes, the bigger point is the spreading it around.

    I went ahead and did the early re-up with Sunday Ticket, but I’m torn.  With SF playing 6 prime time games and presumably being the national game of the week many other weeks, it’s likely that I would only miss 3-4 games at most.

    How much was early re-up?  I'm in the same boat w Dallas. 6 prime time games plus several 420p starts, I am likely not paying it this year.

  11. 19 minutes ago, Rhom said:

    Have you seen the stat floating around that it’s now cheaper for a Carolina Panthers fan to purchase a ticket and go to every game than it is to buy the subscription for all the services they would need to watch every game at home??? 

    Yeah but that's kind of a shit stat. If you buy a ticket to every game one person gets to "enjoy" the Panthers for every game. If you bought all those subscription services the entire family and sometimes friends get to enjoy countless hours of entertainment beyond the Panthers for a year. It was already at that because if you wanted to watch them all before you had to have cable with ESPN, I don't know what others pay but when I cut cable it was over $100 a month, so $5200 a year, again, more than a ticket to games.

    But yes, the NFL keeps finding ways to spread their content around just enough to make more money. I paid for Sunday Ticket last year since I switched to YoutubeTV and got a discount. Not sure that I will do that again this year. 

    I'd be interested to see how many new subscribers Prime and whoever else attribute to having NFL games and if it has been worth the amount they are paying. It must be because every year we see this happening.

  12. 10 hours ago, Tywin et al. said:

    I was really excited for this one, but ultimately I can't recommend it. The first season is really interesting, the initial twists were really interesting, however it goes of the rails quickly and it's mostly a letdown until the end. I absolutely adore how it introduces us to the main characters and the world they live in, but that's pretty much the highlight. 


    Pretty much agree. S1 was really good, very interesting but after that it lost me. I didn't even finish S2.

  13. Young Sheldon wrapped it's series last night. Have to say it was a pretty good run. The one thing for me that got a little rough was the Young Sheldon character himself, IMO the actor went a little over board in the last couple seasons with some ticks and quirks. They definitely ended it setting up the characters for what we know from TBBT and had a couple tear jerker episodes to close it out.  They really did well showing how Sheldon was trying to process an event internally and externally people getting angry with him and not understanding why he was doing what he was.

  14. 1 hour ago, DMC said:

    The top line looks like an overpay for Goff, but with NFL contracts, it’s all in the details.  Kawakami at the Athletic had an article the other day about Purdy’s extension next year.  He was hopeful - as am I - that his new contract will follow the Jalen Hurts template:

    That seems fair for Purdy, and - frankly - for Goff too.

    So Hurts got 51mill per year and a year later Goff got 53mill, pretty much right on the nose.

    1 hour ago, Maithanet said:

    I doubled down on your lazy analysis, that Goff's presence on two championship game squads was a meaningful metric to his ability.  It is not, as evidenced by Sanchez. 

    Lol, I'm with you on this one! 

  15. 41 minutes ago, Tywin et al. said:

    You absolutely can. Just look at Baker or Geno's deals. Paying a dude like he's an elite QB when really on a good day he's top 10ish at best is a bad way to build a championship roster. 

    Ok, that's just showing that this is a silly discussion. Geno is a classic journeyman QB, he has had one good year statistically, one. Mayfield has had zero years over 4100 yards or 28 tds. Goff has done both 4 times. His worst year as a full time starter is almost as good as Bakers best year.  They are not even close to being the same and I like Mayfield.

    Since 2018 only one QB has more passing yards than Goff and that is a guy named Mahommes.  He is also 8th in tds in that same time span. Explain to me how that is top 10 on a really good day because I am missing something?

  16. People.  You can't pay a starting QB in the NFL 40mill a year on a new contract in 2024,  what fairy tale world do you live in? A QB that has been to a SB and taken a second team to championship game, you really think he is gonna take Cousins money? Be realistic.  

    2 hours ago, Maithanet said:

    Mark Sanchez is available, and for much cheaper. 

    Lazy comparison. Same 8 years and Goff has 100 more td's, double the pass yards and 7 fewer int.

    Do I think Goff is great, nope and I said so in original post, will never be compared to Mahommes type. Do you have to be great to win a SB or to warrant getting paid, nope.  Detroit was one fluke bounce off a facemask from beating SF and getting to the SB to face KC who they already beat in KC, with Goff.

  17. So a guy who has taken two separate teams to the NFC championship game isn't worth paying? Is he Mahommes, no, but he is a damn good QB, better than I thought when he got here. He has had more playoff success than Herbert, Jackson, Hurts, Murray, Watson, Cousins etc.. Burrow, Allen and Mahommes are the only QB's in top 10 pay who have more playoff wins than Goff. You can't say he walked into a great team in Detroit either, they were dog shit.

    Realistically with the contracts going around he will be down to about 6th in pay in a year or so.

  18. 6 hours ago, DMC said:

    Heh, cute.  Jeff Ross was the first set and he made a joke about it.  Brady got up and “whispered” in Ross’ ear “don’t say that again.”  I imagine it was one of Kraft’s conditions for attending.

    To Brady’s credit, he endured all the divorce - and even jujitsu instructor - jokes with good humor.

    Ross said on a pod cast or something after that it was a gag by Brady to say that, wasn't really mad. Of course that's easy to say after the fact.

  19. 12 hours ago, Veltigar said:

    I also went to the theatre to watch Civil War. Going in, I was a bit apprehensive about it and that turned out to be a good thing, because I was pleasantly surprised. It got a lot of critiques for being vague and not taking a stand, but the vagueness actually worked to the film's benefit in my opinion.

    For example, there were a lot of jokes about the implausibility of one secessionist grouping in the film, but I thought the pairing made sense to highlight the perversity of the besieged POTUS 

      Hide contents

    If even Texas and California can set aside their grievances to fight you, the POTUS in the film must have been a real piece of shit. Not to mention a complete and utter moron, since these two states are also the biggest economies in the U.S. if I'm not mistaken, so to alienate them to a point of civil war would be a surefire way to get your ass beat.

    Heck, if I had to offer up one criticism of the film, I'd say that I find it hard to believe that so many people would stick with a POTUS that bombed American citizens even when his war efforts were rapidly going down the drain. You'd think a lot more of his people would surrender and a lot less extra judicious killing would be perpetrated by the opposition to enable defections.

    I also liked the focus on war photographers. You'd actually think there would be more movies about that, because the early Magnum photographers who documented World War II were quite colourful characters. All in all, a pretty good flick and one that does feel appropriate for the time we live in what all its blurred lines and mutual incomprehension.


    I also was wary going into this, for some reason I had it in my head that this was a MAGA centric fantasy and it wasn't at all.


    The biggest realism fail for me was POTUS cowering behind / under his desk in the Oval office. He would have been deep in a bunker and completely untouchable from the outside.


  20. Watched Man Down today. Tag line is something like man looks for his family in post apocalyptic U.S., basic easy to watch movie.  So I just went off that, Shia LeBeouf, Kate Mara and Gary Oldman in it.  Starts out with basic training, guy and best friend going together, does flash backs through entire movie, middle east, post apocalyptic U.S etc.


    Took me a little bit to catch on that the post middle east scenes are all in his head and are part of his delusions from PTSD. Honestly until I figured this out I was gonna turn movie off because it wasn't making a whole lot of sense. After I realized it, and saw what exactly happened to him to cause this mental break it all started making sense. Then you really start to get a feel for what he is going through and the rest of the movie is really full of emotions.

    Pretty dark movie. Can't really say much else without giving stuff away. Good performances by all the actors.

  21. I also watched The Fall Guy this weekend and enjoyed it. I remember watching this when I was a kid, it came out in 81 and I was 8-9. Not sure when I started watching but it was a fun watch. Loved his truck. The movie is what I expected, just fun and exciting, short on plot. When I first saw Waddingham I thought she was Lena Headey, they really look alike when she has the dark hair, IMO.  Anyway I made sure to watch the credits and heard the updated version of the theme song come on. I actually listened to the original this weekend just to remind myself of it.

    Watched Eye in the Sky, it's a movie about drone strikes basically. It isn't so much about using them and bam, killing bad guys, but more about should you use them and when. The movie keeps the tension pretty high throughout it. Pretty good cast of actors in it as well.

  22. On 5/2/2024 at 7:06 AM, Heartofice said:

    I have to admit, halfway through the show I was going to just stop. It was at times really not a fun watch. It's quite upsetting at points. If you get through that, I think by the end it makes it all worth it, and Gadd actually creates a pretty thoughtful piece that is much better than what looked like a standard scary stalker tale. 

    I would have shit myself if that happened. Hopefully your bed was still clean after!

    30 minutes ago, IlyaP said:

    Watched The Fall Guy tonight with the wife, and we both enjoyed the hell out of it. So many little sight gags, movie history references, clever photography, and only two scenes that I'd have tweaked in the whole movie to improve the pacing a touch, otherwise a very good fusion of comedy, action, and a tinge of romance, and with some bangin' needle drops on top of it all.

    I'll probably see this over the weekend and really hope they have the original theme song play at some point. I remember the original as a kid, loved the show, that and Dukes of Hazzard, lots of high flying vehicles! This is probably where my like of big dumb action movies came from, these were two of the first shows I ever remember truly watching and liking. 

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