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  1. On 5/8/2023 at 3:42 PM, dbunting said:

    I could see it wrapping up with Jaime and Keely together. Ted and beard heading back to the US. Then one of two things, either Roy takes over as coach or the boy wonder leaves West Ham and comes back to his home team. I am also assuming the last episode has the Greyhounds beating West Ham, or Manchester.

    This prediction is looking pretty accurate right now, other than the Jamie -Keely part, I shit the bed on that one.

    I guess the finale has a few questions for us.

    Does Beard go back to the US w Ted or stay here with his love? Maybe he stays there and is part of a potential spin off?

    Do Rebecca and Sam finally get together out in the open?

    On 5/12/2023 at 2:44 PM, dbunting said:

     I agree that Ted and Beard leave at the end of the season and I think Roy and Nathan take over together. It's clear Nathan isn't long for his current position and I assume dipshit owner gets caught cheating at the end and his new wife takes that club from him just like he lost the other one!?!? Obviously a stretch but it would be funny to see his ex wives running both clubs as friends while he is in misery.


    That was Ruperts current wife and mistress that showed up at Rebeccas house right? Looks like the above comment might be coming true!

    As to this episode it was nice to see Ted and his mom both call each other out for their bull shit. Her for pretending nothing was ever wrong and him for even being there instead of home with his son.  

    Pretty funny scene where Roy sees a poster of him in Jaimes room, many came and went but Roys stayed...!   Then seeing his dad in what I assume was rehab cheering his son on was pretty nice.

    Have to say I fell for the Rebecca fake out at the end, I was sure she was going to tell Ted she was pregnant.

  2. On 5/20/2023 at 8:59 PM, Spockydog said:

    I am totally here for:

    The Trent Crimm Spinoff.

    The Coach Beard Spinoff.

    The Keeley, Roy, and Jamie In A Throuple Spinoff.

    That is all.

    How about Coach Beard and Roy move to the US and take over a MLS team and it's Roy who is a bit of a fish out of water culture wise.  Ted can pop in for a cameo. Roy in the US right now would be cancelled and sent home after one outburst!

  3. Yep, he is the one I would say is the GOAT RB.  Different era so who knows how he would handle the passing now but in his era no one was close.

    And he was by all accounts a good man unless you were a female, then you were a punching bag over and over and over again.  If he was playing now he would've been Ray Rice'd a long time ago.

  4. 22 hours ago, Secretary of Eumenes said:

    Just saw the D&D movie. Dope. Good fun. Chris Pine was fucking hilarious. I have no problem enjoying him in the Star Trek movies, all the actors in them are great, but he really shined here as Michele Rodriguez kicked ass. 

    Fun movie. The whole cast was good. Would recommend.  

    I almost watched this today, instead I watched Burnt with Bradley Cooper...whoops.  I don't think Burnt was a bad movie but I was on my phone almost the whole time because it just never drew me in. The one scene made no sense


    When the "not" Michelin star guys were there and control freak chef kicks into hyperdrive and touches and tastes everything, except the one dish prepared by the guy he sabotaged. I mean, his controlling OCD alone would've made him taste it.   


  5. 18 hours ago, Heartofice said:

    Seems a really bad idea to screw over your second season because the 3rd season might not have the lead character in it. I'm sure it would be possible to create spin offs of the show without having to spend half of this season writing about complete sideshow characters. 

    What they should have learnt by now is that any 'Keely' sitcoms where she opens her own media agency are a no go and should be binned.


    I agree but what other reasons can there be for a show called Ted Lasso, to have him involved so little? He was the heart of the show and that's what it's currently missing. 

    I imagine we will get good ol Ted in a heavy dose next episode as I am sure it will be the one where Nate comes back home to them. Ted will be the one to welcome him with open arms. 

  6. 2 hours ago, sifth said:

    I reserve my judgment until I see the final two episodes, but dam has this season been all over the place. Certain characters and plotline's feel like filler and basically go nowhere.

    All that being said, I really liked this most recent episode. Nate's finally starting to redeem himself, I just worry they waited a little too long, to finally do it.

    I have to wonder if the writing team is kind of lost. Sudekis isn't coming back for another season but there are rumors of the show continuing or spin offs being created. I wonder if that is causing the writers to write for certain characters differently, in case some move into a spin off? Ted has definitely taken a back seat this season and I assume it's intentional, to let other characters breathe and see if any could carry a show.

  7. 1 hour ago, Tywin et al. said:

    I was raised on bad Syfy movies. That channel is terrible, but Mega Shark vs. Super Anaconda or w/e is my guilty pleasure.  

    Dear lord, you and my wife... she loves some of those, flying fucking piranha and stuff.

  8. Pretty good episode. I think those of us who speculated that Wonder boy will wind up back where he started are still feeling it. Him and Roy as the coaching duo makes sense.

    Didn't want Keely and Roy back together but am ok with it. When Roy was at the school and the teacher showed up I thought for sure they were going to go out. Or he was going to find out his niece didn't really make that shirt and was playing a joke on him with it.

    Very little Ted and Coach Beard this episode and it still worked pretty well.

  9. Watched Air  today on Prime. It's basically the story of how Jordan signed with Nike, who at the time was an after thought in the shoe market for the NBA.

    After watching it I think Air was a good name. Kinda bland, nothing earth shattering is revealed. Good performances by the actors, but there just isn't enough there to make it a movie. A 30 for 30 episode would have been a better way to go.

  10. 13 hours ago, Tywin et al. said:

    I think the real test case will be if they try to make us pay for the Owl like it's a prize heavyweight title boxing match. 

    Yeah I am not good with that at all. It's different if I am out of market and want to see a reg season game versus what is supposed to be a national broadcast costing additional money.

  11. 56 minutes ago, Tywin et al. said:

    It will probably all be on some kind of PPV model sooner than not. 

    I'd be good with that. Give us our local teams for free over the air broadcast and let us pick a game(s) to watch streaming or how ever for $5 a game, similar to streaming a new release movie?  They could still sell commercials plus get the PPV fee. I'd be willing to pay $5 per week to see every Dallas game since I am out of market.

  12. 7 hours ago, TheLastWolf said:

    Um Is Ozark worth a watch?

    If you have the time, yes. There are some really good characters and S1 is really good.  As mentioned they don't stick the landing but it is worth the journey. 

  13. 1 minute ago, Kalnestk Oblast said:

     Yeah, I don't think Joel thinks that far ahead. And he has had zero problems killing any talented people in the past. 

    Joel absolutely kills just to kill. Like, literally, the first time we see him kill someone after the fall he is brutally beating a guard to death with his hands. That guard did not need to die after he was disabled, and could have easily been tied up long enough to not alert anyone. They don't bother hiding the body so it's not like the alarm wouldn't have gone up eventually. That's true in the game too - he is absolutely not a 'use the appropriate amount of violence' kind of guy. In the show we see him torture people to get information and then kill them afterwards despite their being tied up and absolutely no threat. He was going to kill the two Native Americans in the cabin if they didn't give him the right answers. He is emphatically not a nice guy. 

    Do you really, honestly believe that in the moment where he's running down the halls and killing everyone he sees, including people who are surrendering, that he's going to go 'oh wait, their profession is valuable' and not do that? My take is the reason he didn't kill them was simple: he had Ellie at that moment and they weren't directly in his way, and she was safe. He was somewhat sated at that point. 

    I did say IMO.

    The guard needed to die because he would have raised the alarm and Joel and co. would have been caught and killed before getting to the rendezvous spot.

    You talk about the torture and then killing, those guys were there to kill him, again I have clearly stated if you try to kill him, you are fair game to kill, never said anything to the contrary.

    As to the rampage sequence, again, those people would have killed him if he didn't have the upper hand, I can't understand how anyone thinks other wise, so they are fair game.

    He had Ellie but they absolutely were not safe. 

  14. I think they handled the issue pretty well, as well as you can I guess. We all know that there will be a few, or more than a few, teammates who aren't ok with it and who would leak it to the media immediately. 

    Pretty sure we saw Roy get his ass chewed and called out for his BS issues and then ultimately do the press conference for a reason. I agree that Ted and Beard leave at the end of the season and I think Roy and Nathan take over together. It's clear Nathan isn't long for his current position and I assume dipshit owner gets caught cheating at the end and his new wife takes that club from him just like he lost the other one!?!? Obviously a stretch but it would be funny to see his ex wives running both clubs as friends while he is in misery.


  15. 1 minute ago, Kalnestk Oblast said:

    They're absolutely a threat, and if anything they're the people Joel should be seeking to get the most revenge on; they, after all, were absolutely willing to vivisect Ellie and knew precisely what would happen. The rest of the folks might have been in the dark.

    The idea that somehow people who have no weapons around them and were not carrying any are now totally unthreatening even though you have no idea if they would do so if given an opportunity -  when someone who actively puts their weapon down is not is somehow more of a threat despite them showing a willingness to, ya know, not fight...that's an interesting juggling bit of ethics. 

    Ultimately it doesn't really matter, it's just another way to try and vaguely make people feel okay with Joel making all the choices for Ellie despite it not being what she wants, lying to her afterwards and potentially dooming the human species. 

    Not IMO. If anything in that world they need to protect doctors and skilled nurses.  Joel, as we have seen him so far, won't kill just to kill. He knows the fireflies that dropped their weapons would've killed him if they had the chance, that's the difference in my viewing of it. 

  16. 18 hours ago, Raja said:

    I enjoyed Heat but I'm not sure I was *that* into it to be honest. And yeah, I'm lucky in that I live in a place where there are a couple of independent cinemas that show all kinds of older stuff, which is pretty neat.

    I saw The Matrix there last year and will be catching 2001 soon, which is another classic I haven't seen.

    Mine shows an older movie every week, this just hasn't come up yet. Did take family to see Elf two years ago and theater was like 75% full, $5 a person for the older movies. This coming week is Grease  

  17. 4 hours ago, Kalnestk Oblast said:

    He executed the people who put their guns down and surrendered. So...yeah, he just arbitrarily decided that nurses were fine.


    Yeah but he was in a no prisoner situation, he couldn't lock them up or just hope that once he left that area that they wouldn't arm themselves and kill him. 

  18. 10 hours ago, Veltigar said:

    I also wondered why he spared the nurses. Looking back on the finale, I thought that was a rather odd choice for his character to make in the grand scheme of things.

    I think he spared anyone not armed. He wasn't going to kill the doctor until he grabbed the scalpel and came at him. The nurses posed no threat.


    BTW I forgot to come to this thread a couple weeks ago. There was a fungus outbreak in a northern Michigan lumber mill that sickened 50+ people and shut the mill down. They reopened the mill this week.  My mind went to The Last of Us!

  19. 4 hours ago, Raja said:

    Funny that you mentioned Heat though, I watched that for the first time a few months ago. I haven't seen the director's cut of the movie but it plays quite frequently at one of the independent cinemas here.

    If Heat played near me as a throw back I might go see it for the shoot out scene alone. I didn't see it in the theatre originally so not sure if the size would improve the experience even more.

  20. 7 hours ago, Heartofice said:

    I watched both The Lost City and Bullet Train

    Bullet train I sort of liked, though again the 'banter' put me off early on and I wasn't sure I could handle 2 hours of faux Tarantino bollocks. However I pushed through and the movie is fun.

    Had same feeling about Bullet Train. I knew it was a dumb action movie but I liked it for that more than I thought I would.  And The Lost City, yeah a cut rate Romancing the Stone.

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