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  1. I watched a little of the Toy Story broadcast, as did my wife, then separately my daughter her husband and the key demographic, my 15 month old grandson.  I found hard to watch as a sports event but also amazing to watch at the same time. Didn't watch enough to even realize the slinky toy was the yardage marker for first downs, my daughter told me later.

    Dallas another win where it seems really impressive and yet us realistic / pessimistic fans see lots of down side. The offense didn't look very good and Dak again was forcing some passes.  Hopefully we have all of our offensive line back for next week. If we lose I want to know it was full strength and no excuses.

    Ok, KC-Jets. Anyone playing a drinking game? You would be in the emergency room if you took a shot for every time they show Swift or reference her.

  2. 1 hour ago, Freshwater Spartan said:

    Easy there cowboy.    

    Just some light hearted banter. You're right early in the season blah blah blah.  Still think Big Tenn blows and has for a few years now.  Just thought it was kinda cool that the PAC 12 was doing well in their swan song season.  Wish the Big ten was better at winning national champions in football and basketball than they were at decimating other conferences for money.

    Go blue huh? CMU grad or Eastern?  Or perhaps Macomb CC?

    adjhskdjfhas  wAlMaRt wOlvErIneS  hehehehehe..  burn a couch Sparty!

    But yes, some national championships are needed but preferably not by that team in ohio. 

  3. 14 hours ago, Freshwater Spartan said:

    PAC12 looks great. In a more just world where winning mattered and not money, they would be raiding the BIG for teams to forge super conference.

    In a just world you wouldn't have a hot take on 1/4 of one season and forget just how bad the PAC has been for a decade and suggest they do exactly what they did, raided one to make a super conference, the B1G. Imagine if the merge was this year and you had USC, Oregon, OSU, PSU, Michigan, Washington, all undefeated still and  Iowa, Wisconsin, Rutgers(lol) and UCLA all at 3-1.  Sounds super to me.   

    Sparty is welcome to defect to the PAC 2 if they would take you! Go Blue!

  4. 11 hours ago, Kalnak the Magnificent said:

    I know I'm not in the know and all but I had heard fields was getting better, or something?


    I heard he was gonna be unanimous MVP.

    Seriously though, there are times when he looks great. I wouldn't be shocked if they moved on and he went somewhere else and does a lot better.

  5. Michigan still looks bad. This far into the season and they seem to have nothing on offense. Def looks a little better than off but not much. Wouldn't be shocked if they lose 2 games this year unless something dramatically changes

  6. Not a good first couple weeks for the top QB draft picks all of whom started immediately.

    Young, out 1-2 weeks and getting abused every game

    Richardson out with self reported concussion, of course no one else noticed the symptoms, great job NFL team spotters

    Stroud, while healthy, is taking a beating as well. I think 11 sacks already, just asking to add him to this list

    Stroud so far looks the best.  Gotta feel for these guys getting thrown to the wolves with no o-lines. 

  7. 12 hours ago, Trebla said:

    Sigh, yep. It's Bland and Gilmore on the outside and Jourdan Lewis now mans the nickel. That also means that former Dolphin  Noah Igbinoghene will have to play some significant time now.  He was traded straight up for fellow bust Kelvin Joseph. At least Muuamu returned a blocked kick for a TD against the G-Men. I also wouldn't doubt that safety Israel Mukuamu slides over to corner like he did last year after they lost Anthony Brown and Lewis for the season. While I don't think the sky is completely falling now, it does mean that the pass rush is even more important now.

    Yep, Mukuamu was a corner in college and we are pretty deep there so he will be in the CB rotation now. The good thing is Bland spent a lot of training camp at outside CB just in case of this very thing.

  8. 43 minutes ago, Trebla said:

    Pollard is a lead back in TODAY'S NFL. The years of Emmitt Smith going for 100 yards and a TD are mostly over. Nowadays a RB will get like 60-70 yards rushing and 30-40 yards receiving. Other than Christian McCaffrey, that's exactly what the top backs in the league have done so far.  The Giants game Pollard rushed 14 times for 70 yards and 2 TD's. That's a 5 yard average. Dowdle ran 6 for 24 yards and Vaughn 6 times for 8 yards. The Jets game was a different story as the Jets are supposed to be one of the best defenses in the league. Pollard: 25 attepts for 72 yards, 2.9 avg. Dowdle: 7 for 26 yds. Vaughn: 3 for 16 as he finally was able to not just run into the backs of the offensive linemen. One thing to point out: Tyler Smith has not played yet at LG and an undrafted rookie has replaced him  journeyman Chuma Edoga has replaced him.

    As for Gilmore, according to PFF he's been average. I'd be worried if Trevon diggs wasn't ranked 6th and DaRon Bland 13th in the league.

    Underlined part  IMO, McCaffery, Chubb, Bijan, Henry are lead backs. The rest are people who are poor mans RB1

    Bolded    And now he has been replaced also, elbow injury. Doesn't sound too serious, Tyler Smith may return this week.

    14 minutes ago, Rhom said:

    The talking heads everywhere are all agog with love for the Cowboys, but I'm not quite ready to anoint them (you want to crown them?  CROWN THEM!!!!) after two wins over the New York teams.  They go on the road to Arizona and then host the Pats before the Niners come to town in week 5.

    So I fully expect them to continue putting up gaudy numbers the next two weeks.  Then we shall see what things look like in week 5.

    If you think we don't know what's coming you are sorely mistaken.  They have had Dallas number for a while. Hopefully both teams go into it relatively healthy so it's a fair fight with no excuses.

  9. 1 hour ago, BigFatCoward said:

    To other scumbags maybe. Why would anyone admire that? They were thug arseholes. Whats admirable about cheating to win? 

    Where was the cheating, I genuinely must have missed that? Were the Celtics thugs too because the Pistons learned "how to win" through the battles with them, Pistons took it one step farther. The 80's basketball was totally different from today and there were "thugs" on pretty much every team.

  10. Dallas final score looks good but I'm still not happy. Been saying it all off season that Pollard is not a lead back. He isn't doing very well and is getting out played by Dowdle and an Oompa Loompa.  I hope I'm wrong and he figures it out. Of course I have to keep telling myself they were playing the Jets and they have a legit top 5 defense. 

    The def, looks good but I am not sold on Gilmore. He seems to be playing off too far and has been beaten more often than I expected given his reputation.  The pass rush, IMO, is making the secondary look better than they are.

  11. 56 minutes ago, BigFatCoward said:

    Just watching final episode now, didnt realise it was cancelled. I don't know how long they could have sustained the story realistically. 

    I would have like to see how they portrayed the scumbag pistons though. Give Thomas something else to whine about. 

    Those scumbags are heroes here and always will be.  

  12. 8 hours ago, DireWolfSpirit said:

    Accusation = investigation = response to the known facts.

    I think the correct and responsible course was followed. I grew up next to that University and the community is pissed off over this. Thier pissed off with the coach not  MSU's response, which is  viewed as the correct action for getting rid of the guy and likely trying to deny him as much of his contract as possible due to inappropriate conduct.

    They want the coach publicly hung on a tree, the wrath is very real, but its not aimed at the University.

    Considering his race, our countries history, and that he feels he is being rail roaded, this is probably not the best comment to type.

  13. 8 hours ago, aceluby said:

    Why are they allowing the Eagles right tackle to be 3 yards in the backfield before every pass play?


    8 hours ago, Tywin et al. said:

    Been wondering it all game. There should be a false start on half the plays they run.

    Probably for the same reason they allowed the KC RG to do the same thing every snap against Detroit.  After media/social media "outrage" from that game you'd think it would have been addressed.

  14. The main thing I have an issue with in this situation is that sexual harassment has victims. By the process MSU has in place it allows a potential harasser to stay in a position of power and potentially harass more victims and / or continue harassing victims that may not have come forward yet.

    There needs to be an investigation of course but the nature of the complaint should supersede policy. The President of MSU should be told what the accusation is and can then decide how to proceed, to blindly wait for a 10 month investigation seems ridiculous from the outside.  

  15. 49 minutes ago, ljkeane said:

     I don't really have any feelings either way on the Jets and I mildly dislike Rodgers after all the vaccine stuff but tearing his achilles like that is pretty brutal.

    And the 9/11 stuff (alluding to it being an inside job and we are all too dumb to know it), which was ironic since he was in NY on 9/11 and he went down.

    If I am Dallas there is no way I'm trading Rush with Daks' recent injury history. Will Grier is gone to Cinnci so all we would have is Trey Lance who just got here, no thanks. They would have to offer 1st rounder to get me to even think about it, not because Rush is worth it but because Dallas is a legit contender in NFC and we have no depth past Rush.

  16. On 9/12/2023 at 4:02 AM, Veltigar said:

    I watched a Finnish film called Sisu last night. Had been waiting for this for quite a while. I read it was a rather straight-up John Wick knock-off, set during the Lapland War of 1944, and that the violence committed against the Nazi villains was comically over the top.


    I remember seeing trailers for this and the first time I saw it I was like hell yeah, Inglorious Basterds meets John Wick. Then I saw another preview and it seemed worse.  Thankfully I never paid to watch it and haven't come across it streaming yet.  I am a glutton for punishment so I am sure I'll watch it some day.

  17. 1 hour ago, DireWolfSpirit said:

    I would posit that acting before the investigation is concluded qualifies as swift.

    What if a person was innocent and you fired them solely for an accusation?

    There needs to be an investigation to determine what exactly occured doesnt there?

    But... they knew about this in Dec and only acted now because the story came out. They already knew the details in the story including him lying about some of it. They only acted now because the public found out.

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